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1 18 Sep 2018
Moving furniture and boxes within the home

I need someone to help me move some garage and boxes in my garage 

2 18 Sep 2018
Old bathtubs

<p>I'm looking for old bathtubs. I can pick up.</p>

3 17 Sep 2018
WANTED - website help &/or swap for accommodation

I’m in need of someone to update and make some changes to our website.

In exchange for a cabin or camping

4 17 Sep 2018
Jack to level the caravan

On one side of the caravan as the other side of the caravan allready has one. . Am looking for the old type that is small and it is threaded so I can manually adjust it easily

5 17 Sep 2018
Solar panels, batteries etc

To kit out my caravan to become off grid

6 16 Sep 2018


7 16 Sep 2018
Information about gift economy


8 16 Sep 2018

For help in caravan when needed

9 16 Sep 2018
Handyman for old caravan


10 16 Sep 2018
Silver tarp


11 16 Sep 2018
Masage by a female


12 16 Sep 2018


13 16 Sep 2018
House cleaning and organising

Family home of mum, dad and 4 children - needing help, possibly regular basis (fortnightly to start with). We have the cleaning products and tools, just need help with cleaning and re-organising the house to ease everyone's life.

At The Gap - western subburb, Brisbane

Please contact Anabela - Mob: 0402385865

14 11 Sep 2018
Household Help

Could occasionally need help with difficult or tasks inside the house that are beyond me.

15 11 Sep 2018

Will shortly need assistance with re-potting some pot plants and loose laying 6 pavers down the side of the house.

16 11 Sep 2018
Car Detailing

Small Yaris occasionally needs a good scrub behind the ears and his innards vacuumed out etc.

17 5 Sep 2018
Help with recalibration of kitchen scales

I have a Soehnle culina plus mechanical kitchen scale, which I suspect is weighing inaccurately. Can anyone help with recalibration?


Please phone or sms 0422 440 868, rather than e mail.

18 3 Sep 2018
Full time Cook to run Cafe

My cook is resigning due to family pressures & Im devistated shes a great cook!  so if I may I am requesting your services if you know of a good cook wanting to rent a fully equipped cafe on the banks of the Magnificent Macleay River??? 

19 1 Sep 2018
Pick up fridge

I am wanting someone to pick up a medium fridge from western and deliver to Carina Heights please.asap.

20 27 Aug 2018

I'm looking for a sparkie who's brain I could pick.

21 27 Aug 2018
Terracotta plant pots

Round or rectangular terracotta plant pots wanted to make a heater as per a recent Grass Roots magazine article.

3 or 4 would be ideal. They need to be of graduated size, so the smaller pots fit into the larger. The pots should have a hole in the centre so a metal pole can be threaded through.

Please phone or sms (0422 440 868) as I don't check e mail regularly.

22 27 Aug 2018
Natural Loofahs from loofah plant

Not so long ago I attended a workshop  where I found out that instead of buying synethetic plastic scrubbers for cleaning there is a loofah plant which grows these! Does anyone have natural loofahs growing in their garden?


It would be ideal if you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane for pick-up. Please phone or sms me (0422 440 868) rather than e mail.

For more information write to