Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 26 Jun 2019
Victorian Crazy Patchwork Workshop

We have allocated 1 ticket to CENT. Please see for full details.

New Town
2. 26 Jun 2019
Artplay For Parents Workshop

We have allocated 1 ticket to CENT. Please see for full details.

New Town
3. 26 Jun 2019
Winter Breakfast Cookery Workshop

We have allocated 1 ticket to CENT. Please see for full details.

New Town
4. 26 Jun 2019
Hand Crocheted Baby Jacket - Girls

I have to offer a beautiful baby girls pink hand crocheted jacket in a size 0-3 Months

5. 23 Jun 2019
Bottling Classes

I teach people how to water bath Preserve food

6. 23 Jun 2019
Pressure Preserving

I teach people how to safely pressure preservie food

7. 21 Jun 2019
Workshop - Washable Nappies & Pads

8. 17 Jun 2019
Would You Like Some Help With Creating Your Own Ebook or Audiobook?

Writing a book can costs thousands of dollars - I can show you how to do it cheaply and effectively.

I spent hundreds of hours researching and buying courses. I wish someone was offering me the sort of advice I am offering here - it would have demystified the processes and simplified it all... and saved me a lot of money.

If you are a professional in any field, writing even a short book, can help you gain more authority and credibility in your chosen profession - in other words, it can give you an edge in your field and lets your clients know you have the knowledge and ability to be able to help them in their own lives.

I can help you with one on one personal coaching and provide resources and ideas that will get you started the right way.

I have written and narrated my own ebooks and audiobooks for the Amazon and Audible platforms.

Where do you get a book cover?

An editor?

How do you format?

Do you have to buy paid courses?


How can you save time and money finding the right resources?

My experience, both as an author, and a coach, will save you a lot of time, money, and unnecessary headaches by guiding you in the right direction, and providing you with the right resources to get started.

I am open to swap, barter, or use a combination of CENTS or dollars.

Some areas of personal and professional interest that I may consider include:

  • meditation
  • massage
  • healing
  • reiki
  • naturopathy
  • health and wellbeing
  • holiday accommodation
  • wordpress website help

If you have a service, or a value add that you think might interest me, please let me know, and I will consider it.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only offering this service on the CENT platform.

9. 16 Jun 2019
Dressing Gown

Snuggly, cosy, warm, hooded, dressing gown.

Velour fabric for instant WARMTH!

Novelty motif on the hood.

Two handy pockets.

The tag says size large - would fit anywhere from a size 8 to size 14 adult.

Very good condition.

10. 16 Jun 2019
Denim & Fur Coat

Lovely denim ladies coat.

Has belt loops.

Fur around collar and cuffs.

In very good condition.

The tag says size XL but its a typical size 12 fit.

Approx knee length, or just above the knee depending on your height :)

11. 14 Jun 2019
Zucchini pickles

Tastes like cucumber, great for salads and sandwiches

2 per bottle
12. 14 Jun 2019
Dog kennel

Has not been used much, quite good condition, comes with free dog bowl

13. 14 Jun 2019
Organic Gardening and similar magazines

assorted copies of PIP permaculture, organic gardening and owner builder Magazines approx 20

14. 13 Jun 2019
Liposomal vitamin c

Ever tried liposomal vitamin C? Google it. It's a great way to boost vitamin C levels.

Freshly made to order.

15. 9 Jun 2019
Handy Man

Offering gardening, repair work, building andfarm work. I'm experienced in all aspects that I've listed. Willing to work for trade of goods and/or butchered meat.

16. 3 Jun 2019
Slices And Cooking

Scones, cake let me know what you want

17. 3 Jun 2019

Either use as garden ornament or get some exercise and cut your grass/crop at the same time! Blade is a bit rusty, but still great collectors item

18. 3 Jun 2019
Yacon - for planting and eating

Small amount of yacon available - very easy to make a syrup similar to golden syrup, very expensive in health food stores

1 C per kg
19. 2 Jun 2019
Basic sewing repairs

Offering sewing repairs, adjustments, hems, seams. Several small repairs for one hour of cents (25).

20. 31 May 2019
Free roosters

We have lots of sussex roosters, from really good stock. The roosters' dad is friendly, doesn't attack people or other roosters, and the hen offspring are fantastic layers... lay all through winter and make great mums. Very pretty chickens.

We are vegetarians so we would prefer that they didn't get eaten, but will ask no questions.

21. 27 May 2019
House sitting

We are looking for the right person to house and pet sit for us in September and October this year.Our house sitting advertisement is on other sites and this link will fill you in on the details.

22. 27 May 2019
Conversation French

I speak French (not native speaker, but conversationally fluent with good accent and grammar)

South Launceston
23. 27 May 2019
Conversation Spanish

I am a proficient Spanish speaker, and could help a beginner, or conservation with an intermediate speaker.

South Launceston
24. 27 May 2019
Baby Sitting

I have 2 little people - an 8 yo and 4 yo... I am pretty patient and approachable to little people, and would happily help with occasional childcare.

20 c
South Launceston
25. 26 May 2019
Handcrafted Crochet Rug

New. Measures 900 x 900
Would make a lovely gift.
Use as a - Couch Throw - Pram Blanket - Leg Warmer - Body Wrap - Car Blanket - whatever you need.
Advertised elsewhere.

26. 25 May 2019
New Member Bonus for Hobart Trading Event

In conjunction with Kickstart Arts in Newtown we are hosting a CENTs Information + Trading event:

Saturday 6th July 2019


Kickstart Arts - Building 1831 South, St John's Avenue, St John's Park, New Town

This information session will include a CENTs Trading Event, so bring along your wares to trade with others.

If you bring a friend who signs up to CENTs on the day both of you will get CENT20. 


Bring your enthusiasm for a new way of making the world go around!

Think about what services you are able to offer

Bring your new or used items to trade 

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL due to venue requirements 

Please book via the ticketing system below so that we know you are coming

27. 22 May 2019

Experienced houseminder, special care given to pets and gardens.

28. 22 May 2019
Garden Assistance

Weeding, pruning, and planting help. Organic gardens only.

29. 22 May 2019
Large Dog Bed for sale

For Sale: Strong, comfy, large dog bed with removable insert with washable cover. Suit large Retriever/Shepherd etc. Good/fair condition. Pick up from Tasman Peninsula, or could deliver to Hobart area only.

30. 21 May 2019
Garden Work, Permaculture implementation

I am offering help in your garden.

i am experienced in permaculture and biodynamics.

i will only use organic methods, no spraying.

i particularly enjoy general garden tidy ups : weeding, pruning, mulching etc.

i can also prep soil for new garden beds, refresh tired veggie beds. Plant, sow, prune, brew compost tea, feed, nurture etc

im not a fan of mowing and whipper snipping to be honest but I can include small amounts of this if needed.

i can build compost bays or raised beds if you provide the materials.

i can't deliver mulch or manure or remove green waste, but if you get it there I will work with it.

i am based in Garden Island Creek and would need to charge travel time to go further than Cygnet, same hourly rate.

i can work on my own but would also love to work with you and teach you. 

We can work on a loose plan or permaculture design for the same hourly rate

Garden Island Creek
31. 13 May 2019

Spray free. 4 cents per kilo. Usually available but please check quantities. Some more beautiful than others :)

32. 13 May 2019

Spray free. 5 cents per large bunch. Avail. most of the year but please check quantities. Red base and green.

33. 13 May 2019
Spray free rhubarb, silverbeet, Really hot little chillies

At the moment (June) we have rhubarb & silverbeet & lots of little very hot black chillies

3 C / kg rhubarb

3 C / good big bunch silverbeet

Little chillies, 1 C a little bag

Located in Wesley Vale, can meet you at Devonport (Fridays best), Ulverstone (Saturdays best) or Burnie (Tues-Wed-Thur best). Will drop to your door if you're in a convenient location for us.

Coming up in the next couple of months we will have kiwifruit, spinach, maybe a couple of other leafy greens.

Wesley Vale
34. 10 May 2019
Party entertainer, science themed

Science and Wonders comes to you with a box of tricks and does 2 x 1/2 hour slots - a mixture of demonstrations and hands on activities for ages anywhere between 5 and 12, and each child can keep something to take home.

For more details contact us.

100+ $20
35. 10 May 2019
Science tutoring Yr 7 - Uni

Experienced biochemist and science buff, worked in industry and currently in education.

Have tutored: Chemistry, Biology and Physics from yr 9 up to 2nd year Uni.

Can also cover high school Geology.

36. 10 May 2019

Veges and plants

South Burnie
37. 10 May 2019

Fruit, vegetables and plants

Cents, or swap for work on my farm
38. 10 May 2019
Winter Produce

Current: zuccinni. Winter produce coming soon. Peas, bread beans, cauliflower, radish, spinach. Kale and lettuce. Huon Valley.

Eggs, manure, soil, compost.
Port Huon
39. 10 May 2019
Garden/ Farm Labour

Garden labour and hobby farm labour (no dairy or meat). In exchange for good garden tools or fencing supplies (poles, stakes, chicken wire). Huon Valley

Tools/ fencing
Port Huon
40. 10 May 2019
Day Time Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking

Pet sitting / dog walking. In exchange for produce and seeds, laying hens, hay bales, gardens tools, fencing supplies. Huon Valley

Garden produce/ supplies.
Port Huon
41. 6 May 2019

I offer my skills and knowledge of organising. 
I work with you to decide:
* Declutter
* Donate 
* Sell
* Regift
* Chore Charts for children in the family.

The method works best when children aren't home , so you can fully concentrate on the project.
There will be lists to navigate progress, and homework for you and your family each day I leave.

Last year a family with small children took me up on the offer.. The Mum knew what to do, but just needed help starting.We began in the Kitchen, and then she felt confident to continue with the bedrooms by herself.

42. 4 May 2019
Rhubarb 'Champagne'

Fermented Rhubarb Champagne made from rhubarb, sugar and lemon juice. Only slightly alcoholic, slightly taste of vinegar. Tastes really good mixed with sparkling mineral water.

Have a taste test on 5th May at Reseed.

3 C per bottle
43. 4 May 2019
Items for hire - food dehydrator and sewing machine

Sunbeam food dehydrator - 5 trays, dry variety of foods or make fruit and/or vegetable leathers.

Sewing machine - both of these are for short term hire only.

4C per day or 10C per week
44. 4 May 2019
Electric bike for hire

Pedal assist electric bike - gives you exercise but you can go a lot further with an electric bike. Great for someone who wants to try an electric bike out to help decide whether to buy one.

10C per day, 25 C per week
45. 4 May 2019
Jerusalem Artichoke

Plant them or eat them - cook them all the ways you cook potatoes - mash, steam, roast, fry for chips etc. 

1.50 C per kg
46. 4 May 2019
Dried mushrooms

Dried lactarius mushrooms, very tasty as a snack, or rehydrate them for soup, gravy, mushroom ('meat') loaf etc etc.

I will also have some fresh lactarius at the Reseed tranding event- 5th May.

4 C per bag
47. 30 Apr 2019
Child car seat

BabyLove brand child car seat suitable for 0-4 years of age.  (Rear facing for infants, forward facing for toddlers)  Seat is in good used condition, with freshly washed cover and infant cushion.  Cover has some sun fading.  Year of manufacture is 2012.

30 cents
Garden Island Creek
48. 19 Apr 2019
4L plastic container - free

This container has had coconut oil in it.

You might like to use it for water or other liquids.

Free. Pick up from Heybridge.

49. 14 Apr 2019

Can sketch an accurate unique portrait of you or of a loved one. Charcoal or pencil on paper, feel free to supply a particular paper. A4/A3 size

50. 14 Apr 2019
Driftwood Decorated Mirror

Small driftwood decorated mirror, ready to hang. Think rustic beach boho style

51. 14 Apr 2019
Kombucha Scoby

Would like to get rid of my kombucha scoby if anyone would like some? You only need a small amount plus a cup of the liquid to start your batch. Further instructions not provided, but can point you in the right direction.

52. 11 Apr 2019
Buying a house

Provision of skills arround purchasing property, I have bought a bunch of places and worked on them then sold or tennanted them over the past 16 years arround hobart.  I percieve that the real estate agent management and house selection is dificult.  doing this well can be so importnt yet many people do more research on a fridge purchase than techniques for manageing a house review /negotiation/offer. I am good at house inspections for structure and handy at suggesting renovations.

53. 8 Apr 2019
Seeds and cuttings

I have a variety of seeds/cuttings available taken from organically grown plants and produce. Looking to barter for heirloom variety produce and Tasmanian native seeds/cuttings. Will come back and post what's on offer when I get more time.

Seeds, cuttings, plants
54. 7 Apr 2019


contact me
55. 7 Apr 2019
Horse gear, leather

I have lots of pieces of leather (some old, some quite new) that could be recycled, used to make dog leads etc etc, plus some horse gear to give away. Pick up Wynyard or could take to Ulverstone/Devonport. 

56. 6 Apr 2019
Music Lessons

Help with learning theory of Music, beginner piano and/or harp (Also keen to play duets with someone in Wynyard area)

57. 6 Apr 2019
Maths Tuition

Maths tutoring to year 12 and all ages (in Wynyard)

58. 3 Apr 2019
Fresh, organically grown produce

Currently available from our garden at The New Life Church in Frederick St, Wynyard.

Garlic Bulbs C30/kg

Silverbeet C4/bunch

Beetroot C1 each

Pumpkin - various sizes

Potatoes C3/kg - Nicola variety

Coriander C3/bunch

Dill C3/bunch

Organic SEEDS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: coriander, cucmber, apple cucumber, dill, zucchini, pumpkin, silverbeet, beetroot, swede, green beans.

**Please BYO bags for produce**

Various/as listed
59. 31 Mar 2019
DVD collection - in slips not plastic cases

Large collection of secondhand dvds no longer required as we have discovered Netflix. Mostly kids titles, sci-fi, action and comedy over 200 so no list. Some tv series also not in cases. Some are believed to be of questionable authintcity. Some have case inserts available but not all. Variable condition as they could me from a house with seven(now five) children. Happy to make a deal for the lot or to sell in batches or individually. Pickup from west Gawler (4.5k inland from Ulverstone) or can possibly arrange drop off at Leighlands school in Ulverstone or Burnie HIGH. 

1€ Each disk, 2€ for 3 or 10€ per 20 disks
East Devonport
60. 30 Mar 2019
Drop Off / Pick Up Points

When logging into your CENTs account please observe the Drop Off / Pick Up Points map. 

If you are interested in this service please contact the trader directly to arrange by searching for them in the User List.

All traders
61. 29 Mar 2019
Photo brooches

Original photography under Perspex with a brooch pin back. Unique design by Suze van der Beek. Great for winter coats and jackets and make excellent gifts.

62. 25 Mar 2019
Washable menstrual pads

Handmade washable menstrual pads. Also useful for light bladder leakage.

They are comfortable and beautiful. You save lots of money.

Stop sending waste to landfill and exposing yourself to chemical bleaches.

Light / young woman 8 CENTs

Regular 10 CENTs

Overnight / long 12 CENTs

Options: all cotton or include some waterproof breathable fabric (PUL) or recycled nylon.

Picture shows regular, all cotton.

Purse to carry them in extra 5C.

Washable pad RENEWAL - if you have old tired, frayed-at-the-edges washable pads, I might be able to renew them.

Approx 5C depending on time spent. My 19 year old ones have recently been renewed are feel like new again!

8 / 10 / 12
63. 24 Mar 2019
Art Classes

We would like to re-commence our Arts classes when we have enough people who are interested, to be held at our Community Centre in Wynyard, please ocntact is if you are interested, suitable for beginners, also looking for people with expertise to help guide the class.

By Donation
64. 24 Mar 2019
Soil testing

I am a soil scientist, I can take samples from your place for testing (you cover the cost of the test) and give advice.

65. 20 Mar 2019

Weddings, portraits, pets, advertising, you name it :-)

66. 13 Mar 2019
Spelt sourdough bread

You asked for it!

I can make an organic spelt sourdough loaf for you, if:

- you can pick up from Heybridge (I will bake in the morning)

- you are happy to have it when I offer it (working around my family's needs - I bake once or twice a week).

I can ask you by text or email if you'd like a loaf the next day or the day after that.

I'll make extra if you want one.

8Ç per loaf.

Ingredients: Kindred organic wholemeal spelt, water, culture. Tin greased with ghee.

67. 13 Mar 2019
Partylite Waxmelts Candles And Giftware

Assorted waxmelts, scented tealights, votives, pillar candles and candle holders available in stock. Treat yourself or that special someone. Can offer discounts the more you purchase.

Starting from 10 cents
68. 13 Mar 2019

Bodyshop products in stock. Assorted shower gels, face care, face masks, compressed powders, makeup, pre-made up gift packs, perfumes etc etc

Starting from 3 cents
69. 13 Mar 2019

Assorted brand new stock on hand to sell. Items include set of chopping boards, 1 litre and 300ml drink bottles bpa free, pressure cooker, jelly mold, ultra pro casserole dish.

Starting from 6 cents
70. 13 Mar 2019

Fresh kambucha. Depending on what I've got I normally make ginger and lemon kambucha, can take requests as well.

If you plan on making some yourself I can supply.dresh scoby. 


Refreshing and healthy! 

71. 10 Mar 2019
Sewing machine for hire

I have a spare sewing machine that is sitting idle. Would you like to rent it while you decide whether to buy one, or save up the money? It's fairly basic and rather old. I will include tuition in its use and some basic sewing tips if you need them.

Ç5 for the first day, Ç1 per day after that
West Ulverstone
72. 7 Mar 2019
Succulent Grower

I have a huge range of succulent I love to collect. Also a large range for sale as the I get babies every year and sometimes I have too many plants. Anyone interested in come and buying some are welcome. I have a table out the front or you can make an appointment to see a larger collection out the back. Lots of Aloes and Elephant ears succulents, plus more.

73. 28 Feb 2019

10 CENTS for a standard oval laundry basket (unheaped) Clean smoke free home. Will pick up and deliver in Wynyard.

10C per basket
74. 28 Feb 2019
Gardening Service

Is your veggie patch looking a bit sad? Or dont even have one but want one? I can help! As well as general garden maintenance.

75. 28 Feb 2019
Art Classes

Am an experienced artist and facilitator can paint almost anything! And can do workshops for adults and kids ,many things from basket weaving to recycled art :)

44/hour /neg
76. 28 Feb 2019

I do haircuts at home but would travel a short distance an do haircuts for a group families elderly sick who are confined to There homes or are just busy to get to a hairdresser

contact me
77. 27 Feb 2019

I can write poetry verses for cards etc.

78. 27 Feb 2019
Holistic Massage

I am available for holistic massage.

79. 19 Feb 2019

Already split, mostly 40cm long, some smaller. Cut up last spring, and split over summer. Free delivery in approx 30 kilometre radius of Wynyard. Otherwise you need to arrange your own delivery.

80 C per cubic metre
80. 18 Feb 2019

Eagles Nest Chair only used once. On display at Reseed Centre in Penguin.

81. 18 Feb 2019
Oil Infuser

Brand new oil infuser

82. 18 Feb 2019
Doona Set

King Size grey and navy cotton set

83. 18 Feb 2019
Baby Cup

BOA free, Brand new.

84. 17 Feb 2019
Permaculture and Gardening

I have a basic knowledge of Permaculture and design, and an intermediate practice of gardening.

If you need theoretical assistance in any of these areas I can help you get started.

Edible cuttings or plants
85. 10 Feb 2019
Local Weeding & Gardening Projects Help

I am an extra pair of hands for garden weeding or projects

86. 10 Feb 2019

I edit a wide range of work: marketing materials, academic work, textbooks, etc.

87. 31 Jan 2019
Child minding

I am a retired school teacher,child care worker.

I am available to do school pick up and drop off as well as child minding. available most days and occasional weekends.  Can do one off or regular times to suit your needs.

15.per hour
Lanena (Exeter)
88. 24 Jan 2019
Public Speaking

Presenting on a wide array of subjects. I can talk at length on virtually any subject, and get people highly motivated. Able to present the point of view of the organiser/s with no problem. I am passionate about pretty much everything, particularly Education reform, Indigenous and foreign affairs, climate change and poverty reduction mitigation. Can take questions on the fly. Note: published rate dependent upon various factors, including group size, whether it is a ticketed event and sales of seminar materials. Please visit: for more details.

₵ 200 / hour
New Town
89. 24 Jan 2019

All subjects from K - 12 plus adults. Groups capped at 6. My specialism is in Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry and STEM. Upper primary to senior secondary. 20+ years experience. Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), University of Sydney. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), University of Bath (UK) Partly qualified in Assessment and Workplace Training. I am a registered teacher and hold Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) certification. Please visit: for more information. Note: published rate dependent upon group size.

₵40 / hour
New Town
90. 24 Jan 2019

All subjects from K - 12 plus adults. My specialism is in Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry and STEM. Upper primary to senior secondary. Can also do VET and other training including adult. 20+ years experience. Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), University of Sydney. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), University of Bath (UK) Partly qualified in Assessment and Workplace Training. I am a registered teacher and hold Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) certification. Please visit: for more details. Note: published rate dependent upon group size. Please visit: for more information.

₵ 90 / hour
New Town
91. 24 Jan 2019
Clothing Repairs And Alterations

I am an experienced dressmaker of many years. I am a quilter and can finish quilts (assembly, binding etc)

Kings Meadows
92. 24 Jan 2019
Fruit And Vegetables

I have a productive fruit and vegetable garden and can supply raspberries and other fruit in season as well as excess vegetables.

contact me
Kings Meadows
93. 24 Jan 2019
Jam And Chutney

I make lots of jam , relish, chutney from the above.

Kings Meadows
94. 21 Jan 2019
Level 1 piano + beginner violin lessons in Zeehan

I am offering private music lessons, in piano, musicianship, and basic violin. I am comfortable teaching piano and musicianship to AMEB Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4). I can teach violin to a basic level, for children without access to other more qualified teachers.

My qualifications: B.A. (music) from Sydney Uni. AMEB Grade 6 piano and musicianship. M.Teaching (Primary) at UTAS part-time starting this year. I've been teaching primary school music at Zeehan Primary School, to 6-12 year old children, since May 2018. Started learning violin in May 2018 and currently working on AMEB Grade 3 violin, with the help of a fully qualified violin teacher.

Location: in Zeehan at a small art/music studio opposite the Pharmacy. $15 + CENT15/half hour.

CENT15 + $15
95. 14 Jan 2019

For healing, manifestations, remote, mobile and on site. Included is free remote Reiki. I could include essential oils for pain relief, general health, and combinations of Crystal Therapy (minor chakra clearing and balancing), Massage Therapy and Intuitive Counselling.

96. 14 Jan 2019
Massage Therapy

For relaxation, well-being, pain relief, both on site and mobile. I could include essential oils for pain relief, general health and well-being and combinations of Reiki, Crystal Therapy (minor chakra clearing and balancing) and Intuitive Counselling.

97. 14 Jan 2019
Intuitive Counselling - Angel Readings

For self-development, connection to loved ones, to find one's Higher calling, for healing, for Angelic connection. Readings types - Ascended Master, Animal Tarot, Life Purpose, Flower Therapy. I could include essential oils for pain relief, general health and well-being, Crystal Therapy (minor chakra clearing and balancing) and combinations of Reiki and Intuitive Counselling.

98. 13 Jan 2019
Yukka plants

Yukka plants available x 2

99. 11 Jan 2019
Channelled Distant Phone Reading/Healing

I work professionally as a divine channel and energetic healer. Find me on Facebook or Instagram Heal with Bridget White.

Distant sessions with me include tuning into your higher self, divine support team and energetic field to bring through a psychic chanelled reading, divine guidance and action any energetic healing for you as guided.

Sessions are via phone. I call you at your appoitnment time. Sessions are 50mins in length.

100. 10 Jan 2019
Hellebore Seeds

Double dark purple Hellebore seeds. 10+ seeds per packed

Geilston Bay
101. 10 Jan 2019
As new double stretcher camp bed (buy/hire?)

Used last summer for 4-6 weeks, but we are people that keep our tent very clean (and we also had a blanket lying on top of the bed, then a sheet, then our sleeping bags), so it is in as new condition.  Selling for 95 Cents or thinking about hiring it out for 20 Cents a week, with the expectation that it will come back in the same condition (perhaps a $40 deposit?)
Anyone interested drop us a line, I've got photos somewhere, just thought I'd better pop it up while I think about it or summer'll be over already. 

95 or 20
Wesley Vale
102. 2 Jan 2019
Sinful desserts

Recipe books - you never have enough until you do and then you have to cull. Delicious Wicked Desserts

103. 1 Jan 2019
Finn Ram

Finn Ram: Cecil the ram, three-year-old, registered pedigreed ram with papers, efficient and fecund, served all the ewes and produced twins and triplets, all healthy. Cecil is quiet and friendly, will approach calmly and tolerate a scratch. Wool is suitable for spinning, a hardy breed, bred in Scandinavia. Quite a rare breed in Australia. We are getting out of sheep altogether so, sadly letting Cecil go to a good home. He deserves one. Dehorned. Wormed and vaccinated. Cecil is in fine shape to go to a new home. We are getting out of sheep breeding.

350c mixed
104. 29 Dec 2018

Small organically grown cabbages available 

1.5 ea
105. 27 Dec 2018
My Homesteading Secrets Workshops

I would like to offer 2 places in each workshop for 100% Cent

Water Kefir Saturday 18th MAY 2pm-4pm Cent50

BACK to BASICS in the LAUNDRY Workshop Sunday JUNE 2nd 10am or 2pm Cent50

PLASTIC FREE July Learn how to reduce your single use plastic consumption around the house also get hands on and make your own Bees wax wraps Sunday July 7th 10am Cent 30

Please like My Homesteading Secrets Facebook page and book online on Facebook event.

North Motton
106. 22 Dec 2018
West Coast Orchestra

All West Coast players of violin, viola, 'cello and double bass are invited to play together in a weekly musical ensemble, based at Zeehan. No charge. Venue and day/time to be decided. Contact me if interested to give your availability.

Also, Zeehan Primary School String Club, for 10-12 year old children, starts 21st February. Also free, run weekly at the music room.

Please BYO instrument and outfit. Let me know what music you'd like to play. Free lessons included as we play!

More information: contact

Everyone 10 years and older who loves classical music
107. 21 Dec 2018
Cloth Sanitary Napkins

I have sanitary napkins.

12 cents for super

10 cents for regular

8 cents if made from recycled fabrics

Can be posted for additional cost

As per offering
108. 21 Dec 2018
Garden Produce

Keen gardener and farmer. love working in a garden and constantly have over supply of produce from seed, bulbs, striking cuttings to fruit and veggies and home made fertiliser.

109. 19 Dec 2018
Baby Sitting

WWVP registered. Currently employed as an English teacher/ pastoral care coordinator at a private school. Excellent references.

110. 19 Dec 2018
Tutoring - English Primary To Upper Secondary.

WWVP registered. Currently employed as an English teacher/ pastoral care coordinator at a private school. Excellent references. I have been teaching for 11 years and am passionate about student welfare and educational psychology.

111. 19 Dec 2018
Proof Reading/letter Writing/ Resume Writing

Currently employed as an English teacher/ pastoral care coordinator at a private school. Excellent references.

112. 18 Dec 2018
Channelled Healing Full Body Massage

I work professionally as a divine channel and eneregtic healer. Find me on Facebook or Instagram as Heal with Bridget White.

Here I am offering my channelled healing massage treatments for 100% cents.

Treatments includes me tuning onto your energy field, spirit guides, higher self and any other divine beings that wish to come through. I channel messages and action energetic healing as guided. Treatment includes a full body massage with doTERRA essential oils, coconut oil, healing crystals and sound healing as guided.

Treatments are 1.5hours and usally cost 100 dollars so 100 CENTs here.

113. 10 Dec 2018
Realignment Reiki-Tummo Bodywork

Gentle, clothed bodywork, specialising in neck and spinal alignment. Many decades experience. Reiki Tummo practitioner.

40cents per 45 minutes
Shorewell Park
114. 6 Dec 2018
Broad beans, small amount of garlic

I can bring some broad beans to the trading day at Penguin/Reseed on the 9th, or try and get them to you some other way.

2C per kg
115. 1 Dec 2018
Flowers for the festive season

Gardeners Bay
116. 28 Nov 2018
Face Beauty

Brow wax / brow tint and lash tint package

117. 28 Nov 2018
Hand-made Jewelry

Made by myself re-using recycled beads

contact me
118. 27 Nov 2018
Photo Restoration

Email your digital photos or scanned old photos to me and I can restore them.  It will depend on the level of deterioration or damage as to how successful the process is and how long it will take.  I will email the image back to you when it's finished.  Sepia toned photos can be made black and white for greater clarity.  There is no charge if you're not happy with the end result.

20 units per hour
119. 20 Nov 2018
Gardening Work

Have some exp and knowledge in sowing and growing and happy to assist in designs. Have PDC through Northey St 2016 but can't rely on my memory of all that info ;)

$22 / hr
120. 20 Nov 2018
House Pet Sitting

Heaps experience. Especially love dogs and gardens. Qualified to care for horses and did this as professional for 8 years.

0 - $35 / hr
121. 20 Nov 2018
Health coaching for you

Would you like to be healthier but not sure where to start?

Need some help creating the healthiest you?

  • eating well
  • being active
  • reducing stress
  • creating a healthy environment
  • sleeping well

I have a background in medicine, health promotion and health coaching.

I am particularly passionate about using food as medicine and creating calm, happy families.

I can spend 1-2 hours with you, helping you navigate the journey to the healthiest you!

60 CENTs per session in Penguin.

Would could arrange Skype sessions if you are further away.

Contact me to discuss.

122. 19 Nov 2018
Christmas Wreath

I have made a few wreaths for Christmas if anyone is interested get in touch I can send you photos.

Gardeners Bay
123. 19 Nov 2018
Hydrangea plants

Hyderangea plants.

10 CENTS/ plant
124. 18 Nov 2018
Charlie Fluff (loose fill insulation)

Hi! We plan to remove the charlie fluff (loose fill insulation) from the roof space of one large room.

Would you like to use this insulation for yourself?

Contact us and we'll make a plan for when to remove it.

125. 14 Nov 2018

I can offer a one hour Reiki Session

55 /hour
Elizabeth Town
126. 14 Nov 2018

I can offer a one hour Reflexology Session

55 / hour
Elizabeth Town
127. 14 Nov 2018
Fresh Organic Eggs

5 cents per dozen to be collected from Elizabeth Town

Elizabeth Town
128. 11 Nov 2018
Book Keepting

I am an experienced book keeper, MYOB or excel based or whatever program you use.

129. 11 Nov 2018
Horse Handling

If you have trouble with the behaviour of your horse, loading, picking up feet, worming. I can train both you and your horse. My hourly rate does not include travel, I need cash for that.

130. 3 Nov 2018

I've been baking cakes weekly for some months serving them with coffee of a Saturday morning. In that time I've baked some lovely cakes. If you would like a simple but delicious cake for a special occasion that doesn't require fancy decorating I can help. In some instances I will need some costs covered in federal dollars.

Gluten Free Options:


Victoria Sponge

Black Forest Cake

Carrot Cake

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

10+Cents + Costs
131. 3 Nov 2018
Publishing and self-publishing consultations.


1. Publishing and self-publishing consultations given by successfully published writer/author (writing career of 20 years.)

2. Mentoring for aspiring writers.

Consultations are usually a one-off that can last from 1 hour to 3 hours. This can be done in one session or two. $50 + 100 CENTS.

Mentoring can be ongoing - it is best to contact for a price scale.

**Note: Please only apply if your spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax are of a high standard. (Also please be sure to have a good knowledge of the use of spell check.) Your writing should be available for editing but not reliant on an editor for the basics of the English language. If these skills are not aligned to a good/high standard, I will not be available to work with you. (If you are very serious about writing for publication and the above skills need work, then I would suggest a University/TAFE course or private tutoring in the English language that will afford you the best possible chance of becoming published in the future.)

Writing and the skill of writing is a wonderful pursuit but mastery is honed with practise, commitment and humility. It’s a long road, so make the most of the entire journey. Listen, read, learn and take advice from those who know the road map and never stop honing your craft. (There are also very good writing courses available for the beginner.)

Mixed CENTS & $
132. 2 Nov 2018
Recycled Native Plant Pots

Bundles of 100 2" pots for native plant propagation

West Launceston
133. 1 Nov 2018
Ride behind bike trailer

Our son never took to this but....your's might! used with some surface rust but works well.

134. 1 Nov 2018
Chils bike trailer

Well used but does everythink. hell rims have some surface rust. 

135. 30 Oct 2018
Children-caregivers- Physical; Spiritual; Social; Emotional Psycological Support And Advice

For Parents; Grandparents and/or the children themselves. Going through a tough time- call Jules. Need advice - call Jules. Need an understanding and empathic ear - Call Jules. Councilling - call Jules. Need physical support - call Jules. For neuro-typical and special needs children. I am able to support you; your children or loved ones at your place or mine. 25cents or may vary if I need to travel to you.

136. 30 Oct 2018
How To Do: Grass Roots Dyi House Renovations On The Cheap

Give me a call and come and have a look at affordable achievable renovation ideas.

137. 30 Oct 2018
Difficult Times Phone Support

For all situations and circumstances.

138. 29 Oct 2018
Distance reiki

Feeling unwell but no time for a healing therapy. I am happy to send distance reiki in 20 minute blocks

10 cents
139. 29 Oct 2018
Organic Salad Mix and Herbs

Delicous organic salad mix includes mignonette, trout back leaf (like cos), curly leaf, red curly leaf, chives, rocket, baby beetroot and baby spinach leaves. 5C

Herbs available at the moment: 2C bunch



lemon balm 


Also bunches of rhubarb 4 C bunch

140. 26 Oct 2018
Car Washing

Happy to wash your car

141. 26 Oct 2018
Rubbish Removal

Have trailer - will take stuff to Tip - only need to pay tip fees

142. 16 Oct 2018
Ideas and info for plastic-free themed '4F' Parties

4F - 'Friends, Food, Fun, Focus' Parties are beginning to take off in Tasmania!

These are small private parties in people's homes, generally lasting one and half to two hours.

Several friends/colleagues/neighbours are invited to share and brainstorm ideas and information on steps to take to go plastic free. The party can also include games for both adults and children, a quiz (this can be on the awful stats on Australian and worldwide plastic pollution), prizes, nibblies and activities (eg making plastic free gift wrapping paper).

If you would like to host a 4F party, I can help with ideas and info on what worked when I held mine, and feedback from others that have been held.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


143. 11 Oct 2018


Small 5 cents

Madium 10 cents

Larege 15 cents

I prefer a 50/50 payment.

5-15 cents. Depends on size of wrap.
144. 8 Oct 2018

Weeding, mowing, new beds, simple landscaping/rustic style.

Dodges Ferry
145. 8 Oct 2018
Writing Letters/literacy Support

Qualified literacy tutor, can help with letters, form filling.

Dodges Ferry
146. 8 Oct 2018
Van Transport

May require petrol reimbursement in dollars, but time in CENTs.

Dodges Ferry
147. 3 Oct 2018
Start-up & Business Review

Several decades of start-up and business turnaround experience on offer

150/hr neg
148. 2 Oct 2018
Assorted Books

Mixed boxes of books


Homeschooling maths book grade 7-9 "Making Math Meaningful" by Jamie York (20 C)

Women's Health



3C each

149. 26 Sep 2018
Wine making equipment

We have been serious fruit wine makers: greengage, berry, quince, pear.  We have a lot of stuff. If you are starting out with wine making, we have what you need. Make an offer. It's worth a lot in Australian Dollars but we have a big and growing CENTs debt so we are keen to do business. 

150. 16 Sep 2018
Single "Frozen" bedroom package

Single bed doona cover, matching pillow case, 1 sheer curtain and a poster. The linen is in great condition but the poster has a few creases from storage.

151. 7 Sep 2018
2 childrens booster seats 4-8 years

I have 2 childrens booster seats in great condition. 40 cents each. No harness, use with car seat belt

152. 1 Sep 2018
Self Defence and Personal fitness

My name is Damien aka "D" I have recently been given permission by my Guro's/Instructors in my various sytems to open my own school.  I specialize in various styles from around the world including filipino Martial Arts and HEMA/WMA (Historical European Martial Arts/ Western Martial Arts) to name a couple.  Combining my years of Martial Arts and Self Defence experience with my Masters in Personal Training I am hoping to give my students the tools needed to keep themselves safe and in good health for the rest of their lives.

  • Would you like to get/be fitter?
  • Have a sense of safety and feel secure in your everyday?
  • Be more confident?
  • Learn to respect yourself and others?
  • Build Community?
  • Know how to better handle tough situations?

If you answered yes to any of these then I am happy to offer my services to the CENTs comunity.  Our training sessions go for 1hr and are generally run outdoors on a weekend and a great for young and old alike, we even encourage Families to train together as it helps create a better faily unit.  If you keep an eye on our facebook page or website for training days and details or you can contact me at for more information.

Spots are limited for CENTs for each Devonport and Launceston for now, but I am hoping to make it a permanent option in the future.


15 per session
153. 1 Sep 2018
Graphic Design, 3D design and 3D Printing

I am offering my services as a Graphic Designer, 3D modeller and 3D printer for prototypes, replacement parts and general design and promotional, publications.

35 p/h
154. 31 Aug 2018
Emerald Revitalization Therapy

Emeralds have been used for thousands of years for their natural healing abilities. Emeralds are anti aging, revitalizing, renewing and cleanse the spiritual heart. See

10 special emeralds are placed on the face and body for a deep and relaxing 45 minutes. Treat yourself today!

Sessions in Penguin at the Reseed Centre. Ph Gill 0427907779 $80. half cents half dollars

80 c
155. 25 Aug 2018
Workshops in Glass

We offer all of our products for 100% CENTs

Come and join us for a workshop in glass.

or join the mailing list for upated workshops and special events

156. 23 Aug 2018
Assorted Audo and Video Cables

Hi All,

I have a number of 2nd hand audio and video cables in a variety of lengths that I no longer need.

RCA - (Yellow / Red / Black)

Aduio Only - (Red / Black)

Useful for hooking up DVD players, Video players, media players to your TV and AMPs.

Message me with what you are after and I'll have a look.

I'll update the post as I work my way through the boxes :-)

157. 19 Aug 2018
Wooden Table

Nice wooden table ~ use for crafts ~ cards games ~ small dining table ~ little kitchen table ~ whatever you like.

158. 19 Aug 2018
Wooden Chairs

3 Wooden Chairs ~ 20 CENTS Each.

159. 16 Aug 2018
Learner driving lessons

If you have your own vehicle and petrol, I am happy to mentor.

25c per hour
160. 9 Aug 2018
Plastic pipettes - pack of nearly 100

Plastic pipettes - nearly 100 - new and not used.  Sell whole pack for 5 cents

161. 9 Aug 2018
Specialty chocolate mold - christmas theme

Chocolate/confectionary mold - high quality silicon - excellent condition (hardly used).  Christmas theme.  Make little tasty treats for Christmas!

162. 6 Aug 2018
Short stay in beautiful Lower Barrington

We have a beautiful 2 bedroom self-contained unit in Lower Barrington. It overlooks the valley into Nook. The unit sleeps 6 (1 queen, 1 double and 2 bunks). We are a permaculture property on small acreage, working towards self-sufficiency.

The family home is on the property, and the unit is nearby but stand alone in its function. The cost is 60 CENTS per night for 2 people plus $50. Extra people are 10 CENTS per night per person. If you want to use it strictly as a holiday space we are well situated- with Devonport only 20 minutes away, Sheffield (the town of murals) is 15 minutes away. Leven Canyon is 30 minutes away and Cradle Mountain NP is 1 hour away. Plus there are beautiful swimming and fishing spots nearby.

There is no TV, but there is a stereo/radio. If you want to access the world (internet) through your phone, then Telstra is your best bet.

Please note that this is a non-smoking property.

60 CENTS plus $50 per night for 2 people.
Lower Barrington
163. 31 Jul 2018
Water Kefir workshops NEXT DATE TBA Possibly October @ Reseed in Penguin

Reduce your waste, Recycle your bottles, Improve your health, Save yourself money.
Back by popular demand.
Are you interested in making your own Water Kefir? This workshop will give you all the tips on caring for your grains, some delicious flavours for your second ferment. Learn why Kefir will bring your gut health back into balance and you can empower yourself and the whole family to look after their health and wellbeing with daily intake of delicious Kefir. We will also touch on Kombucca fermentation and will have samples available.

Workshop & starter pack $50
(grains + 2nd ferment Kefir + bottle ready to drink kefir- $35 value)
Please inbox me or email
to secure your place and indicate "workshop only" or "workshop plus starter pack". Limited places available.
Venue Reseed Centre, King Edward st, Penguin

North Motton
164. 29 Jul 2018
Herb Boxes

Herb boxes made from recycled pallets.

Expect them to be rustic and one offs due to the nature of the recycled materials being used.

Each herb box will be be filled with a mixed variety of 3 or 4 common herbs (will vary depending on size of seedlings available)

****Currently 2 available from Devonport Drop Off Point****

165. 27 Jul 2018
Potatoes & Swedes

I'm currently taking pre-orders for:

Nicola potatoes @ C3/kg

Swedes @ C2/kg

both certified organic from my farm in the northwest.

Collect at CENTs trading event at RESEED in Penguin on Saturday 25th August

Collect midweek in Wynyard (weekly) or Devonport drop off point (monthly option)

Image result for nicola potatoes

As stated
166. 26 Jul 2018
Cleaning and General help Available

Cleaning Services Available, General Help etc.

Will Happily Trade for Cents, Or Some Kind Of Exchange- Like Learning a New Skill, Anything Else- Open to Ideas :)

167. 26 Jul 2018
Cleaner Available

Cleaner Available- Launceston Area

30Cents an Hour

168. 18 Jul 2018
Gardening advice

I have extensive gardening knowledge and can give advice on construction, pruning, soils, etc.

169. 18 Jul 2018
Learn to spin

I have two spinning wheels and I can bring one to your house, to show you how to spin. If you would then like to hire the spinning wheel to continue practising, we can negotiate a rate.

If distance travel is required I will also ask for a petrol donation.

Ç25.00/hr for tuition
170. 18 Jul 2018
Cleaning windows

171. 15 Jul 2018

I am happy to do gardening and yard maintenance.

172. 15 Jul 2018
Dog Walking/ Pet Sitting

If you are going away or a bit too busy to give your pets the attention they need sometimes I would be happy to walk, play, feed or brush them etc

173. 15 Jul 2018
Administration Assistance

E.g. business admin, or if you're just not very good with computers/ and need help with something. I have about 10 years experience in business administration.

174. 12 Jul 2018

I do regular trips between Hobart and Geeveston - especially on Saturdays, I also got a UTE that can carry loads - I reserve the right to assess the load and refuse to do a ride - this service can be provided with the condition that the diesel be replaced

175. 12 Jul 2018
Medical/nursing/counselling Companionship

I can offer support to go to medical appointments take people there help them understand what they sort of test they need to have, treatment etc, explain to them in plain English medical terminology, give them information about their medication, side effects, etc - disclaimer- I do not provide medical advice- I am not qualify to do that - the person taking the service takes full responsibility for their decision regarding their own health and I can not be hold liable in any shape or form -I do reserve the right to refuse the service or terminate it at any point - if I consider that the relationship is not beneficial for either party

176. 12 Jul 2018
Cooking -cooked Food - Fresh Or Frozen -cooking Classes

I teach about raw food, green smoothies, vegan cooking, cooked food, disclaimer each person is responsible to alert me of their allergies, and I reserve the right to not provide the food if I consider unsafe for either party I also can cook in your own place - disclaimer this service would only be provided around GEEVESTON area

177. 7 Jul 2018
Trading Assistance

The Administrator provides assistance with Offerings & Wants and helping you to identify what you can offer to trade.   Just a phone call away......

All traders
178. 3 Jul 2018
English language tutor

I am a highly trained and experienced English language teacher. I can help people who use English as their alternative language to improve any or all their skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  I can also help with IELTS exam preparation.

179. 2 Jul 2018
Plant pots -lots of different sizes

We have lots of extra plant pots of different sizes especially 4 inch tubes that have been used to grow natives . Also some big ones too -all black plastic 

I'll clean them when ordered and they can be collected here at Myalla or I can bring them into Wynyard 

0.1 or 0.2 each
180. 26 Jun 2018

Gardening services include planting, pruning, mulching, design, composting advice, worm farming advice. Emphasis on edible gardens and habitat gardens

181. 26 Jun 2018
Bush Regeneration

Native plantings, weed control, riparian rehabilitation

182. 26 Jun 2018
Editing And Proof Reading

Happy to look at any documents

183. 26 Jun 2018
Garden Design

Whether you want a full garden design or a simple planting list for an existing garden, we can bring your garden to life. We do everything from one-off on-site consultations to concept plans and detail drawings. We have advanced Autocad and Sketchup skills.

184. 26 Jun 2018
Graphic Design

Want to make your project pop? We can write the text and provide the visuals. Our skills include 3D rendering, creative and factual writing, and flyer and poster design. We use the Adobe suite to pull it all together.

185. 26 Jun 2018
Website Design

We design simple, elegant websites using the Wix platform.

186. 29 May 2018
Earth Garden And Grass Roots Magazines

Lots of magazines.

187. 29 May 2018
Borrow My Car. Full License Required. Show License.

Full license drivers only. No P plates. Hyundai Getz automatic. Two door. Premium petrol 95 (blue pump) only.

188. 25 May 2018
Spider Plants

I have small spider plants available

Update: roots are now well established and the plants are ready for new homes!

Can be potted if required, or bare rooted

3 cents each
189. 2 May 2018
Flower arrangements

I can make up flower arrangements from my garden when I have available flowers or I can make up arrangements with special flowers you supply for special occasions. Hard to give exact price as it varies depending on what is required, for a regular bunch of flowers it is 5c.

Will vary depending on arrangements
190. 1 May 2018

Experience with Xero and MYOB. I have a Bachelor of Accounting. I can help you sort your bookkeeping out :)

191. 1 May 2018

Maths, English, IT, science.

192. 1 May 2018
Proof Reading

Proof reading of documents etc to check for grammatical/spelling mistakes.

193. 16 Apr 2018
Organically grown plants

I have plants, black currants, red currants, , rosemary , raspberries, mustard leaf,American cranberry edible fruiting pig face comfrey and horseradish , I also have different sizes man ferns and other native ferns, and a few indoor plants . Prices start at 1c to 50c and organic seeds of echinacea , celery, carrots, oakleaf lettuce, bay tree, garlic chives , borage, parsley.

₵1 to ₵0.50
194. 2 Apr 2018
Tutoring school students and ESL (English second language)

Tutoring primary and middle school students ALL subjects and ESL. Have Bach Teaching and Bach Education and ESL certificates, and have taught overseas ESL. Will travel to your home with a min 1.5 hours tutoring. Multiple students OK (lower rate per student). Devonport / Ulverstone / Sheffield / Latrobe areas.

35 dollars /hr neg
195. 24 Mar 2018
Bath Teabags

Detox your body!

Tea Bath Bags can be put directlty into bath water, foot or hand soak or hung over tap while the water dissolves contents.

Currently available - Green Tea and Jasmine, Lavender and Rose Chamomile.

Ingredients used; essential oils and 100% natural blends; epsom salts, organic green tea, lavender (home grown), baking soda. food colouring.

196. 11 Mar 2018

We have an abundance of silverbeet and chard in our garden right now. Come and pick your own or we will bundle it up & get it to you.

West Ulverstone
197. 11 Mar 2018
Household cleaning

Experienced in commercial and domestic premises. Happy to come as often or as little as suits your needs.

West Ulverstone
198. 11 Mar 2018

Fresh herbs currently have rosemary, ,, savoury thyme, native pepper berries, lemon balm, Vietnamese mint, common mint pennyroyal, peppermint chocolate mint

199. 28 Feb 2018
Website Design & Maintenance

Anyone can develop and maintain a website, can't they?

It's true. Developing a website has never been easier as there are a plethora of easy to use tools avaiable. Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Duda... the list goes on. These apps can help you build a pretty awesome website; until...

We've all been there. We've spent hours working on our website and it just isn't quite right. Either the menus are looking a little funky; or that image just won't size correctly; or perhaps the site looks great on the computer but S$%t on the mobile.

This is where I fit in.

I have spent a considerable amount of time being frustrated by the same problems you are facing. And in my case, it inspired me to go a little deeper. To not rely on the tools to do the coding, but learn the underlying HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.JS, and much, much more. Those hours mean that I can sort out those niggling problems; build you a fully-responsive and beautiful site from scratch; or just perform a little back-end maintenance to keep everything flowing.

What I do;

  • Build Responsive and Interactive Websites;
  • Website Maintenance and Upgrades;
  • Integration of Services (such as installing an SSL Certificate or Shopping Cart);
  • Custom Built IoT Devices;
  • Newsletter Templates;
  • Custom Built Web Apps;
  • and Much, Much More...


I like to be totally upfront with my fees. I charge $60-100 per hour depending on the complexity of the work, but prefer project-based billing as it reduces the risk for both parties. You know exactly what you are going to pay, and I know exactly what I am going to get paid. Win-Win.

I offer a standing 33% discount for registered not-for-profits and will happily work for up to 100% CENTS (or other LETS equivalents) depending on what works for us both.

Find Out More

To find out more about the work I do, please visit my personal website Risen Solutions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


60 / hour
200. 24 Feb 2018
Animal Bowen and Reiki

Fully Qualified EMRT Practitioner ( Bowen for Equines and large animals),  I also treat dogs.   Reiki also available. 

35CENT $35
201. 24 Feb 2018
Bowen technique and Reiki

Fully qualified and registered Bowtech Bowen Technique and Reiki Practitioner

70 C
202. 31 Jan 2018
Mixing desk

Older style with no efects.

203. 18 Jan 2018
Guitar and ukulele lessons

I am a singer, songwriter musician with over thirty years of music and teaching experience.

My cent rate will only include travel if it is within the district I reside in ie the Deloraine area.

Elizabeth Town
204. 17 Dec 2017
Rhino basket

Rhino racks roof basket.

Working order.

Pick up Nicholls Rivulet 

Nicholls Rivulet
205. 17 Dec 2017
Ladies bike

This hasn't been used but has been sitting in the weather so has some surface rust and scratches.

Pick up only. Nicholls Rivulet.

Nicholls Rivulet
206. 2 Dec 2017
Data Entry

Basic admin or data-entry.

Wesley Vale
207. 2 Dec 2017
Garden Weeding

Herbaceous weeding, I have a lot of experience you don't have to worry about me pulling out something you want to keep (unless you want to keep some weeds, like an edible one, let me know! If you want to know which weeds you have that are edible I can help you there too!)

Wesley Vale
208. 2 Dec 2017
5-15 acres standing grass

Standing grass growing rate variable

Contact me
209. 13 Nov 2017
Airport pick up and drop off. Launceston + car storage

I am offering to drive and or pick up from airport (Launceston) or to appointments as necessary. I live only about 5Klm (Perth) from the airport, so you could also leave car at house if this helps. low daily rate 2cents if car left at house.

210. 13 Nov 2017

Offer potted cuttings of various

2c - 5c
211. 8 Nov 2017
Plastic press stud kit

You are welcome to borrow my plastic press stud / snaps pliers and use some of the many coloured snaps.

I bought it to put snaps on home made cloth nappies, but you could use it for children's clothing, doona covers, and many other uses.

5Ç / week, includes snaps.

5Ç / week
212. 27 Oct 2017

I can help with cleaning your house

213. 27 Oct 2017

I can help weed & clean your gardens and yard NO HEAVY LIFTING

214. 13 Oct 2017

I am a qualified Naturopath currently practicing at the Reseed Centre, Penguin on Mondays and Sundays, by appointment only. I am qualified in Iridology, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, and can order functional testing as appropriate (hair mineral analysis, digestive stool analysis, liver function, adrenal function etc).

I am very happy to accept CENTs as part-payment for consultations. My standard fee is $45 per hour, and I can accept up to $25 in CENTs.

Please contact me via text: 04 0303 7242. Emailing me will be unreliable, as I do not have regular internet access.

C25 + $20
215. 11 Oct 2017

Overnight accommodation available @ Port Sorell. 2 bedrooms, (1x queen & 1 x single) and sofa bed if necessary.

Lot's of sunshine abounds in this house!

Clean, tidy on 5 acres, semi secluded quiet area. 2 minute walk to river, 10 minutes walk to the beach.

Disability/wheelchair friendly.

Length of stay negotiable. Please give as much notice as possible.

80 cents for entire house or 45 cents to share the space with 1 other person.

I will consider houseswap.

80/45 cents
Port Sorell
216. 9 Oct 2017
Tour Of Tasman Ecovillage

Enjoy a personalised tour of our growing ecovillage - exploring the gardens, new bush tracks, current projects, etc - led by a resident community member and with opportunity for you to be able to ask plenty of questions! We are a small resident community and our tours are available by arrangement.

From ₵20pp
217. 7 Oct 2017
Olive Oil

We have Tasmanian virgin olive oil 250ml clean skins for sale

Three bottles for 20 cents
Lower Barrington
218. 19 Aug 2017
Tutor for school children

I specialise in assisting reluctant and struggling learners with literacy but not limited to literacy.

Based in Penguin.

10 CENTS plus $10 perhour
219. 18 Aug 2017
Website Creation

I specialise in creating professional and affordable responsive websites:

• for all kinds of businesses, associations, organisations and individuals
• using a professional content management system that is easy to update by non-technical users
• that work well on all screen widths including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles
• including basic search engine optimisation

You should allow an additional $50 to $100 per year for domain registration and hosting (which I can arrange on your behalf).

I provide help and advice at a level you are comfortable with to simplify the process of creating a web presence and so that common pitfalls are avoided.

My regular commerical rate is $88/hr so ¢25/hr for CENTs members is a bargain!

For more information see:

220. 17 Jul 2017
Skirt hangers

16 skirt hangers in perfect condition.

5 CENTS for the lot.

Lower Barrington
221. 15 Jul 2017
Fresh produce

No detail provided

Contact me
222. 6 Jul 2017
Dreamy Doula Service

My name is Dianne and I am doula, the Greek word for 'slave to the mother'. Dreamy Doula Service is all about you and the birth you desire. I service the North West and West Coasts of Tasmania and am a certified BIRTH YOUR WAY doula. Look at my facebook page 'Dreamy Doula Service' for more info and my prices. I am open to negotiating dollars and CENTS depending on what package you require. Having a doula at your birth reduces the likelihood of the cascade of intervention that can end with a C-section. The pregnancy/birth/babymoon merry-go-round can be complex and confusing, but doesn't have to be with the support and information you need. I offer my services free to expectant mothers 18yrs and under.

Call me on 0473 627 753 for an initial free introduction to see if I am what you are looking for.

50% CENTS/50% Dollars
Shorewell Park
223. 6 Jul 2017
Realignment Reiki Bodywork

Gentle Reiki Body Alignments from Dianne, a qualified Reiki Tummo practitioner with 40 years experience in bodywork. In a warm private room at my home you can experience deep relaxation, clothed, clean and realignment of spine and soft tissues. I practise a very gentle healing modality that is safe for post surgery and other issues. Contact me by phone on 0473 627 753.

Shorewell Park
224. 22 Jun 2017
Coffee table

Timber coffee table

Displaying IMG_1181.JPG

225. 22 Jun 2017
TV cabinet

TV cabinet

Displaying IMG_1182.JPG

226. 22 Jun 2017
Spice Rack

Second hand timber spice rack

Displaying IMG_1183.JPG

227. 15 Jun 2017
Organic garlic

Organic garlic, white, in good condition, firm corms. Sold recently for $35.00 a kilo to top restaurants in Hobart.

228. 12 Jun 2017
Raw Saltless Sauerkraut

A fresh batch of sauerkraut is ready!

Local chemical-free cabbages and cumin seeds - good for digestion.

Keep in the fridge.

Ç5 / jar.

5 / jar
229. 23 May 2017
Mulcher and operator

I have invested in a good mulcher/chipper, and I'm happy to come and use it in your garden. It can take up to 75mm diameter wood. I'm charging more than a normal labour charge to account for the original investment and ongoing maintenance. I'm negotiable on rate. Also happy to do the pruning that precedes the mulching.

230. 15 May 2017

I am an experienced gardener and can help plan, implement and maintain any kind of garden.

231. 15 May 2017

I have a good eye for detail and am a stickler for spelling and grammar

232. 29 Mar 2017
House Sitting/Pet Care

I ,with my 2 lovely children, can housesit for you in the Tasman Peninsula area as well as take great care of your pet loved ones while you are away. I can also tend to your garden to keep it looking lovely. we live in Nubeena, but have the flexibility to offer my helpful, respectful and trustworthy Service so you have peace of mind while you are away from Home. Exchange can be negotiable to suit :)

$, or CENTS or handyman help
233. 28 Mar 2017
Theraputic and sports injury Massage

I am certified in Sports Injury and Theraputic Massage, where my method is for lengtheneing the muscles and promoting relaxation. I can offer a very beneficial healing whole body massage for one hour (65 cents) to one and a half hours (95 cents)

also includes foot reflexology, scalp and head massage/ headache treatment, for back/shoulder/neck pain or injury, i can spend more time in providing relief.

"Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is Who You Are"

234. 28 Mar 2017
Accommodation near Cygnet

Valley View cabin in Glaziers Bay, 6 kms from Cygnet, 50 mins from Hobart. Fully self contained, superb views, warm & cozy. Local markets every weekend and great cafes. Peaceful & quiet. We (usually!) have fresh eggs and produce to share. See airbnb profile for pictures and more information.

We live on our property and although the house is close to the cabin you can be assured absolute quiet and privacy.

Cost is a mix of Cents and Cash:


CENTS: 50 cents per night.

CASH: $50 per night.

BRING your own pillows, doonah, towels:

CENTS: 30 cents per night.

CASH: $30 per night.

We will provide mattress protectors and bottom sheets.

ADD 3RD PERSON we provide bedding/towels: (Maximum 3 per night)

CENTS: 20 cents per night.

CASH: $20 per night

ADD 3RD PERSON you bring bedding/towels: (Maximum 3 per night)

CENTS: 15 cents per night.

CASH: $15 per night

Pets welcome by agreement, in advance.

Please check AIRBNB CALENDAR for availability before enquiring. Also note that airbnb vacancies can be booked instantly, therefore quick responses from both of us will help secure your booking. I will endevour to get back to you asap!

From ₵55
Glaziers Bay
235. 11 Mar 2017
Box Trailer for Hire

NWEC has a steel box trailer approx. 1.5m x 2.5m which can be hired for CENT20 per day.

It lives at the Community Garden at 235 Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin. Phone 0412 130885 to arrange pick-up.

Ç20 per day or part day.
236. 13 Feb 2017
Portable PA

I have a portable PA for hire for events.  It is not complient with the latest technology so it is not possible to have wireless connect for the microphones but I do have plug in microphones that can be used.  It is a Mipro MA 707.

There is a $50 deposit if I don't know you.  And then 40 cents per day.

40 per day
237. 23 Jan 2017
Tuition of arts as well as workshops

i would like to offer tuition in painting and any other artistic pleasures within my curriculum of my arts degree. I can also provide workshops for upcycling, repurposing as well as eco dyeing and shibori and indigo.

50cents per hour
St Helens
238. 16 Dec 2016
Garden And Wall Mosaic Artwork

Commission pieces made to order, many designs available to view. Price depends on size and detail - eg wall plaque from $150

239. 16 Dec 2016
Cloth Character Dolls And Children's

Delightful, whimsical hand-made and unique Character Dolls many designs to choose and can be personalised. Price depends on size and detail. please see nubeans website for examples

240. 15 Dec 2016
Monochord table sound & relaxation therapy

Lie down and rest on a 50 string mono chord table and let it's soothing sounds unwind your stresses and recharge your energy .

look up YouTube for examples of monochord tables .

Sessions at my home in Koonya Tasman Peninsula .

15 for 30 minutes
241. 5 Dec 2016

Kinergetics is a type of Kinesiology that uses muscle testing to treat any energy imbalance.

South Launceston
242. 28 Nov 2016
Orchard polypipe and wire

We have loads of polypipe in working order, with sprayers attached - but it's out in our old orchard. Free to anyone who wants to come and get it. Also long lengths of very tough wire. Deep Bay nr Cygnet.

Useful if you're setting up a home orchard.
Deep Bay
243. 26 Nov 2016
Soft Toys - Penguins

These cute little penguins are handmade (by me). Made of 100% cotton fabric and polyester stuffing, they are 23cm tall.

Goulds Country
244. 31 Oct 2016
Relaxation massage

Feeling stressed? 

I can offer you a relaxation massage for an hr. 

This can either be at my home in devonport or further afield.

cost in my home:30cents/hr

cost your home in devonport 40/hr

If I need to travel futher to get to you just contact me and we'll work something out.


245. 25 Sep 2016
Fingerless Gloves

Handmade fingerless gloves made from acrylic yarn.

To fit small to medium hands.

colours: blue and gray stripes, or green, blue and pink variegated.

5 cents per pair
246. 13 Sep 2016
Strawbale Clay Rendering

I'm passionate about strawbale building and would love to get involved in your project!! 

I have some experience in cobbing/rendering (lime and clay) and can offer my services to work with you on your build. 

I am happy to help out with any other aspects of building also, but dont profess to have skills in other areas (yet!) 

Prefer local to the Huon Valley/Channel area

25c/hour negotiable
247. 16 Aug 2016
Sleeping bag for hire

Mountain Designs MD Kashgar 150 hooded, grey and red colour, suitable for 0-5C.

1 cent/day
248. 6 Aug 2016
Vox Tasmanica song book

27 songs by Tasmanian songwriters, written, recorded and published in Tasmania by Teresa Beck-Swindale and Frances (Kay) Lincoln.

All songs have full charts; one listening CD plus 2 learning CD's with all parts broken down. Diverse range of styles for choirs and community singing groups, a'cappella or with chords for accomapniment. Would appreciate $5 for postage if needed.

249. 6 Aug 2016
Walks in Nature

Quiet reflective bush walks ion the Tasman Peninsula . I have beautiful rainforest or coastal walks that we can share . 

The focus is natures beauty and feeling the peace of nature as we walk with minimal conversation .

For anyone who has a deep appreciation of nature or wants to clear their mind .
250. 6 Aug 2016
Personalised song writing

I am offering to write a song for you , a family member or any other subject you would like to have a song created for . 

I play them on guitar or harp  and can send you a recording , and the lyrics .

I have written a song about convict women and The Roses From the Heart Project, and also to celebrate And century old sailing boat . 

I also have a collection of songs I have composed about Tasmania . particularly Norfolk Bay Area and Three Hummock Island .



251. 6 Aug 2016
Relaxation and aromatherapy massage

1 1/2 hour massage with a choice or combination of Aromatherapy , hot rocks or un scented organic oil massage in my wood heated well being cottage in Koonya.

Discount of 10 Cents if you bring 3 towels with you for your for massage .

252. 4 Aug 2016
New ideas for snacks and meals

Want some variety in your eating?  I can give you new ideas for snacks and meals, especially if you have special dietary needs.  I'll include recipes where possible.

I can provide this by email for Ç25 / hour.

I have a strong interest in nutrition and am very familiar with these ways of eating: Failsafe (low salicylate / low amine), vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, dairy free.  I have also created a list of tasty treats for a friend on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

Whatever your needs, I can create food ideas and recipes for you.

25 / hr
253. 2 Aug 2016

A collection of 80's song books. Each ABC Sing Book has over fifty songs containing well known accurate music charts for popular tunes used for primary school teaching during the 80s. I am sure you will know some of the songs no matter how old you are. The publications range from 1982 to 1988 and I offer discounts for more than five books. Postage costs will be at the buyers expense.

Elizabeth Town
254. 22 Jul 2016
Vegan cooking classes and catering

I can teach a wide range of things including:

- vegan cuisine from around the world

- raw vegan food preparation

- many kinds of fermentations including oncom, water kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough, tempeh and more

- gourmet dishes and presentation

- food styling and photography

- heathy 'fast food' alternatives for family, school, etc.

- kitchen-homestead techniques for food production and preservation

Classes can be tailored to your needs and I am willing to travel around Tasmania.

I also do catering for parties, private dinners, special events and so on. Please get in touch for a quote.

255. 23 Jun 2016
Custom Masquerade Masks

Hand made masquerade masks, you pick colours, themes and shape. 1-2 week making time. Photos of previous designs available via email by request. Requires initial consultation for planning purposes.

East Devonport
256. 17 Jun 2016
Aroma Touch Technique/Massage

Aroma Touch Treatment. Pure Bliss. Application of 8 essential oils with massage like movements along the spine, neck, back and feet.

Known to reduce stress and inflamation, boost the immune system, bring the body into balance and promote emotional healing, in Cygnet by appointment.

See here for full details...

257. 10 Jun 2016
Computer Technical Support

I can troubleshoot and fix computers. I have a Certification III in Information, DIgital Media, and Technology, and I have academic training in computer programming.

258. 10 Jun 2016
Software Production

I can produce any software, or website software, you may require. I have academic training in computer programming, and I have a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

259. 10 Jun 2016
Philosophy Expert, Especially Buddhism And Pantheism

I can help you with your philosophical explorations.

260. 7 Jun 2016
NWEC Membership

The North West Environment Centre is offering memberships with a 50:50 (CENTs/ $$) option.

***Be a Part of a Growing Future***

Individual Memberships:

- Waged $5.00 + CENT5.00

- Unwaged $2.50 + CENT2.50

Family Memberships:

- Waged $7.50 + CENT7.50

- Unwaged $5.00 + CENT5.00

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to:

BSB No: 633-000 Acc No: 154585608 Acc Name: NWEC

Contact us for a Membership Application form or visit our Website for more information

See Listing
261. 7 Jun 2016
Birds on Farms Book

NWEC is happy to offer our acclaimed book "Birds on Farms" - a glovebox guide to birds and habitat restoration and management specific to NW Tasmania, sponsored by the Australian Government Envirofund, for 50/50 CENTs and $$

262. 7 Jun 2016
Quality 3 person tents for hire

We have quite a few 3 person dome tents that can be hired for the following rates:

One day: one tent ç5.00; 3 tents ç12.00; 5 tents ç20.00; 10 tents ç40.00

Weekend (3 days): one tent ç10.00; 3 tents ç25.00; 5 tents ç40.00; 10 tents ç80.00

Full week (7 days): one tent ç20.00; 3 tents ç50.00; 5 tents ç80.00; 10 tents ç160.00

See schedule
263. 31 May 2016
Valet parking and drop-off/pick-up at Launceston Airport

Drive to my house in Evandale, park your car in my carport, and I drive you, in my car, to Launceston Airport. On your way back, I pick you up and take you to my house - where your car is waiting for you. Hope you have time for a cuppa and a chat.

15 CENTs each trip to the airport, plus 10 CENTs for each day your car is in my carport - for example, for a weekend - Fri evening to Sun evening, the total would be 50 CENTs.

100\% CENTs 15x2 plus 10 x No.of days
264. 31 May 2016
Spanish Conversation

Practice and improve your Spanish over a cup of tea or a bowl of pasta

265. 23 May 2016
Terracotta Roof Tiles

Ideal for landscaping or retaining garden beds. Large quantity available in perfect condition.

Purchaser to arrange collection.Size 410mmx240mm.

3 tiles for 1 CENT
266. 23 May 2016
Concentrated worm juice

Use diluted..1 part concentrated juice to 9 parts water

2 and 3 litre bottles

Ideal fertilizer for all plants

1.5 CENT per litre
267. 22 May 2016
Art Teaching

Art/Design - Paper making, Textiles, Handmade Books, Pop up Cards

I have experience working with all ages, abilities, and experience.

B.Ed, Secondary Art Teaching and experience within the disability field.

Mixed Rate 60 CENT + $10 materials for 2 Hr session

Heron Studio, Sisters Beach

Sisters Beach
268. 22 May 2016
Flute, Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory Lessons

I/2 Hour Lessons available at Sisters Beach

I have experience teaching Children age 6 - 16 and adults.

10 lessons will get you established with reading music.

Mixed - CENTS 30 + $ 5

Sisters Beach
269. 8 May 2016
Room hire at the RESEED Centre

Rooms available for workshops, training events, meetings. Sunny spacious rooms available to hold up to 40 or 50 people. Whiteboard, projector screen, chairs, tables, blackboard available. Rates from $25 + 25 CENTs for a full day.

Ask us about special rates for beginner businesses and community groups.

Includes access to full kitchen and toilets.

Contact us
270. 27 Apr 2016
Tin whistle

Learn to play this simple and lyrical Celtic tin whistle by ear in the traditional way .

Music reading ability not necessary.

FaceTime or Skype sessions okay or one to one local .

You can learn using a tin Whistle in D or C . D is the easiest to begin with .

20 for 40 minutes
271. 3 Apr 2016
Rhubarb, Jams, Pickles, Herbs, Galangal

All our produce is spray-free


Ç10/kg for all chillis - from mild to hot - commerical quantities available for sauce makers

Seeds for the ultra hot available soon - pls let me know well in advance.

Thick stems of fresh and delicious rhubarb Ç5 for 10 stems

Rhubarb crowns for planting Ç5 ea

Galangal root for planting - unlike ginger, galangal grows well in Tas - milder in taste - Ç5 ea

Fresh Bay Leaves - Ç2 for 10

Fresh, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Sage, Savory,Rosemary - mixed bag of your choice- Ç2

Goji and Blackcurrant jam 300gm (perhaps the best jam you have ever had) $5+Ç5

All jams and pickles are made with our own spray-free fruit

From Ç2
Rocky Cape
272. 31 Mar 2016
Accommodation 1 minute from beach in Penguin

I have a spacious spare bedroom with ensuite available for casual accommodation. It is part of the house but separate from the rest. It is about a minute's walk to the beach and then into the beautiful little village of Penguin. On nights that the sea is rough you will be able to hear it from your bed.

There is a microwave and kettle in the room and I can put an esky in there if needed.

The bed is a queen size bed with an electric blanket. There is an electric wall heater.

100 CENTS per night.
273. 14 Mar 2016
Holiday House in Daintree National Park near Cairns

Beautiful House sleeps up to 8 people


$300 and B300 for 4 nights or $100 and B100 for 1 night, minimum stay is 2 nights

Fully equipped 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Look it up on AIRBNB :

Kewarra Beach
274. 3 Mar 2016
Crochet Sessions

I teach crochet on Thursdays from 9:30 to 12 at Tasman Neighborhood House in Nubeena.

Sessions are 5 CENTs to members.

275. 3 Mar 2016
Web Page Developement, Design and Management

I develop WordPress Websites. WordPress is a powerful content management software that was intially designed with the Blogger in mind but it is so flexible that an array of website requirements can be met with a WordPress installation.

I offer website design only for CENTs and CES members. Ideally I offer this to businesses, non-profits and individuals who just don't have the capital to sink $2000+ into thier website.

All out of pocket expenses in federal dollars must be reimbursed in federal dollars.

276. 23 Feb 2016
Crocheted Beanie

Divine Beanie in a variety of sizes and colours. 100\% Premium Acrylic Yarn, Machine Washable.

If you want you can try crocheting it yourself. The pattern is free and available here :

277. 23 Feb 2016
Learn WordPress

Many webpages today are set up using WordPress which has a user friendly interface. If you have WordPress installed but don't know what to do next I can help you out.

278. 16 Feb 2016
Animal wellbeing energy balancing Sessions

Hi, my name is Cate Foley Burke. I have experience and practioner qualifications in using the "The Fields of Holistic Health", an energy-based complimentary therapy for animals .

I can do phone sessions or physical contact sessions, depending on the animal and depending on your location. In fact, past clients (and their animals) have found that distance sessions are equally as beneficial as hands-on.

In many cases, the emotional clearing of past distress by this using the energy modality enables increased recovery for animals suffering from a variety of physical conditions .

Free for wild life .

279. 13 Feb 2016
New Crochet Blankets

Crochet Blankets - Bed end Throws, scarves, ponchos & shawls, sleeveless jackets, booties and shopping bags - willing to neg (re wool costs/mine or yours etc)

Also amigurumi owls various colour Cents 8

Are you interested in learning to crochet? Want to make your own granny square creations (just the beginning)?

Let me know, once there are a few we can have a workshop.

Ç10.00 starting
280. 26 Jan 2016
Present bags

Handmade present bags - use them over and over instead of going through wrapping paper and sticky tape for celebrations throughout the year.

Great for sending presents interstate (no ripped wrapping paper!). Tie up your present bag with a ribbon and it's done.

Patterns and plains available. Several sizes. 2 bags for 1Ç.

Burnie - Heybridge - Penguin or by post for larger orders.

2 bags for 1CENT
281. 24 Jan 2016
Dealing With Bureaucracy

Drafting and editing documents, and applications. Dealing with bureaucracy including government departments. Advice on how to complain about service providers. All can be done online or on the telephone.

25 cents/hr
Rocky Cape
282. 17 Jan 2016
Ecohut tour

1 hour tour of off-grid fixed tiny house on permanent foundations (~40sqm floor area). Customised to suit your interests. Can include lunch or refreshments on prior request. Features:

  • Greenhouse-verandah
  • Low-voltage solar electricity (12v dc) for lights, fan, laptop, gadgets recharging
  • Solar-powered gadgets (lights, radio, power-bank)
  • 24 tube, 250L tank close-coupled evacuated-tube SolarOz solar hot water
  • LPG for cooking and winter hot-water-heating (Bosch Hydropower)
  • Non-electric composting toilet with 12v dc fan
  • Greywater absorption bed
  • 2 x 10,000L rainwater tanks
  • Double-glazed windows with flyscreens
  • Sauna under construction to connect woodheater with solar HW for winter hot-water-heating
  • Mezzanine mini-art-studio
  • Garden beds in development
  • Bicycle, bus, and walking for transport (close to Zeehan shops)

Happy to answer questions. Thanks for your interest.

283. 29 Dec 2015
Kefir Grains

We have been selling Kefir Grains for 17 years and have posted all round Australia.

Normally, $25 (inc Express postage), we are offering CENTS members a special price of Ç10 (for collection - postage extra) for a kefir starter pack including full instructions, support and lots of interesting info such as making your own cottage cheese and butter from cultured kefir cream.

Rocky Cape
284. 21 Dec 2015
Literacy and Numeracy coaching and support - all ages

I am a qualified and registered teacher - Primary all ages, English as a Second Language - and very happy to assist with all types of maths coaching to Grade 10. Can assist with English essay/submission writing (high school/adults) and also very happy to help with any tricky personal communications!

285. 11 Nov 2015
Botanical portraits in ink, pencil, paint

Small hand-drawn (ink or pencil) artworks, with or without colour wash.

You email me a high-resolution photograph, plus describe your ideas, and I will post the original artwork back.

From Ç10, depending on size. Up to A3 size. Samples here:

286. 21 Aug 2015
Reiki Tummo sessions

Reiki Tummo sessions available for horses, dogs and other animals and for people too.

287. 4 Aug 2015

Carpentry large and small, cutting boards and boxes of any size and any type of wood. Stools, cupboards, shelves - no job too hard. Repairs and customer designs welcomed.

All welding work including repairs and fabrication onsite.

Metal turning - all metals except stainless

Materials for all work extra in $s, or provide your own.

Free estimates

Rocky Cape
288. 28 Jul 2015
Equine Muscle Release Therapy (bowen)

I am fully qualified registered EMRT practitioner. 8 years experience. Gentle non-invasive Therapy. I also work on dogs and other animals

289. 28 Jul 2015
Bowen Therapy (human) And Reiki Sessions

Fully qualified Bowen practitioner, 10 years experience. babies to elderly. very gentle, performed through light clothing. clinic in Burnie and Ulverstone, also mobile visits

290. 22 Jun 2015
Didgeridoo lessons

Didgeridoo lessons on offer. The Didge is a wonderful instrument and renowned for having certain health benefits and healing qualities. See

I can teach the basics for very beginners, and can also teach people how to master more complex playing techniques.

Ultimately it's a fun instrument to play and provides a lot of satisfaction when you start getting the knack of it.

I prefer to provide the lessons from home here in Garden Island Creek, however I can come to you if need be. Alternatively remote lessons can be provided using Skype or similar platform.

Send me a message or call me if you are interested:

03 6297 8527 / 0422 721 375

40 p/hr
Garden Island Creek
291. 20 Jun 2015
Home Made Multigrain Bread

I have been making bread in my new bread maker, it is absolutely wonderful. If you do not have a breadmaker, come and get a loaf of me!

Can also make gluten free (10 CENTS), sourdough or soy linseed on special request if I have the ingredients available.

292. 20 Jun 2015
Ready to drink Kefir

Kefir is a great natural product that is far more effective than any yoghurt or acidopholius tablet. If you have any kind of stomach/digenstion issue or just wish to improve your general health than I suggest you try Kefir. Google it!

I have on offer Soymilk Kefir or Dairy Milk Kefir and will make you any quantity you like to your liking (thick or thin). Made on request, takes 1-3 days to make.

Best if I make it thicker, in a 250ml jam container say, and consumed by putting a tablespoon oe two on your cereal in the morning.

293. 20 Jun 2015
Colloidal Silver

Use instead of antibiotics. Drink 5 mls a day to fight infection,... google it if you are not sure what it is. Good for skin rashes and sore teeth, all sorts really :)

Expensive to buy and you just don't know what it is in it as it looks and tastes like water. So I make it myself and am assured it is definitely colloidal silver!