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11 Feb 2024
Posts to catch non members interest to join BrisLETS

My weak point is creating stories - discovering ChatGTP now, but still need ideas to write stories, posts around ideas that will interest non members to investigate joining LETS. 

At the AGM, I said I would only take on President if others would step up and give us written ideas/content to do the media content with. 

You don't have to write it well - just the ideas and we can get ChatGPT to write it. The stories are what attract people and views is what drives FB to show it to more people who view similar posts. When they share posts, that reaches further people. 

So no matter how simple or out there, if you start the conversation, it will trigger other people to think of things and it keeps growing. 

Thank you for being an active BrisLETS member because you read this!

3 Nov 2023
Phone Help to add Offerings & Wants to BrisLETS Community Exchange listings

I'm reasonably computer-literate but I have forgotten some things about placing advertisements and changing my profile details on this platform. 

It's over a year since I was placing Offerings and Wants here on, and I need a word of advice, particularlyl  around attaching photos to my advertisements, and making them stand upright. 
I will search the CES website for its suggestions.
I was part-way through changing my address to Kedron, in my Profile, but I have lost that page and it's late so I need to give up tonight. My mobile phone number and email address are still correct but I have moved to Kedron.
Please feel free to contact me to work out a time when you could help me, and find me available to talk my changes through on the phone.  I have units in credit to pay for this service.



22 Oct 2023
Regular massage

I am looking for regular massage for my tired tennis player's muscles.Therel is no need to be an expert at it but  you must own a massage table. Beginners are welcome. If unable to do it at your dwelling it can be done at mine.

15 Sep 2023
Novelwriting check-ins

I am writing a (speculative fiction romance) novel and find it hard to write consistently, so having someone who cares about checking in on my progress would be really helpful :)

18 Mar 2023
Help with planting some trees in my garden

I would really appreciate help with planting some of the young trees and shrubs that have been in pots too long, as I have injuries.

I'm very happy to pay for petrol and provide refreshments and a tasty lunch.  

Thanks in advance.

8 Sep 2022
Family research

I am stuck in my search for details of my family history.  My Great Grandparents from my Father's mother both came out from Ireland in a boat and I don't know which boat or the date etc, this is what I need to know.
My Father's Father ancestors came out from England via boat and I don't know which boat or the date etc, I also wish to know this.