Condamine Community Exchange (QLD)
Terms & Conditions of Use

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               TERMS OF USE


Active Trading

We develop active trading by:

- responding promptly to enquiries about our offers and wants

- removing out of date offers and wants

- maintaining at least one current offer, and three current wants

- taking part in events where we can meet other traders

- inviting others to register with the exchange




We trade without using cash. Our currency is known as 'Credits'.



  Fees and Costs

There is no cost to register.

There is an annual fee of 25 Credits, which goes to the Administration expenses. It is deducted in January. You are invited to earn this back by volunteering to assist the Administration for one hour.

There is no transaction fee or levy.



  Zero Balance

  We aspire to trade actively - with a high turnover - while our account fluctuates around zero.
  When in debit we commit to contribute goods and services to the community to bring our balance to zero.
  When in credit we commit to spend, to bring our balance to zero.
  The administration may set and adjust account limits. As a result debit and credit limits may vary from account to account, and from time to time.



   Seller Enters Trades

The seller enters the transaction information as soon as possible after the trade, or asks someone to enter it on their behalf.



     Leave Feedback

After a trade is completed, we leave factual feedback, recommendations or references about our trading experience. This builds confidence and trust in our traders.



  Normal Trading Laws Apply

The normal commercial laws of the land between trading parties shall govern all transactions and each party to a transaction takes responsibility for normal legal liabilities, obligations and risk.

Traders are responsible for advising any details of their trading to any government agency that may require such details (for example the Australian Tax Office, or Centrelink). This will not be undertaken by the Community Exchange.



It is a trader's responsibility to satisfy themselves of the trading status, qualifications or declared level of skill, and quality of work of others before they trade. No Administrator of any Community Exchange System, nor any branch of the CES itself, is liable for loss, damage or injury arising out of use of the system. The CES is not responsible for providing indemnity for members trading with each other.



 I Agree:

I accept the above principles as terms and conditions of use, and undertake further to:



-  conduct my transactions with honesty, and not to misrepresent my offered goods or services.


   Mutual Respect

- respect the diversity of the group, and to treat individual members in a respectful manner. I will follow the guidelines to settle any complaints or disputes or grievances.



- protect the privacy and security of all personal information about traders, by never passing on any registration or contact details to anyone who is not registered as a trader.


  Informed and Participating

- learn how the Community Exchange works, and follow the principles and guidelines for trading.

- satisfy myself as to the quality of any offers and trading status of any account holder before I commit to a trade.

- indemnify and hold harmless the CES and any of their Administrators from any loss or damage arising out of the use of the system.

- keep myself informed about events and news, including any updates to the guidelines, terms of use, and agreements.

- Keep my trade sales records, offers, wants and personal contact details current and complete.

- pursue active trading, with my account balance fluctuating around zero.


  When leaving

If I am going to leave the area, or I no longer wish to be registered as a trader with the exchange, I will first bring my account to zero balance, and I will inform the administrator.


By clicking here I acknowledge that I have read the above principles, terms of use and conditions and are bound by them to the CES and COND and their administrators as well as to other users.  Participation will be subject to the terms of use prevailing at the time.