BrisLETS Community Exchange (QLD)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 30 May 2023
Queen Mattress Top Quality

Clean queen size mattress, can deliver no problem

2. 30 May 2023
Wooden Canvas Isle

Medium size used adjustable

3. 30 May 2023
Domestic Assistance

Domestic light assistance with experience

4. 30 May 2023
Electrical contractor

I offer electrical contractor services pay for materials and gst and get labour for lets points 

60 % money 40% lets points
Chermside West
5. 3 May 2023

I am offering Result Coaching by phone for a 1 hour session. 

Certified Authentic Education Coach and very adaptable to whatever issue is happening in your life because of the questions the system uses.

You are doing the work without me having to know what you are working on.

A metaphor could be if during a black out, you dropped your keys then accidently kicked them. You saw the lights came on out in the street so went outside with your neighbours. You said to them you dropped your keys so you all start looking around the lighted area. A coach comes along and asks what's happening? You say I dropped my keys. The coach asks where did you drop your keys? You say inside and the neighbours walk off in disgust. The coach pulls out a torch (resource) and shines the way inside for you and you go find the keys.  You did the work and the coach provided the resource - in this case it's the questions. Like a puppy chasing a ball, you decide where to throw the ball - and that is your mind finding the answers to the questions asked of it. 

6. 2 May 2023
Women, Child & Family Support

Happy to deliver a nourishing meal, Support your family through transitions, happily to attend a homebirth take some authentic photographs of your family in its sacred and safe space.

7. 30 Apr 2023
Basil and Plantain plants

Basil in various sizes. These are Ocimum basilicum.

Plantain, both thin leaved and wide leaved in various sizes.

3units or $3
Samford Valley
8. 24 Apr 2023
Sewing and clothing adjustments

I love doing repairs and modifications to clothing, or one-off unusual sewing projects.

Ferny Grove
9. 29 Mar 2023
Personal Advocacy

Often people find it hard to have their rights and opinions respected.

It is sometimes useful to have a person, like me, with the right skills and knowledge to support you.

Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction, and sometimes it's good to have someone walk with you.

This person is often called an advocate.

Usually, I would encourage you NOT to employ me. Self Advocacy is the best kind of Advocacy because you learn how to support yourself but I can help you with that.

I work for 30 units an hour
I offer a free 1/4-hour consultation to LETS members 0434 764 082 and there are free resources and links on this site.

10. 19 Mar 2023
Mantra Meditation Class for Units only

I practice Mantra Meditation and have done so for 30 years. It is based on bonafide teachings and offers relief from this material tabinacle, help with focus, relaxation, inner peace and way more, upon regular practice, and sometimes even straight away. It's easy to practise and the effects are sublime. It's works with sound vibration. 

I offer to  hold  these hour- long classes via Zoom or Skype cam or Messenger cam, upon arrangement. Can be shorter in length if required. It runs by unit donation, suggestion is U10 or what one can afford.

Thanks for looking : ) 

10 Units
Norman Park
11. 19 Mar 2023
Old Garden Seeds for sale for Units only

Hey everyone,

Here are the old garden seeds I offer for 5 Units a pack:

Tomato - 'Cherry Yellow Pear' by Green Harvest Bulk bag 5g. Best Before Sept. 2022

Tomato - 'Roma San Marzano' by Green Harvest Bulk bag 5g. Best Before Sept. 2022

Silverbeet - 'Ruby Red' by Shovel + Soul. Plenty of seeds. Best Before Sept. 2022

Snake Bean - by Shovel + Soul. 7 seeds. Best Before Aug. 2022

Please see my photos.

As these seeds are a bit over their best before date you might like to add 2 when planting, to increase germination.

You can collect from Myall Street, Norman Park Qld 4170. Contact me for the address, contactless. Or I can post these at buyers cost.

With these seeds you can help the environment; grow your own food or grow food to share others, or both! Thanks for looking : )

5 Units per pack
Norman Park
12. 27 Jan 2023
Spinal Flow Treatment

Spinal Flow is a gentle treatment that assists the body to awaken it's inate ability to heal its self by creating an energy flow.
The flowing energy through the body helps to unblock trauma caused from either physical, chemical or psychological.
There are several access points on the body where light pressure is applied to start the flow and bring the energy through the body.
The main access points worked on are the sacrum and the cranial points which  basically reconnect the brain and spine together again.
This awakens the central nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body to release and heal past traumas.
Treatments usually only take 15-30 mins each. Everybody is different and it may bring up lots of emotions depending on the trauma that's being released so it's best to do it slowly and gradually hence the shorter treatment times.
First treatment will need a consultation prior.
All treatments are a mobile service.
I also offer natural beauty therapy, aromatherapy, energy frequency healing and I have a couple of Healy devices for hire which work on Nikola Tesla's healing frequency work.
U50 for initial consultation and treatment.
U40 for 1/2 hr or add U15 per extra 1/2 hr  and $15 + depending on travel distance to cover fuel costs.

U40/$15 + (to cover fuel costs)
13. 21 Jan 2023
French lessons

I am a native speaker and a French teacher. I can do French conversation with you and help you with your grammar as well as improve your comprehension skills.

25 units $25
14. 15 Dec 2022
Reiki treatment

Reiki treatment. Can do attunement as well

Ellen Grove
15. 10 Dec 2022
Weeding of Dyschorista depressa

16. 26 Nov 2022
Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit inspire 2 tracker, barely used, comes with charger and spare strap. Small tear in wrist band where the join is but doesn't affect function, could be easily glued.

Burpengary East
17. 22 Nov 2022
Professional Massage Chair

Portable folding massage chair, purple vinyl, adjustable head and arm rests.

Redbank Plains
18. 22 Nov 2022
Photoshop Images

Manipulated images using photoshop, from cards to larger scale prints. Can start with your own images or create from my photos.

From 5u
Redbank Plains
19. 22 Nov 2022
Various Art And Jewellry Supplies

Jewellry findings, hooks, rings and posts.Various Plaster moulds.

From 10u
Redbank Plains
20. 19 Nov 2022
Beauty, Natural Herbal And Or Essential Oil Therapies

Facials, manicures, pedicures, swedish and Aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy and Herbal treatments Mobile service. Part units (cover time) and $ (cover supplies)

From u35/hr/ $15
21. 19 Nov 2022
Natural Healing Therapy

Spinal Flow, Bars, Energy/Frequency Healing ( similar to Reiki) Mobile service. Part Units (cover time) $ cover (fuel)

From $30/$10
22. 19 Nov 2022
100% Natural Hand Made (with Love And Healing) Skin Care Products

Moisturiser, Floral Mist, Cleansers, body creams and lotions, serums, facial oil blends, hand creams, bath milk, bath bombs, tinctures, infused oil blends. All made to order to ensure freshness and quality! Part Units and $(cover ingredients and delivery)

From u3.50/$3.50
23. 18 Nov 2022
Emotional Freedom Technique

A psychotherapeutic technique to rapidly alleviate trauma, anxiety, fear and the physical manifestations these may cause.

24. 17 Nov 2022
Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Homeopathic Consultations for acute and chronic prescribing

120 initial/chronic, 50 acute/ follow ups
25. 17 Nov 2022
Bachflower Reading

To regain emotional balance, reading/concoction in units (postage extra)

26. 17 Nov 2022

I am a metaphysical kinesiologist I work with all parts of the being … mental , emotional , physical and spiritual

100/ hr
27. 17 Nov 2022
Event Organiser

I run markets

28. 17 Nov 2022
Crafts And Art

I teach and create many different modalities of craft and art. As well as aromatherapy sprays and orgonites

29. 10 Nov 2022
Purebred Roosters For Re-Homing - On Offer Throughout Year

Occasionally I have purebred roosters available for re-homing outside of the Brisbane City Council area which does not allow roosters unfortunately.

I often have broody chooks sitting on fertile eggs and need to find a new home for my roosters. Yes, sometimes that is very challenging so some of them end up on someone's dinner table instead.

Please contact me if you would like me to let you know next time I have one or more roosters available.


Living on acreage, hobby farmers, larger properties
Bald Hills
30. 2 Nov 2022
Bamboo - all sizes

bamboo - all sizes -  2 different types

2 units
31. 1 Nov 2022
I can build you a website for U150

“Why on earth would I want a website ????”

Maybe you want to experiment with running your own micro-business

A business needs a website.

Websites can be useful for all kinds of things;

  • a blog to change the world,
  • to sell stuff,
  • a central point for your club or association,
  • an online business card,
  • whatever.

I’m happy to consider helping with anything that isn’t evil. .

U35 an hour
32. 30 Oct 2022
Electrical Work

Electrical contractor offering services 50 let's 50 cash

Chermside West
33. 18 Oct 2022
Indigenous Counsellor

Youth and family reunification and connecting with family.

Young parents parenting skills

Loss and Grief counselling

I have a blue and yellow card

34. 17 Oct 2022
Bamboo - all sizes

Bamboo - all sizes

2 types: green  and  yellow

35. 30 Sep 2022
Offer - Companion for Outings (Sth Burnett Only)

Companion for outings, + $fuel if distance

U35 p/hr
Sth Burnett, Qld
36. 26 Sep 2022
Helping Hand

Help with odd jobs, or second hand on a project

Springfield Central
37. 26 Sep 2022
House/pet Sitting

I am an experiences house sitter with plants, animal and pool maintenance.

38. 26 Sep 2022
Shopping/odd Jobs Support

I would like to help out any members who require support with their home organisation (ie. shopping, calls, watering the garden) or getting around to their appointments or duties.

39. 26 Sep 2022
Expressive Dance Lessons

I am a former music theatre dancer who now prefers the art of embodied dance. I enjoy facilitating others into the experience of their bodies and movement.

40. 19 Sep 2022
Bowen Therapy

I offer Bowen Therapy

Contact me
41. 19 Sep 2022

I offer Iridology

Contact me
42. 19 Sep 2022
Neruo Skeletal Therapy

I offer Neuro Skeletal Therapy

Contact me
43. 11 Sep 2022

85wpm 100%

Slacks Creek
44. 6 Sep 2022
Citrus (in season)

I have oranges, mandarins. Lemonade fruit

sold out for 2022 season

100% units
Sth Burnett, Qld
45. 3 Sep 2022
Wanting Inspiration for Creative Projects?

I have worked with artists of many kinds - musicians, poets, potters, glassmakers, weavers, textile artists, writers - inspiring creative ideas, helping them develop concepts and materialising their art.

Willing to barter for artwork or body-doubling for me doing house tidying/decluttering. Open to other offers.

Artwork, Body-Doubling, Decluttering
46. 25 Jul 2022
Mentoring (leadership, Career, People Management)

I'm an experienced & qualified executive coach & mentor specialising in leadership, people management and career progression. I'm passionate about empowering current and future community leaders.

Varsity Lakes
47. 25 Jul 2022
Mentoring For Board Chairs & Members

As an AICD graduate with experience on several boards, including serving as Chair, I would like to mentor current Directors and Chairs to improve board performance & governance.

Varsity Lakes
48. 25 Jul 2022
Coaching (leadership, Career, People Management)

I'm an experienced & qualified executive coach specialising in leadership, people management and career progression. I'm passionate about empowering current and future community leaders.

Varsity Lakes
49. 13 Jul 2022
Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery for sale.

Earrings, Pendants and Rings set with Pearls and Semi-Precious Stones.

Woody Point
50. 12 Jul 2022
Oracle Card Readings

Messages from my Oracle Decks, including my yet to be released Oracle Deck.  These messages will answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need at this time.

5 units or $5 for 3 cards
Samford Valley
51. 3 Jul 2022

Need a hand working something out? Give me a try. Limited to online or phone communication unless you are near laidley. PS I get by with basic IT but not an exper

52. 21 May 2022
Davidson plums

Bountiful crop of Davidson plums now harvesting; makes tasty jam for those who would like to cook them.

Can deliver some now and remainder over next few weeks.

10u per kg
Highgate Hill
53. 12 Apr 2022
Lemongrass cuttings desert roses frangipanis,

Lemongrass cuttings 5 for a bunch

desert roses white and pink 20 per plant

geraniums in plastic pots 5 per plant

bromeliads 5

54. 19 Feb 2022

Come "way out west" to Kenmore to work creatively together.

Can accommodate  2 or 3 people

Old Singer sewing machine available

No units - just for company.  Prefer Mondays

55. 4 Feb 2022
Yoga text books,Pilates text books ,childrens books ,cds on chakras .fitness references ,philosophical books ,lifetime collection .

Various assortment of Pilates texts would suit a teacher

,yoga texts,childrens books .can view collection .cooking books lots of vegetarian cookbooks and fiction novels ,art books

Philosophical books on Buddhism ,various authors

CDs on relaxation yoga breathing

, Pilates, yoga for pregnancy etc

20 units per book
56. 14 Jan 2022
French conversation over the phone

Kearnt French at school?

A bit rusty?

Preparing a trip to France?

I am a native speaker from Geneva and a resgistered teacher.

i can offer French conversation over the phone.

Kenmore Hills
57. 17 Dec 2021
Eft Emotional Freedom Technique

I can do an EFT session with you to tap through stress, trauma, phobias, anxieties etc

58. 17 Dec 2021
Ifs Integrated Family System

A beautiful somatic approach for healing inner child wounds.

59. 17 Dec 2021

I can provide an hour of Montessori mentoring for parenting who would like guidance integrating montessori into the home or an hour of tutoring for a child or adolescent.

60. 27 Oct 2021
Circular weaving lesson

  • I can teach you how to weave without a loom using recycled materials. Beginning with a simple pot stand as pictured, to get the knack and then you can use this same method to make a wide variety of other items at low or no cost.
  • For more items I have made using this same method feel free to contact me for photos but Welcome to brisLETS July 17 market day To see for yourself.
  • I prefer to teach around my pleasantly situated patio table area for one on one, or in a group of max 4 if you can come in a carpool arrangement.

25 per hour
61. 20 Sep 2021
Lean into Love

Lean Into Love Workshop for Retreats, Festivals, Events

Lean into Love is an exploration of how we experience love in our lives and a way to welcome more love in. We explore what gets in the way and make some powerful shifts towards change and letting in more joy.

It is a 2 hour workshop. Max 20 participants.

About Shannon: Find Love Coach and relationship author, Shannon, fuses empathetic listening, emotional freedom technique and mindset mastery to help you do exactly that.

Shannon is the founder of Welcome Lasting Love, and works online internationally, and in person in Noosa, Sunshine Coast.

Call me to have a chat aboout this offer.

Shannon Ichikawa 07 5324 2070
Insta: @welcomelastinglove

U197 + $97
Noosa Heads, QLD
62. 20 Jun 2021
Bike maintenance

Bicycle maintenance 30 u per hour plus $ for parts/transport if required

63. 14 Jun 2021
2 Bedroom Furnished Flat in Marlborough, NZ for Holiday Let

Our comfortable 2 bedroom fully furnished flat is available for holiday let. Payment by units or 2 hrs help per person per day in the garden or our pottery gallery. Situated between Nelson and Blenheim at the top of the South Island, NZ, we are centrally located to explore the beautiful Marlborough Sounds and local world reknowned vineyards.

30 min drive away to trout and sea fishing.

100 unit per night pp
64. 28 May 2021
Bookkeeping Services

With 20 years of accounting experience in tax and accounting firms I now offer you all of the skills related to this experience in my very low rate.  I am accomplished in preparing financial statements using MYOB, Reckon and several specialist software packages.  I also have my own creation of an excel spreadsheet for the small business owner who may require a record of their transactions for some purpose.

55 units or dollars per hour
Samford Valley
65. 24 May 2021
Seeds and seedlings

Stevia seeds and dried leaves of stevia (can be used in teas and coffees and strained out)


8 Units for dried leaves
66. 15 Mar 2021
Toilet paper roll books course

Interactive and interesting books made from the cardboard tube toilet paper is wound around. This course would take probably 4 hours including coptic binding of the book. You decide subject matter. I can teach this in person or over the internet. If in person I have equipment and the cardboard tubes and other supplies. If over the internet you will have to provide your own equipment, cardboard rolls and supplies. You will need to provide the pictures to be used either way.

80 units in person or 50 units over the internet
Logan Reserve
67. 16 Dec 2020
Writing And Editing

I have lots of experience as a former book and magazine editor. I can help with any publishing project from polishing resumes to submitting manuscripts to publishers.

The Gap
68. 12 Oct 2020
Helping Pair Of Hands

Help with jobs

20 u/hr
69. 4 Aug 2020
Healing Tarot

Readings focus on positive outcomes in the future.

Not predicitve

Intuitive insights. Working with the way we approach life, and allowing new positive and creative ways to come in.

Sessions held over Skype( preferably)

Please refer to recommendations.

75/ hour
70. 31 May 2020
Bicycle tour

Come and check out the many new bikeways around Brisbane. Tour organised to suit your capabilities

71. 18 Mar 2020
Handmade notebooks

single signature, hand sewn, hand made, soft-cover notebooks. 40 pages. Each one is unique. great for gifts as well as for your own use.

Logan Reserve
72. 18 Mar 2020
Hand made notebook pen holders

hand made paper clip pen holders to clip into any book or notebook., reusable Keeps pen handy. Each one is unique.

Logan Reserve
73. 12 Jan 2020
Silver Jewellery

Stirling Silver Jewellery

U various
Woody Point
74. 12 Jan 2020
Cotton Bags

Over shoulder cotton bags

Woody Point
75. 14 Nov 2019
Use of my piano

Use of my piano

76. 9 Oct 2019

if necessary to drive any distance then please offer petrol money in $

Chermside West
77. 9 Oct 2019

excellent declutterer

if necessary to drive any distance then please offer petrol money in $

Chermside West
78. 9 Oct 2019

if necessary to drive any distance then please offer petrol money in $

Chermside West
79. 25 Sep 2019
Crochet baskets

crochet baskets from old sheets or I can teach you how to do it.  

Logan Reserve
80. 25 Sep 2019
Tutoring and workshops in mixed media altered book art

Offering to tutor or give workshops in mixed media, altered books, vegan leather, altered cards. Make your own meditation deck or affirmation cards or book, Make an interesting toilet paper roll book, learn coptic stitch book binding, cover a book or notebook with beautiful vegan leather patchwork.

Logan Reserve
81. 18 Sep 2019
Water kefir grains

Water kefir grains if posting cash for postage

Logan Reserve
82. 18 Sep 2019
Milk kefir grains

Milk kefir grains available for pick up or units plus $13 if you would like them posted.

Logan Reserve
83. 22 Jun 2018
Service Posters for Advertising your LETS Service

Do you offer a SERVICE on LETS? If you would like an opportunity to promote it using a professional poster like the one displayed please contact me.

The poster will have the same template as this one so as to keep them all uniform for LETS and be in 2 formats for your use. However colours and fonts can change. I will send you via email an A4/A3 poster for you to print and laminate and put up at your next TRADING DAY. And a JPEG able to be posted on Facebook or LETs on the OFFERS & WANTS page or any other Social Media you prefer.

The beauty of these posters are that you can be advertising your service without you needing to go to every Trading Day. Or you can take them to Trading Days and pin them up as a quick method to advertise your wonderful service as you browse the OFFERINGS and pick up your own goodies.

84. 16 May 2018
Golf clubs,bag and buggy

For 50 units I can hire out my set of fancy golf clubs, all quality brands, plus my buggy with golf balls and tees. In addition you can use my golf glove (small size) and golf shoes (mens size 10). Pick them up from Kenmore the night before you use them. To all hirers I give away a golf instruction book if you want it. If you are contemplating buying a set of golf clubs borrow mine and find out what top quality clubs feel like to use.

85. 17 Jan 2018
Bicycle Repair and parts

I can assist with bike repair. Also have some bike parts.

If new parts needed will require dollars

86. 5 May 2017
Worm farming

I can advise on worm farming and supply worms to start you off

To be agreed
87. 5 May 2017
Compost making advice


I have been making compost successfully for quite a while. If u need some help with yours pls call.

To be agreed
88. 8 Dec 2016
French conversation

French conversation by native speaker.

50 units a private lesson for 1 or 2 people


Kenmore Hills
89. 12 Jul 2016

If you'd like to improve your singing, I can show you exercises and warmups to strengthen your voice, improve your breathing and give you more control of your voice. I am not professionally trained, and I will tell you if your needs are beyond my expertise. I sing in a couple of duos, and can do more vocally each year. I have run singing workshops both solo and with other singers in Brisbane and at music festivals for many years.

You can hear my singing at I am also happy to sell CDs for units.

U75 for an hour session
Highgate Hill
90. 26 May 2016
Golf tuition

Learn to play golf from a regular player. We can work on your swing in a park in Kenmore or we can go around a golf course at a quiet time when we are not slowing down golfers behind us. Golf is not expensive if you know how to go about it. For example you can play at St Lucia on a monday for $18.50. Cheap green fees are obtainable at A second hand bag plus a full set of used but good quality clubs can be bought for less than $150.

######### give golf a go############

30 units an hour
91. 23 May 2016
Repairs of clothing, fitting garments, making garments from patterns

If you have some clothes you want repaired, or a garment that doesn't fit you too well and you'd like it fitted to your body, or a hem that needs taking up, I may be able to help.

Price in units to be negotiated, based on time to do the job.


I have made a lot of one-off items (even dinghy sails!) and make a lot of things with materials such as cloth and shadecloth.


Machine or hand-sewing.

Ferny Grove
92. 8 May 2016

I can cook french dishes as well as dips for you. Ingredients in dollars.

93. 8 May 2016

Bed and breakfast in Yeronga close to UQ and Brisbane City.

U50 per person + $10
94. 8 May 2016
Bamboo poles for sale

long bamboo poles for sale

Can be cut to suit

Contact me
95. 2 May 2016
Water Kefir

water kefir - 1 ltr bottles at 10 units

Water kefir is a fermented drink full of healthful probiotics, good for digestion and gut health. This is not pasturised so keep in refrigerator especially after opening. It tastes similar to cider but contains less alcohol (only slight alcohol content caused by the fermentation). It is a light and refreshing drink.

I try to bring some to trading days but best if you pre order and we can set a pickup date as I don't usually have excess bottles of water kefir on hand.

U10 + bottle deposit $2 for swing cap bottles
Logan Reserve
96. 30 Apr 2016
Tools for use in Logan area

I have a variety of garden and general tools that aren't being used all the time so am happy to lend them but not to be removed to another site or kept as I regularly use them too as needed.

Please contact
97. 30 Apr 2016
Available buddy

I can help members access their BrisLETS account etc.

98. 5 Apr 2016
Cleaning solar panels

I can go up onto your roof and clean your solar panels. You will need to own a ladder with which I can get onto your roof. Panels should be cleaned annually at least with a special tool which will not scratch them. It is not a wise thing to do to bend over a panel and clean it with a cloth. You need to stand up and use an abrasive cleaning tool such as mine as mould can grow on solar panels amazingly enough. Panels get very hot very early in the day.

30 units an hour
99. 5 Apr 2016
Sanding and painting work

I own four types of power sanders and other manual sanding tools. One power tool is a Bosch orbital sander which is the latest model enabling very fine sanding. Another power sander is for paint that has been baked on. This is called a buffer sander and can be used on outside walls. It is quite powerful. I can do most types of sanding work altough some very heavy jobs are beyond my expertise. You will need to have your own ladder. Call John Drew on 0405 499 018 at any time . 30 units an hour. I also do painting but you will have to pay cash for the paint which I can buy cheaply for you. Please be aware of the health danger entailed in doing your own sanding work due to the prevalence of lead paint in old dwellings. Always use a mask, safety glasses, a hat and gloves. I own special protective equipment and use a suction device on my main sander.

30 units an hour
100. 31 Jan 2016
Tennis tuition

I offer tennis tuition. Starting with basic strokes I will patiently teach your how to play all the tennis strokes and how to move around the court. Tennis is a great sport to play but you must learn the strokes first.

30 units an hour
101. 24 Jan 2016
Editing and proofreading

Running my own editing and proofreading business, The Editing Edge, since 2013, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of authors to help shape their manuscripts ready for publication. From fiction and non-fiction authors to academics, from websites to Microsoft Word using track changes and even audio transcription proofing, if it involves words, I can edit or proof it.

Contact me
Park Ridge
102. 23 Jan 2016
Landscape fill

Supply of landscaping fill (small rocks/broken concrete, road base of various grades, etc) by the cubic metre with trailer, for use in driveway building, ground raising, etc. Present commercial rates are around $200 per metre, but could supply at cost price+fuel (probably around $50 per load, with more for gravels, sand, soil, etc) and remainder in units. Also minor rock removal with small jackhammer is now available.

150u per load
Highgate Hill
103. 23 Jan 2016
Viet language

Vietnamese language and culture

Highgate Hill
104. 23 Jan 2016

Maths to year 11

Highgate Hill
105. 23 Jan 2016
Rubbish removal

Transport of goods and rubbish removal with trailer.

Highgate Hill
106. 12 Jan 2016
Mould removal

I have the tools and experience with which to remove mould either indoors or outdoors. Mould removal from roof tiles is a task for a professional tradesperson with relevant insurance. Please be aware that mould is dangerous in areas where people walk.

20 units an hour
107. 12 Jan 2016

All types of painting. Happy to climb up ladders and work from planks placed between painters ladders. Can advise on type of paint you need. Can also be on the lookout for cheap paint. Difficult jobs requiring sanding are no problem as I own a variety of sanding equipment one of which is a powerful buffer sander suitable for outside wooden walls.

30 per hour
108. 12 Jan 2016
Tennis tuition

Practising coach and competitive senior tennis player John Drew offers tennis tuition for 30 units an hour. Call me at any time on 0405 499 018. Tuition at Sylvan Road, Toowong courts. I can also advise on shoes, racquets and fitness training . Tennis is a great sport to play. Keep fit in a safe way.You do not have to have your own racquet to start. Use one of mine.

#########give tennis a go###########

30 units per hour
109. 26 Oct 2015
Teach Knitting, Crochet

I have been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years.

Logan Reserve