LETS Restore Australia Exchange (NSW)
Terms & Conditions of Use


Terms and Conditions


  1. LETS ReStore Australia is a tool to enable ReStore Australia, a NFP organisation, to activate community projects, interactions and reward volunteers. 
  2. Accounts can be in an Individual, Family (shared), Business or an Organisation name. Shared accounts must name one person who is responsible for the account. 
  3. Transactions between the “buyer” and the “seller” can be 100% COBS ($C) or a mix of $AU and $C as negotiated between the parties. We do not not allow $AU only transactions.
  4. The “seller” or an authorised Coordinator will record transactions as soon as possible.
  5. All transactions are governed by the established commercial laws of the land and each party takes responsibility for normal legal liabilities, obligations and risk.
  6. An Administration levy is charged to both buyer and seller, paid in $C and shall be used by the administration to manage and further the aims of LETS ReStore Australia.
  7. It should be the aim of all members to keep their balance as close to $0C as possible, as this is an indicator of healthy use of the system.
  8. A member may know the trading balances of any other member. 
  9. The Administration reserves the right to limit the amount of debt in a members account. 
  10. The Administration may act on behalf of the members in seeking satisfaction from a member whose account causes concern and any financial settlement shall be in COBS.
  11. Advertisements for offerings should be honestly described. Those considered offensive to others, inaccurate, illegal or contrary to the ethics of the system may be withdrawn by the administration without consultation.
  12. The value of 1 COB shall be equivalent to $1 AU.
  13. Any member who deregisters their account and are in credit can choose to donate $C to another member or to allow the administration to allocate it.
  14. Accountability for taxes incurred by members is the obligation of those involved. LETS ReStore Australia accepts no responsibility to report to the taxation authorities or to collect taxes on their behalf.
  15. No warranty or undertaking as to the value, condition or quality of the items/services exchanged is expressed or implied by virtue of the introduction of members to each other.
  16. While all information on members’ accounts, with the exception of balance and turnover, is considered confidential, LETS ReStore Australia cannot guarantee that confidentiality, and will not be held liable for any breach thereof.
  17. Members who perform services or provide equipment within the LETS ReStore Australia do so at their own risk.

By clicking here I acknowledge that I have read the above terms of use and conditions and are bound by them to the CES and LRAE and their administrators as well as to other users. I am also subject to prevailing terms and conditions regarding inter-group trading. I acknowledge further that these terms and conditions may be changed by the CES or LRAE administration from time to time and I undertake to keep myself abreast of any changes. Participation will be subject to the terms of use prevailing at the time.