Sydney LETS (NSW)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 1 Jul 2020
Sew Says You - Bags, Wallets, Planners and Accessories

I invite you to shop online through my store - Sew Says You!
I make bags, wallets, planners and accessories although, I am just starting back up - so - stock is a little low right now.

All ready made stock in the CES category is available to LETS members for 50% units & 50% cash PLUS Postage Australia Wide {Sorry, Australia Post doesn't accept units - yet!}
You are also welcome to use Afterpay for the cash portion of the transaction. 

Please respect this offer and take it up for personal use only, not resale / onselling.

If you would like to stay updated on new items I am making - please consider following me on social media

So how do you check out, online, and use Community currency too?

I've done everything I can to make it as painless as possible and integrated with my website checkout:

- Visit and shop from the CES category. All listings are shown as 'full cash only price'
- When you have completed shopping click "checkout" at the top of the page
- Enter the Code "ALSA0400" {This is Sew Says You's CES ID} where it asks for a 'coupon code' & click "Apply coupon" - a message saying "coupon code applied successfully" should appear and the new 'cash' sales proportion will populate, both with and without the postage fee.
- Click Proceed to checkout.
- Fill in your details as per normal. 
- In the order notes section you MUST provide
- Your CES ID.
- Your Name as listed on your CES account.
- Your Address as listed on your CES account.
Furthermore your CES account MUST be in good standing, with a balance capable of deducting the community currency proportion of your transaction from as dictated by your own exchanges guidelines.
-check your information and tick the box to acknowledge the above (and the paypal address stipulation also listed at checkout)
- Proceed with checkout as per normal to complete payment of the cash portion either by debit/credit card, paypal, or afterpay.

Once you complete checkout on the website, I will be notified and process the CES component (generally within 48 hours) prior to shipping.

Should you not provide relevant CES information for me to verify your identity, or your account with CES not be in good standing, The transaction with be cancelled, the item(s) will be relisted, and you will be refunded in full. 

If you have any questions though, please send me a message either on facebook, or via CES.

If you wish to purchase items in alternate categories (not eligable for community currency) you are welcome to add it to your cart at the same time - the 'coupon code' will only be applied to eligable items -and you can proceed to checkout as normal.


Variable 50% units / 50% AUD
Port Adelaide
2. 8 May 2020
Shiatsu Massage

I do Shiatsu massage which is similar to accupressure. Experienced Shiatsu therapist for 18 years. Diploma of Zen Shiatsu from Renaissance College. Treatment involves Shiatsu massage plus yoga correctives to undertake at home to assist with treatment. Fully insured so can claim on most health funds.

Elanora Heights
3. 8 May 2020
Dressmaking Repairs

I do dressmaking repairs

Elanora Heights
4. 8 May 2020
Massage Swap

Hi I'm looking for someone who would like a shiatsu massage in exchange for either preferably a shiatsu massage or remedial massage. I'm generally over on the Northern Beaches.

Shaitsu or remedial massage
Elanora Heights
5. 26 Mar 2020
Going Off Grid Festival - Imbil - September 11th & 12th, 2021

The Going Off-Grid Festival (GOG Festival) is a festival based on a system and lifestyle designed to help people function without the support of infrastructure, such as an Electricity Grid.

Stalls & Entry Fees are 100% LETS Units for registered CES Users. Be sure to quote your CES User Code number when booking a stall & take a printout or screenshot of your membership ID card to show at the Entry desk.

100% LETS units
Curra, Qld
6. 25 Sep 2019
Zoho Crm Development

I can set up Zoho CRM for businesses

7. 25 Sep 2019
Web Development

I am an experienced web developer and am happy to help values aligned organisations

8. 25 Sep 2019
Editing Services

I am available to proof-read and edit manuscripts, papers and other text for style, content and clarity. I have experience preparing grant applications, scientific publications and website copy.

Macquarie Park
9. 25 Sep 2019

Home visit remedial, deep tissue or relaxation massage - 60 minutes. Decrease pain and discomforts, from headaches to frozen shoulder. Within the CBD, North Shore, Inner West, East

St Leonards
10. 25 Sep 2019
Corporate Massage

One-day onsite corporate massage for 4-15 staff within any organisation. Roving or chair massage at 5 to 15 minutes each. Within CBD, North Shore, Inner West, East.

St Leonards
11. 25 Sep 2019
Starting A Business; Mentoring

Help with anything from: • turning ideas into actionable tasks • directing towards services and registrations needed to happen • developing SWOT analysis • developing strategies (including sales) • instituting timelines • creating and refining sales strategies • running through and creating financial documents etc., and in the end get you to a point where you are ready to sell a service or a product! Will work with start-ups up to SMEs.

Sliding scale for those who can afford it, lower price for ongoing sessions and am interested in those who are setting up ethical businesses (which are not hobbies or campaigns)

St Leonards
12. 25 Sep 2019
Permaculture - Organic Gardening

I can help with plant selection/vege garden/herb garden/vertical garden design

13. 25 Sep 2019
Accommodation For Handy Work

I can offer free accommodation in Sutherland Shire in exchange for handywork on landscaping/building maintenance

14. 25 Sep 2019
Tax Returns

I can help with tax returns. I'm a qualified CA with over 10 years industry experience mostly in the property/investment industry. Trust accounting and income tax/bas returns.

15. 25 Sep 2019
Writing Of All Kinds

All kinds of writing - technical, letters, creative, blogs, FB posts, website content, submissions.

50/50 operas/dollars
16. 25 Sep 2019
Business Advice

Help with business planning, structuring, marketing strategies, alternative forms of fund raising

50/50 operas/dollars
17. 25 Sep 2019
Pamphlet Delivery

Pamphlet delivery

18. 10 Nov 2018
Spare rooms

spare rooms with own bathroom in nice home. East Maitland. Not far from train station, short stays.

East Maitland
19. 1 Oct 2018
Property or Real Estate

Sales agency, buyers agency, consulting, advice, auction representation or negotiate with agents on your behalf. I can assist sellers and buyers!

Licensed agent and accredited auctioneer with decades of experience. Also stock and station agent.

By negotiation
Newport Beach
20. 30 Aug 2018
MILES QLD, Holiday Accommodation, Camping, Onsite Cabins & Cottages

We supply 265 acres of bush camping sites with power and modern amenities. We also have onsite cabins and cottages

We charge F100/ night for cabins and cottages.

We charge F10/ adult per night for caravan/ camping sites (power included)

we have filtered rain water to fill bottles

F10 p/night & F100 p/night
Miles, Qld
21. 24 Aug 2018
Room in GORGEOUS 2bd apartment right next to ocean with views

Short-term accommodation avail to trustworthy person in exchange for any or a combination of the following:

  • great bookkeeping
  • great singing lessons (mid-high level) and/or
  • preparing macrobiotic meals for me (requires good macrobiotic knowledge & previous training).

Room in GORGEOUS 2bd apartment right next to ocean with views - Dover Heights. Only $330/wk rent exchangeable for hours worked or a combination of hours worked/operas/dollars. Does not include bills and 4 weeks deposit required in dollars. See Gumtree ad for accommodation photos and details.

Please call 0424427775 (not email/msg), thanks :)

Dependant on your skill
Dover Heights
22. 10 Aug 2018

Emotionally Focused Counselling for individuals and couples.

23. 2 Aug 2018
Developmental Coaching for Relationship Healing&lmprovement.

Coaching is a process of deep and profound inquiry which invites the Coachee to be an active force in their own forging forward towards an even better life.

This is not advice giving.This is not mentoring.This is a deep process of questioning and inquiry into the layers of personal growing and personal meaning making.

l assist people between the ages of 17- 70 years of age and have a strong background in the Fitness and Health lndustry.

l am a highly trained and qualified and professional Coach.My service can be online ,over the phone or in person.Narrabeen.

24. 2 Aug 2018
Developmental Coaching for Body lmage and Self Esteem

Coaching is a process of inquiry.ln this there is no advice given,only questions asked as you the coachee are invited to find from within you your own pathways and solutions.

My passion and focus in Coaching is to assist Women of all ages to regain their sense of inner strength and love for their life.

l have worked with women of all ages and size.l welcome enquiries.l can do my service online or in person.

25. 11 Jun 2018
Leadership Coaching

One-to-one leadership development coaching for aspiring and frontline leaders. Typically one hour sessions, conducted via phone or Skype/Zoom.

Operas 35 per hour
Wentworth Point
26. 11 Jun 2018
Business Start-up Coaching

One-to-one coaching to clarify your Business Model design, using a visual framework that covers all the important areas of a business venture. Initial design session typically 2 hours. Additional sessions to delve deeper into unfamiliar business components (customer relationships, marketing, finances, etc) are optional.

Operas 35 per hour
Wentworth Point
27. 29 Apr 2018
Family and Parenting Counselling and Coaching

l am offering sessions to specifically assist parents and families with the task of parenting and personal development

lm a qualified Developmental Coach and Personal Mondy Body Trainer,l use modalities of EFT &TFT and deconstructive coaching..l offer training,workshops and spiritual retreats- this is a 35 minite session over the phone or in persNarrabeenrabeen -contact sacha evans 0431 876 085

28. 26 Feb 2018

I can give advice on garden design and soil improvement.

29. 26 Feb 2018

I can offer skills to sew and mend clothing.

30. 26 Jan 2018
Counselling and Emotional Freedom Therapy

l offer Counselling and EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and Therapies.l do Professional Counselling from my home office based in Narrabeen Sydney.

l am deeply interested in assisting people to see themselves really clearly and see what is in their way from being who they want to be and experiencing life the way they want to experience it.

l have been in this industry now for over 8 years with a special interest in assisting women of all ages regain their inner strength, courage and light.

31. 3 Nov 2017
NLP Trainings and Workshops,Developmental Coaching & Shadow work

l offer Workshops beside the beach in Narrabeen Sydney .l attract women and men who are deeply interested in their Personal Development to make improvements in their Everyday Life and Personal Relationships.

The Workshops are designed to be practical ,to facilitate each students capabilities, resourcefulness and aptitudes.

The Workshops are interactive. Run over a 2- 3 hour period, mostly held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 2 pm.

l am a Professional Communicator and Educator, running Certificate Courses in NLP and Meta Communication. l do Developmental Coaching for Emotional and Mental Health, Relationships and Weight Management .l also offer Counselling and Shadow work.

32. 29 Jul 2017
Developmental Coaching

Professional Coaching for Personal and Spiritual Growth over the Phone or Skype or Zoom

This Service is applicable for those who are interested in improving their lifestyle,improving their

well being,improving their health and developing their Emotional lntelligence.l am a highly trained and qualified

Practitioner.And for those who are ready, this is for people who are on an even deeper spiritual path,to

uncover and get to the heart of what lies behind all of their struggles.

33. 29 Jul 2017
Seated Massage

Seated Only. Gentle Swedish Massage for Relaxation.This is NOT deep tissue. This is gentle.l am fully qualified in Swedish Massage.l mainly work on the NECK ,SHOULDERS,FACE,HEAD,HANDS AND FEET.

This is about the healing power of touch and pressure point therapy. This is about resting the mind. Reconnecting with the breath and the body - as it presents. Strictly a non-sexual service.Caring and restful.

45-minute maximum. Mainly offering 35 minutes.

34. 29 Jul 2017
Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is all about

Letting go and moving slowly.This class by design is all about slowing down.A deliberate focus on breath and posture and emptying the is a mindless is a discipline of releasing and unblocking pathways towards freedom in the mind.

One to One or small group class{no more than 4 } students within my own home in Narrabeen Sydney

These classes are 25 minutes in length.l am fully qualified lnstructor and Personal Trainer.

35. 17 Jun 2017
Advice on vegan living

I've been vegan for 10 years and very happy to provide info and hints to people interested in vegan living

North Epping
36. 2 Apr 2017
Bed and Breakfast in Sydney

This room can accommodate 2 people. Contains two king single beds. Room has curtains for privacy and shared bathroom. $25/Op25 for one, $30/Op30 for two.

37. 16 Mar 2017
Beer bottles for home brew

I have a number of crown cork bottles ( 330ml ) suitable for filling with home brew

Unit is 24 Bottles for 5 operas

Lane Cove
38. 6 Mar 2017
Milk kefir grains, Kombucha scoby, sourdough

I always have milk kefir grains, kombucha scobies and sourdough starter available.  I can give you sufficient to start you off for 15 Operas each.  

I will walk you through the process involved and give you a starter kit with the starter, printed instructions and a recipe for 35 Operas (for any one of kefir, kombucha or sourdough. They are all different processes).

Product 15, Kit 35
39. 6 Oct 2016
Pest Control

Pest Control for home or business

All pest control needs addressed

Feel free to ask me any questions, so we can work out the best solution for you.

It is necessary to charge both opera's and dollars as pest control products are expensive.

I spend a lot of time doing a comprehensive job.

Op100 - (usually 4 hours)
40. 28 Sep 2016
Bed & Breakfast in Sydney

This room is suitable for one or two people. The bathroom is shared with others. House is 9km from Sydney centre in a quiet, leafy neighbourhood. It has a bus service (#261). If arriving by plane or train I can pick up from local train station for extra $5. Rate is $30/30 Ops for one or $40/40 Ops for two.

41. 23 Sep 2016
Full Body Massage

I offer Full Body Massages - I have been massaging for 20+ years. I have a Certificate in Full Body Massage. Safe - Non-Sexual and very professional.

42. 23 Sep 2016
Writing Mentoring

I'm a published writer and can help you with your writing projects.

43. 23 Sep 2016
Coaching And Counselling

I am a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist and trainer. Guidance, support and help with all life challenges and issues.

44. 11 Sep 2016
Music with babies and toddlers

I am a Registered Music Therapist and Occupational Therapist with experience with running groups for mothers and babies and toddlers. I would be willing to spend an hour with you and your child/ren singing, playing music and games to enhance your relationship, their development and various social skills. Happy to consider a small group of Mums and bubs if you have a space for this. I have my own instruments and other resources


25 ph
Dulwich Hill
45. 27 Apr 2016
Bed and Breakfast in Sydney

We have a guest room with ensuite available at times for short stays (2 - 7 nights). Room has queen size bed so suitable for one or two people. Rate is $35/35 Ops for one person, $45/45 Ops for two.

35 Ops/$35
46. 5 Apr 2016

will fix hems, zippers and the like on clothes

25 operas per hour
47. 5 Apr 2016
Small hard case suitcase

Small 4-wheeler cabin size suitcase, hard case

As new, the plastic fraying is the original protective cover I never peeled off.

Zipped lid separation

48. 14 Mar 2016
Accommodation Cairns : House in Daintree National Park


Have a look :

I've got my house for holiday let now, minimum stay 2 nights, and pay the dollar amount 5 days ahead

4 bed 2 bath which sleeps up to 8 people

In Beautiful Forest Creek , that's just past the daintree Ferry to the left on the way to Cape Tripulation

It overlooks the rainforest all the way to the ocean, you see Low Isles lighthouse flashing at night

If you need to cancel last minute, you can get a raincheck on it, but can't refund the money, hope that's ok

Its fully self containt, got pots, pans, crockery, fridge, TV ( only for DVD's which i supply), BBQ, linen, towels even shampoo

If you like to see more fotos please contact me


$300 plus B300 for 4 nights

B95 + $95 per night
Kewarra Beach
49. 3 Feb 2016
Patchouli Plants

Patchouli is the well-known & distinctive perfume from the Indian subcontinent. I have several small patchouli plants made from cuttings taken from the parent plants. Patchouli needs a shady spot in the garden and healthy plants will survive the Sydney winter. If in doubt keep plants indoors during the cold months.

Photo is of one of the fully grown parent plants.

50. 18 Aug 2015
Editing, Proof Reading Essays, Submissions, Publications, Articles, Letters And More

I have good 'old school' written English skills. I regularly edit publications, articles and letters for not for profit organisations and am happy to do the same for you - no matter what it may be.

I usually edit and provide comments on-line using Track Changes in Word, but can also mark-up hard copy, etc. Spelling mistakes/typos tend to jump off the page at me! I can also make your work much more readable. Please get in touch if you have something that you want help with - you won't be disappointed.

Op25 / hour