Fleurieu LETS (SA)
Terms & Conditions of Use


Fleurieu LETS (SA) - Terms & Conditions of Use

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By becoming a member of Fleurieu LETS I agree to support the LETS community values and abide by the principles and practices as outlined below


Fleurieu LETS is established to promote community development and facilitate the trade of goods and services amongst members.


Honesty and Integrity
Members will act with honesty and integrity in all interactions with other members.

Personal Responsibility
Members assume personal responsibility in all interactions with other members and commit to addressing any concerns directly with those involved.

Faithful representation of goods and services
Members agree to faithfully represent all goods and services advertised on the CES website and other Fleurieu LETS platforms.

Fleurieu LETS Steering Group

The Fleurieu LETS Steering Group is responsible for:

a. Administering the member records on the CES website

b. Maintaining the Fleurieu LETS website and Facebook page

c. Administering the use of all Fleurieu LETS material and financial resources for the benefit of the LETS community.

The Fleurieu LETS Steering Group may remove members at its discretion who:

a. Behave in a way that is deemed contrary to the values of the Fleurieu LETS  community

b. Fail to trade for a period of two years or more

c. Exceed the debt limit of 300B on their account without prior approval


Fleurieu LETS assumes no liability for member transactions

 For tips and further info see the information on our website: www.fleurieulets.au