BrisLETS Community Exchange
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1 15 Jun 2018
Nominations for BrisLETS committee elections


11-12:30pm (before the trading day) at The Albion Peace Hall, 102 MacDonald Rd, Windsor.

NOMINATIONs - Please send nominations to the secretary at before 1st July. Nominations must be seconded, and signed by the nominee.

POSITIONS include President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, CES Website Administrator

(NOTE: Fortunately our treasurer has said he's willing to continue in the job. He's a huge asset to our team!)

There are also opportunities for others to help run our group in roles such as -
* Trading Facilitator,
* Promotions Coordinator / team member,
* Events team member,
* Drop Off Point Host,

The full list of current Committee and Subcommittee positions is on the website here:

2 13 Jun 2018
Plumber to connect water tanks to toilet and washing machine

I have two tanks installed with a pump and a tap. I’d like to connect the tank water to my toilet and washing machine.

3 13 Jun 2018
Someone to help set up wicking beds

I’m keen to set up some wicking beds but need someone with experience and a willingness to spend a day working with me to make it happen.

4 13 Jun 2018
I need a solid tent

Well not solid but one that won't disintegrate after a few months exposed to the wintery elements
Small is good but it needs to be tall enough to stand up in.

I have units and money :-)

I need the tent soon


5 11 Jun 2018
Large fine-mesh bird cage

Currently looking for a large fine-mesh bird cage to house 4 zebra finches I recently inherited. Their current cage's bars are too far apart, and they can squeeze through the bars if scared.

6 2 Jun 2018
Net or lace curtains

Does anyone have old net curtains that are no longer wanted - those lacy drapes that you can see out but not in? I have a project to repurpose some of this fabric.

7 27 May 2018
Workers wanted to help with festival set up & pack down

Winter Solstice Festival
Northey Street City Farm
Sat 23 June 2018, 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Workers are wanted to help with set up and pack down of the festival, including some late at night on Saturday 23rd, others the day before and day after.

Please contact Alison Bird BLCE0022 to register your interest in this.

8 26 May 2018

At my place in Woolloongabba

9 26 May 2018
Repair TV

Repair tv at Woolloongabba.

10 26 May 2018

Solid piece of wood suitable for a desk top, approx 105cm X 70cm.

For more information write to