LETS Grow Free Australia
Terms & Conditions of Use



LETS Grow Free is a registered Not for Profit organisation. Our committee members work as volunteers and do not receive payments for their service to this community. Fees are kept to a minimum at $20 per year per membership to cover costs including product and public liability insurance for each member. 

Members are required to pay 10 LIBBIES per year to support our "Community Chest" programs in the areas of  Self Sufficiency  and  Wellbeing.  These funds are used to pay persons with expertise to coordinate zooms, bulk buys, medicinal packages, social media supports and community working bees. 

Payment details for yearly registration with LETS Grow Free Australia will be emailed to participants soon after joining, as well as a yearly reminder in June of each year. 


An account holder may not use the facilities of LETS Grow Free Australia for purely Dollar based offerings. Trades may be advertised and effected for part Libbies and part Dollars, provided that the Dollar component does not exceed more than 50% of the total price of the offered goods/ service.
Business accounts may opt to restrict the time period or frequency of LIBBY offerings.


LETS Grow Free (GROW) functions as a support group and differs to other LETS groups, which are formed based on location and trading alone. A condition of joining GROW is that new members participate in a friendly chat with a member of the Admin team to ensure that the community is a good match to their needs.  This also serves as an opportunity for the new member to ask questions and receive guidance on organising trades etc.


Upon acceptance to LETS Grow Free Australia (GROW), each member will have optional access to an amount of 500 Liberties to “spend” right away. We refer to this overdraft as "Grace Bank" and it is given in good faith by the management committee to jump start trade within the community.  Members are asked to repay this amount by offering goods and services (trades) back to the GROW community.
To assist communities to thrive, LETS Grow Free provides charitable organisations with a larger  "Grace Bank" of up to -2500 Liberties in order to mobilise and reward their volunteers.


Account holders must start with at least one advertisement on the exchange.  Advertisements in line with the needs of our members are encouraged and include but are not limited to;
-Market Day offerings
-Offerings and Wants in the areas of Wellbeing and Self-Sufficiency
-Community Working Bee offerings to assist vulnerable members in our communities with household tasks, gardening, cleaning, home maintenance etc.   

For added exposure, account holders are encouraged to advertise their offerings and wants on LETS Grow Free social media channels on facebook and telegram. 

For more ideas on what to offer, these sites will help;


A member may hide certain personal details on the exchange by ticking the Hide box, however at least one form of contact must remain visible so buyers can successfully respond to advertised offerings and wants. Suitable contact options are telegram contact, phone number, email.

The administration shall be entitled to charge a 4% Liberties levy against trades done via the exchange. Levies accrued will be used to manage and further the aims of LETS Grow Free Australia.

The administration may set limits for the extent to which accounts may go into debit. I.E. Individuals -500 Liberties, and Charities -2500 Liberties. It shall be the duty of each seller in a transaction to ensure that the buyers have not exceeded their limits before agreeing to transact.
Trading Balances are available to view for all accounts (details of individual purchases are not).
If an individual has exceeded -500 Liberties, then the transaction may be declined by the administration.
If a charity has exceeded -2500 Liberties, then the transaction may be declined by Administration. 

If any dispute should arise between account holders, the matter shall be referred to Administration for mediation. If the parties cannot agree, then an arbitrator shall be appointment by Administration. Any such appointee is preferably a member of LETS. The arbitrator shall be entitled to make awards for contractual losses or damages. All awards shall be in Liberties. The Administrator shall be required to debit or credit any account within the system to give affect to such an order or award. The arbitrator's decision will be final and binding on all parties.

Members reserve the right to price their goods and services at their own discretion.
Historically, in other LETS groups, hourly rates were determined by the average Australian wage at the time. At present, the average Australian wage is approx $35 per hour. This equates to 35 LIBBIES per hour as we use a 1:1 ratio that one Liberty equals one Dollar.   In LETS Grow Free we understand that an hourly rate of 35 LIBS will not suit every situation and it is acceptable to charge more or charge less to suit the situation. 

Some members opt to charge "Mates Rates" of 25 LIBS per hour when trading with other LETS Grow Free members.  In this way we lend a helping hand to our most vulnerable community members. It is acceptable to specify in one's OFFERINGS on the exchange  "Mates Rates LGF"  with the option of charging higher costings to other LETS members outside of LETS Grow Free. 


The Administration may determine that an account has become inactive and abandoned after twelve months, if there has been zero trading and no log in by the account holder. The administration shall notify the account holder that the account is at risk of being suspended, and the account holder shall have fourteen days to dispute the suspension. If no dispute is declared by the account holder, the administration shall then be entitled to terminate the account. All Liberties in credit shall be transferred to the Community Chest otherwise a "non-trader fee" of 10 Liberties applies.

The administration can suspend an account of any account holder who has not paid the yearly registration fee, breaches any material trading rule, or who acts in a way considered to be unethical or contrary to the ethos of LETS Grow Free. The administration shall notify any account holder if his or her account has been suspended, and the account holder shall have fourteen days to dispute the suspension.  If no dispute is declared by the account holder, the administration shall then be entitled to terminate the account, in which event it shall be treated as if it was an inactive account in terms of Clause 1.11 above.

If an account-holder wishes to leave the  LETS Grow Free (GROW) exchange, they shall apply to the administrator for de-registration of their account;
Any debit balance shall become immediately due and payable in Dollars or LIBS.
Any credit balance will be forfeited unless the account-holder brings their account balance back to zero 
Any account-holder will not be entitled to re-apply for an account with any other LETS community on the CES exchange until their obligations towards LETS Grow Free have been met.

Account holders of LETS Grow Free Australia may transfer to other LETS Grow Free community exchanges without the need to deregister their account as per 1.13 above. 
Any debit or credit balance belonging to the member shall be transferred along with the member to the new LETS Grow Free exchange. 

The administrator shall be entitled to change the terms of use from time to time. In such an event, the applicable terms will be those prevailing at the time of the action or transaction involved.

2.1  Account holders agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CES, LETS Grow Free, and the Administration and any of their employees or agents, from any incident of loss or damage arising out of the use of the system including incidence of loss or damage at LETS Grow Free market days and events.

I accept the above Terms and Conditions of Use, and undertake further to:
3.1 Keep my personal contact details, offerings, and wants updated
3.2 Enter transactional information as soon as possible after a transaction takes place. If I do not have the means to do so myself, I will arrange for another user to do it for me
Actively promote my offerings in LETS Grow Free social media (Telegram and/or Facebook) especially if my account balance is in debit
3.4  Advise LETS Grow Free Australia (GROW) Administration, by email growfreeaus@proton.me , if I should wish to de-register or transfer from GROW to another exchange  

By clicking here below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Use, and am bound by them to the CES, LETS Grow Free and their administrators, as well as to other users. I acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions may be changed by the CES or LETS Grow Free administration from time to time, and I undertake to keep myself abreast of any changes. I am subject to prevailing Terms and Conditions for inter-group trading.  Participation is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use prevailing at the time.