Hunter LETS
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1 11 Apr 2019
Pruning and weeding

Hi, I'm looking for someone to do some gardening (mainly light pruning and weeding) in my garden in Morpeth please.

2 11 Apr 2019
Tree planting day. 18th May

Come along and help with planting my wet and restoration project. Beautiful site at Largs

Do as little or as much as you like  Enjoy a farm raised brisket bbq 

May 18 th  better than an election 

evelyn Burt 

3 27 Mar 2019

CATS. A neighbour's cats are constantly on my veranda and under my native shrubs, planted to attract birds. When I open my door they run into my house.Can anyone suggest a deterrent? The cats are well fed by their owner. Thanks.

4 26 Mar 2019
Keyboard lessons

I have a basic keyboard ( used to play piano in another era) so could anyone in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie start me off with some lessons please? I don't need an expert, just someone to give me a beginning on it. Thanks.

5 26 Mar 2019
Narrow single mattress

Does anyone have a narrow single or cot mattress ( not foam) that they don't need anymore? I am seeking it for my little caravan which has a narrow bed. The foam one in it is not all that comfortable. Thanks

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