BrisLETS Community Exchange (QLD)
Terms & Conditions of Use



BrisLETS Terms & Conditions of Use

On being granted membership of Brisbane LETS I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. BrisLETS charges a joining fee to cover the costs associated with Incorporation and publicity. Payment Options for the BrisLETS Joining Fee are as follows:
    Electronic Transfer $20 to Brisbane Local Energy Trading, or BrisLETS (case sensitive) at Bank Australia, BSB 313-140, A/C 12138801, with your name included on the transaction.
    Cash/cheque/money order $20 payable to BrisLETS Community Exchange Inc, with your name clearly marked.

  2. Applicants for membership are to start with at least one offering on the system. (e.g. ‘extra pair of hands’) accounts with no offerings may be hidden until an offering is added.

  3. BrisLETS currency is units. Members charge units for their goods and services – an amount equivalent to what they would be prepared to pay in dollars for similar goods and services. Although cash can be included in a trade to cover cash expenses, those who are able to, are encouraged to trade solely in units.

  4. Members are entitled to begin trading before having a positive balance.

  5. An offer advertised on the system amounts to an invitation to do business only, and is not binding. All trades are negotiable between the two parties involved.

  6. It is recommended that before entering into a transaction both parties have a written or verbal agreement and a clear understanding of the specific instructions for the job, the units per hour and monetary requirements that are fair and just to both members.

  7. To maintain only current accounts on the system, accounts not accessed or showing any trades over a two year period will be hidden, and reactivated by the Management Support Team only on request from the member.

  8. Recommended credit and debit limits are set at 0 plus units and minus 200 units for new members for 12 months, then all members at 2000 units. The Management Support Team may adjust the limits if considered necessary. Members are encouraged to keep their balance within these limits and any member exceeding these limits will be invited to develop strategies for earning or spending units in order to bring their accounts into balance.

  9. Members will be charged an administrative fee in units equivalent to 0% of each trade at present. An annual unit levy to cover operational expenses will be charged when the Management Support Team considers it necessary. The amount of the fee and this levy shall be set or amended from time to time.

  10. Except for the Management Support Team deducting administrative fees, a member is the only person who can authorise units to be deducted from that member’s account. It is the responsibility of the member to check their trading account regularly and advise the Secretary if any unauthorised deductions have been made. It is also the member's responsibility to ensure details of any transactions are entered as soon as possible, either by themselves or another member.

  11. Members who have a disagreement are encouraged to seek help from the BrisLETS Management Committee. If that is not successful it is recommended that they seek the services of a mediator we can help you with this.

  12. The BrisLETS Management Committee accepts no responsibility for the quality of work or declared level of skill of any member. It is a member’s responsibility to be satisfied as to the trading status and qualifications of other members (see recommendation section). The Management Committee is not liable for loss, damage or injury arising out of the use of the system. BrisLETS is not responsible for providing indemnity for members trading with each other.

  13. Unless otherwise authorised by the Management Support Team, account-holders may operate only one account in the system.

  14. It is the responsibility of members to keep personal contact details, offers and wants updated and to regularly review their offerings to ensure they provide sufficient information for others to engage in trade. Any communication or notices will be sent to the member's nominated email address The Management Support Team may close the account of any member who is not contactable.

  15. Units cannot be exchanged for dollars between members.

  16. A member wishing to leave the system, agrees to restore their account to zero and advise the Management Committee of their intention. The Management Committee can advise on how best to do this. A member may bequeath their credit to another member or the Community Chest to bring their balance to zero.

  17. The Management Committee can suspend the account of any member who breaches any material trading rule or who acts in a way considered to be unethical or contrary to the spirit of generosity and community-mindfulness of BrisLETS.

  18. No one, including any member of the BrisLETS Facebook Groups or any CES account holder, shall administer nor create a Facebook group or page, web page or other online location or email list associated with or in the name of BrisLETS for the purpose of trading LETS units without prior approval of BrisLETS Management Committee.

  19. Members are responsible for advising any details of their trading to any appropriate government department or instrumentality that may require such details (e.g. Australian Tax Office, Centrelink). This will not be undertaken by, and is not the responsibility of, the BrisLETS Management Committee.

These terms and conditions may be changed by the BrisLETS Management Committee from time to time. Any changes will be published in the newsletter and updated online.

 Current as at 7th July 2020

By clicking here I acknowledge that I have read the above terms of use and conditions and are bound by them to the CES and BLCE and their administrators as well as to other users. I am also subject to prevailing terms and conditions regarding inter-group trading. I acknowledge further that these terms and conditions may be changed by the CES or BLCE administration from time to time and I undertake to keep myself abreast of any changes. Participation will be subject to the terms of use prevailing at the time.