Wide Bay Burnett Community Exchange QLD
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 25 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Deluxe Spa pedicure includes: 1hr long treatment Indulgent spa massage chair Foot soak Cuticle work Foot and leg exfoliating Foot and leg massage Moisturising foot mask Toes painted

Gin Gin, Qld
2. 25 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Tinting Eye Trio

Eyebrow wax Eyebrow Tint Eyelash tint

Gin Gin, Qld
3. 25 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Relaxation Massage

Full Body hr long relaxation Massage Using indulgent Oils

Gin Gin, Qld
4. 23 Sep 2018
CHILDERS - Home Help And Caring

Outings, shopping, friendship

Childers, Qld
5. 22 Sep 2018
STH BURNETT - MOBILE Massage Nanango - Wondai

I do full body massage in the comfort of your home. (+ $fuel to travel distance . eg to Nanango or Wondai

F60 p/hour
Kingaroy, Sth Burnett, Qld
6. 22 Sep 2018
KINGAROY - Hairdresser - Cutting etc

Hair Cutting: Male: F15; Female F25; Child F15

Colouring (BYO your own colouring products) 100% Favours

100% Favours
Kingaroy, Sth Burnett, Qld
7. 22 Sep 2018
KINGAROY - Massage

I do full body massage in the comfort of your home. (+ $fuel to travel distance)

F60 / hour
Kingaroy, Sth Burnett, Qld
8. 22 Sep 2018
KINGAROY - Baby Sitting, Child Minding

Baby Sitting, Child Minding

F20 /hour
Kingaroy, Sth Burnett, Qld
9. 22 Sep 2018
KINGAROY - Shopping, Running Errands Etc

Shopping, Running Errands, Driving

F25 / hour
Kingaroy, Sth Burnett, Qld
10. 20 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Reiki Healing

REIKI works on a physical, emotional and Spiritual level. REIKI is a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety. It can be used on ones self to overcome spiritual, emotional or physical problems. It's safe to use on any person from unborn to elderly. It helps to bring about a balance to you as a whole, balancing your Body, Mind, Aura and Chakras. Reiki treatment works to strengthen and put harmony into the bodies forces. My treatment can be used for all physical ailments. Helps to create a harmonious environment within ones being so true healing can take place. Is perfect for stress management and nervous conditions of all types. Reiki can help with:- Body Cancer of all descriptions, Tumors of the Brain, Hepatitis, Blood Clots, Bruising, Addictions, High Temperatures, Viral Infections, Glandular Fever, Back and Neck Injuries, Emotional problems, Stress, Nervous disorders to name just a few. Prescribed medications must still be taken. How is Reiki applied? Reiki is applied by placing the hands on or near the body, allowing the healing energy to flow to the person. One of the first things that people notice is that they find the healing very relaxing and peaceful. Clothing does not have to be removed whilst receiving Reiki. Reiki is an excellent method to alleviate stress and bringing a natural balance back into your life. A natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can benefit from.

F30 per 1/2 hour
Gin Gin, Qld
11. 20 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Crystal Healing

This is a simple yet powerful healing assisting in the process of balancing and aligning the chakra system. The crystals create healing as they assist in bringing awareness to the issues that create the blockage in the chakras. We hold most of our energy blocks in the chakras and by aligning and bring them into balance this creates healing. Chakra balancing is a holistic healing process that can assist in creating healing to many aspects of one’s life, creating balance and wellbeing. This healing is good for overall wellbeing and balance. The crystals are sacred medicine and have a consciousness of their own and know what to do in the healing. I, the healer, act as a conduit and amplifier, directing the energy into your body. The reference of golden light is source energy. Everyone has a different name for it, however we are all connecting to the same divine spirit. We are working with many healing energies in this healing: universal love, sacred crystal medicine, healing energy of Mother Earth, Divine love, and all the healing beings that bring their special healing energies. The healing energy of the Universe and healing energy of the Earth enters through the soul star and earth star chakras. This is why we amplify these points with large crystals.

F30 per 1/2 hour
Gin Gin, Qld
12. 20 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Ear Candling

Ear candling is a very old, tried-and-true way to get fluids in the ear moving, remove pressure on the ear drum, to clean out the ear canal from excessive wax, and begin to clear a middle ear infection. The process involves using a hollow candle which is held gently on the edge of the ear. The candle is lit which creates a vaccum in the ear, drawing out old wax and other residues such as fungus and infections. Candling is also said to stimulate the immune system and peripheral blood circulation. The process is non invasive and is completely painless. The benefits of ear candling may reduce excessive wax build-up, assist with sinus irritation, tinnitus, help with chronic ear infections and fungal problems as well as assist in clearing the head before a flight.

F20 per 20 minutes
Gin Gin, Qld
13. 20 Sep 2018
GYMPIE - Beltane Fire Festival 3rd & 4th November 2018 Stall Fees & Entry Fees 50/50

The Early bird rate for stalls ends on October 5, so if you are interested in getting a stall for the festival, then please ask for a stall application form. Any questions or queries, please contact me on either gathering@beltanefire.com.au or 0415 800 888 GYMP0007 Wayne

Come one, Come all to gather by the fire and celebrate as our ancestors did many moons ago. For it is Beltane! – A time of great celebration and joy, a time to harvest what we have sown and make sacred vows. We shall honour the deities, we shall perform sacred rituals, we shall feast and we shall dance by the flame. All welcome to join us for this sacred Sabbat.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beltanefireoz


Tickets to the Festival start at $40.00 50/50 Favours & $$s.

During the Festival we will have a Feast, Ritual and Wickerman (Burning Man) on Saturday, Handfasting, Broom Jumping, Maypole Dancing and lots of Music on Sunday

Stall applications for our village fair, Bards for our music, presenters for our workshop spaces and volunteers are all now available. Any questions please either email me at gathering@beltanefire.com.au or call Wayne on 0415 800 888

77 Exhibition Road, Gympie

Curra, Nth of Gympie, Qld
14. 18 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Trading Day Hostess for 2018

Any CES User can host a trading day & be paid 30 Favours for the day.

BYO Food to Share & BYO Trade Goods, Contact me

Delan, Gin Gin, Qld
15. 18 Sep 2018
GIN GIN - Local Area Contact

Earn bonuses (50 Favours to 31/12/18 then back to F20) for every new registered CES user you introduce to Wide Bay Burnett Community Exchange

Contact me
Delan, Gin Gin, Qld
16. 18 Sep 2018
ALL AREAS - Local Contacts &/or PR people

Earn bonuses (50 Favours to 31/12/18 then back to F20) for every new registered CES user you introduce to Wide Bay Burnett Community Exchange.

F50 each
Sth Burnett, Qld
17. 18 Sep 2018
KILKIVAN - Handyman - Fencing - Irrigation - Chook Pens

Fencing, irrigation, chook pens, have ute for carrying stuff

Kilkivan, Qld
18. 18 Sep 2018

MIG welding

F25 + $5/hour
Kilkivan, Qld
19. 18 Sep 2018

I have various hardy plants for sale- Casuarina, Racehorse etc

F2 each
Kilkivan, Qld
For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au