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1 20 Mar 2019
1/3rd of a cubic metre of gravel

For garden path

2 20 Mar 2019
Replace washer

Someone to replace washer in the head of a hand held shower at Woolloongabba.

3 17 Mar 2019
Garden vision

Would like help with a vision of backyard to grow veggies in the Permaculture way

4 15 Mar 2019
Silk thread


5 18 Feb 2019
Electricity plug for Bali

Electricity plug for Bali, 22 April - 3 May 2019

Wanting to borrow

6 12 Feb 2019
Gerni high pressure water cleaner

I need a GERNI to hire for a couple of weeks to do a pretty big job cleaning the outside of the house, from top to bottom. I may need to borrow it on several occassions over a period of months. There's no point in me buying one because I won't use it again for ages after this job.

I will be careful with it and return it safely. If it breaks while I use it, and it's not too old, and it's as a result of misuse, I'll replace it for you.

7 6 Feb 2019
Light Gardening

Would you like to join a small group of us in Coopers Plains? We're lucky enough to have a venue offered for free at St David's Community Centre on Orange Grove Road for BrisLETS traders to meet every month - the ony thing they ask is that we do a little bit of gardening; some watering and some light weeding.

We have been meeting at the Center for quite a few months now and a good relationship is developing.

However, to keep it going, we need a few local people who can spare an hour or even less once a month, fortnight or week, depending on numbers. We can do it together before the monthly Southside Hub Market days or roster it so that the garden gets a little attention every week.

Contact me, Simon and let's chat about it. We can work out payment as we go.

8 2 Feb 2019

9 1 Feb 2019
Advice on starting a small business

I'd like some help turning one or some of my ideas into an actual business, or two. Tell me if any of these ideas have merit or are viable, and help me through the process of creating a business from any ideas that are. I have access to a lot of information online, particularly through government sources, which is really good stuff, but I feel kind of overwhelmed by it and also very hesitant about actually starting something. I need a bit of encouragement, on-track advice, and guidance through the processes you have to go through to create a business (like all the plans and figuring out viability).

10 1 Feb 2019
Blog consulting

Help with improving my blogs and gaining readership. I have two blogs, and have borrowed books about it, but would benefit from some personalised help here. I've been told they're really good, but I don't have many actual readers, and would like to create a proper readership for them so that they're useful and create good discussion.

11 1 Feb 2019
Employment/career consulting

I need practical help turning my skills - qualifications and experience - into a useful career. (i.e. not philosophical help, but practical, specific, personalised guidance to turn what I already have into decent employment). This might include ideas about types of jobs, help making my resume better, connecting me with people in those areas in order to 'get a foot in the door', etc. I have many skills, interests, good qualifications, etc., but cannot seem to turn them into anything real and fulfilling. I need help from someone/people with insight, experience, focus and connections (or ways to find connections in the right areas).

12 28 Jan 2019
Lemons, Tomatoes, Ginger, Avocados

Homegrown lemons, tomatoes, ginger and avocados wanted. It is ideal if the lemons are spray free/ organic/ biodynamic but not an absolute must. Am particularly interested in lemons and tomatoes in large quantities.

Please phone/ sms 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly.

13 7 Dec 2018
Garden Maintenance - tidy, care for plants


Garden Maintenance - tidy garden beds, care for plants

knowledge and a keen eye preferred


Annerley location

14 26 Nov 2018
USB 3.0 sticks

8 to 32 GB USB 3.0 sticks/ flash drives wanted with fast read and write speeds. They should be in good condition as I wish to make voice recordings and gift these to family and friends.


Please phone / sms 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly.

15 18 Nov 2018
Knitting, sewing, crochet

Hi there. I have LETS currency to spend and wonder if there is anyone out there to do some sewing, crocheting and maybe some knitting for me; items that can be posted. Am thinking of aprons, children's crocheted toys, knitted hats, maybe some scarves. I can do 50/50 shells and cash for some bigger items perhaps but the aim is to primarily use LETS currency where I can. I can post fabric - and patterns if need be - and pay for return postage in dollars. Thank you.


16 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture of is Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or LETS units to cover postage.


17 8 Oct 2018
Loofahs and sea sponges


18 6 Oct 2018
Old jack

im looking for a small old jack that has a metal handle on it to wind it up manually bit by bit with

19 17 Sep 2018
Solar panels, batteries etc

To kit out my caravan to become off grid

20 16 Sep 2018


21 16 Sep 2018

For help in caravan when needed

22 16 Sep 2018
Handyman for old caravan


23 16 Sep 2018
Masage by a female


24 16 Sep 2018


25 3 Sep 2018
Full time Cook to run Cafe Live-in Accommodation if Required

My cook is resigning due to family pressures & Im devistated shes a great cook! so if I may I am requesting your services if you know of a good cook wanting to rent a fully equipped cafe on the banks of the Magnificent Macleay River??? Even Livein Accommodation if required?

26 26 Jul 2018
To learn about organic/sustainable living

27 1 Jul 2018
Exhibit your Art

Artspace finishing with a market day why not get involved, I am running an art exhibition of local and hopefully Lets artists at Netherby House Kempsey NSW; please google. half way to Sydney from Brisbane. You could either send your art peices, Im happy to pick up from Kempsey Station if that helps or deliver and stay over for Lets units, please enquire if interested.

28 27 Jun 2018

29 27 Jun 2018
Garden fertiliser

30 26 Jun 2018
Native bees

Would like to start a hive with native bees

31 15 May 2018
Cardboard egg cartons - any condition

I'm looking for unwanted cardboard egg cartons, but please give them to someone with backyard chooks if the cartons are useable. I will take care of damaged cartons because I'm looking for this lowgrade cardboard for my compost patch.

32 15 May 2018
Wanted to buy/borrow PORTABLE MICROPHONE

Please does anyone have a portable mic that we can possibly buy or hire for use at Trading Days once per month in the Peace Hall at Windsor? Contact Simon or Andrew if you can possibly help.

33 15 May 2018
Promotions Coordinator wanted

Would you like to join our vibrant admin team and help promote BrisLETS by

* organising fundraising and promotional activities
* publishing news items in the free local press
* distributing promotional material about BrisLETS to libraries, community centres, notice boards etc
* other promotional activity

?? Please talk with Simon about details of this job description.

34 26 Apr 2018
Tennis and golf students

Brislets members who would like to learn to play tennis or golf can do it for units only with John Drew. BLCE 1490. I am an accomplished golfer and tennis player who plays both the seniors tennis tournament circuit and the seniors golf tournament circuit in southern Queensland. 30 units an hour.

35 22 Apr 2018
Wanted: Tillandsias

Looking for all different types of tillandsias/air plants please. Will pay postage in $$$

Also after some unusual succulents to extend my small collection

36 15 Apr 2018
Plants wanted - please see my list

Does anyone have the following going spare to trade wtih me please?

  • Citronella Geranium - the scent repels mosquitoes
  • Monstera obliqua (Swiss cheese plant, window leaf plant, split leaf philodendron) - see picture
  • Chinese Money plant (Pilea peperomioides)
  • Calathea
  • Alocasia

37 28 Feb 2018
Single Bed Mattress Protectors x 2

Looking for 2 x single bed mattress protectors for my recently acquired set of bunk beds.

38 18 Feb 2018
Surfing Posters

My daughter is really into surfing so am trying to find some posters for her. Prefer either women or girls but any good posters of surfing, waves etc that she can put up in her room would be awesome.

Also if you have any ideas on where else I could find some please let me know! Thanks

Pls text 0418432988

39 24 Dec 2017
Garden work

Strong and fit person required for garden work in an organic garden aspiring to be a permaculture garden. Initially will need once a week but will be more like once a month once all under control. Some of what needs to be done:

  • killing weeds and removing thorny bouganvilia;
  • tree limb cutting or cutting down the whole tree depending on skill required;
  • making garden beds out of used doors
  • planting seeds
  • potting up cuttings to excahnge

40 21 Nov 2017

In exchange for a Holiday on the Magnificent Macleay River, I need an energetic gardener or two to earn their holiday by turning Nurturing, weeding, pruning etc etc. helping to turn a started project into an organic herb & vegetable patch! all accomodation & meals supplied; with unites negeotated! Please call Pat 0478 832 272

41 15 Oct 2017
Certain board games wanted please

These are the games I'm after please - retro board games (not computer games):

WORD Yahtzee
Dixit - storyteller board game
Rise Up
Forbidden Desert & The Forbidden Island
Brer Fox Brer Rabbit game
Landlord's game

42 8 Oct 2017
Shoulder massage

Shoulder massage at my place in Woolloongabba.

43 16 Jun 2017
New web site

Additional website required to fight Aust'n State Govt. sponsored financial scam which extorts arbitrary taxes and steals private property if not paid.

A great opportunity to contribute to major reform if you can accept the truth that natural laws and contract laws will always prevail over all statutory laws.

Google 'rural lands group' and read all of the first listed website.


BrisLETS #25

44 8 Jan 2017
Room in Melbourne and Adelaide

Hullo. I am a founding member of BrisLETS. Driving to Melbourne to see my aunt in Carnegie, then mother near Burnside in Adelaide.

Phone Russell 0407 656 629.

45 30 Mar 2016
Bike panniers

For more information write to