Added Details
30 May 2023

Dripping taps

1 Apr 2023
Sourdough starter

Has anyone got a starter please?

29 Mar 2023
I need a rangehood

I need one of the simple ones that don't vent to the outside.

They usually have a filter that can be taken out and cleaned.

It's for a project so it doesn't have to be pretty or clean.


29 Mar 2023
I need a vise or two please

A heavier metal vise and a lighter one

18 Mar 2023
Help with planting some trees in my garden

I would really appreciate help with planting some of the young trees and shrubs that have been in pots too long, as I have injuries.

I'm very happy to pay for petrol and provide refreshments and a tasty lunch.  

Thanks in advance.

23 Jan 2023
Grant writer

Looking for advice on writing grant applications.

30 Nov 2022
Pot for canning

looking for a big pot for canning

must be compatible for an induction stove.


10 Nov 2022
Sewing Pattern Testers - Sew a Garment & Provide Feedback

I'm working on creating my own range of sewing patterns and am after people to assist me with pattern testing. At this stage, I'm anticipating to start pattern testing from around late January through to late February.

What's involved? I will provide you with a free paper sewing pattern and ask that you work out your size on the size chart provided and make up the garment as per the pattern instructions. I will pay you for your time in units, with the exact details to be negotiated.

The only skills required are being able to confidently straight stitch and zig zag stitch - if you have more advanced skills or own an overlocker, all the better but not required. I'm aiming to make the sewing patterns as easy and fast to make as possible, in very simple comfortable designs for busy people who are time-poor. The maximum time required to sew the pattern will be 3 hours.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me and I can get back to you with more details.

6 Sep 2022
Comrades and creatives

I do websites, spreadsheets, graphics, photographs, videos, and mime.

I need partners for projects

We get paid in Brislets Units

I was joking about Mime, if one of those jobs comes I will definitely need help


3 Jul 2022
Pots, tools and groundcover cuttings

I'm setting up anew and hope to propagate lots of natives and groundcovers that don't mind clay soil and the odd flood. Let me know if you're cleaning out your shed :-)

2 Jul 2022
Regular sports massage

John Drew , tournament tennis player , seeks a member who can do vigorous sports massage regularly. I live in Kenmore and I can't go long distances for a massage. I can pay 100 units for a session. I can come at night if necessary. Mondays are ideal. Mainly legs ,shoulders and lower back.   

28 Oct 2021
Gardening and simple handyman work needed

In need of handyman for gardening  maintenance jobs. Feel free to contact me by phone to discuss current needs  - located in Scarborough.