Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 19 Oct 2017
Interplay - Connecting in (Launceston)

A lighthearted yet deeply mindful movement.

We use voice and body in conjunction with the mind to find our similarities and differences, to access our own bodys wisdom and to play, giving a deeper knowledge of self and our own creative potential!

Reconnect the body, mind, heart and spirit in small incremental steps. Join us as we learn to create stories, dance and songs that we didn’t even know were inside us.

A perfect way to spend a Sunday Afternoon

20C on the door

Sunday OCT22 15:00 - 18:00
· Hosted by Anne Clifton

2. 19 Oct 2017
Writing Media Releases

Learn how to prioritise information and write a good media release

1 hr
South Hobart
3. 19 Oct 2017
Life Coaching

Initially free sessions to gain experience, and as a condition of gaining accreditation I initially need to source 6 people for six x 1 hour FREE sessions! Thereafter will update on rate. Life Coaching supports individuals to greater self-awareness and to make their own decisions in adopting positive habits towards the life they desire. There can be no guarantee and clients are under no obligation to continue.

St Marys
4. 19 Oct 2017
Pet Sitting

I can offer pet sitting for small pets in my home i.e. rabbits, rats, birds

New Town
5. 19 Oct 2017
House Sitting

I can look after your house while you are away

New Town
6. 19 Oct 2017
Gardening Help

I can help with light garden maintanance

New Town
7. 17 Oct 2017
Mentors for Repair Cafe

We are planning another Repair Cafe in conjunction with our upcoming Christmas Party at RESEED in Penguin Saturday 2nd December.

We need mentors (experts in your field) to assist other CENTs traders and members of the general public to repair their items they will bring along.

Repair Cafés are community spaces where people share knowledge and skills in repairing all kinds of items – electrical goods, clothing, furniture, bikes and more.

You will take time to explain the repair process to every participant, helping them to learn new skills and understand the benefits in repairing and reusing. This isn’t about you fixing the items, it’s about you teaching others how to do it!

Last Repair Cafe in Devonport we had mentors in tool sharpening, PC and devices, permaculture design, horticulture, leatherwork, sewing alterations, sewing machine servicing, bicycle repair, furniture repair.

If this sounds like you and you have wisdom and skills to share with others in your community then we want to hear from you.

Offerings C25/hr for 4hrs max.

8. 17 Oct 2017

Suit small to medium size person. Full recline position to full upright standing position to assist people with limited mobility. New foam, dry cleaned. Blue suede like material. Can be operated with batteries also. Blue suede like material. Good condition.

Port Sorell
9. 16 Oct 2017
Pre-loved Childrens Clothes

Huge lot of pre-loved children's items. I am clearing out their entire wardrobe - I'm sure there is lots to go!

10. 16 Oct 2017
Life Coaching

4 x Life Coaching sessions

11. 13 Oct 2017

I am a qualified Naturopath currently practicing at the Reseed Centre, Penguin on Fridays and Sundays, by appointment only.  I am qualified in Iridology, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, and can order functional testing as appropriate (hair mineral analysis, digestive stool analysis, liver function, adrenal function etc). 

I am very happy to accept CENTs as part-payment for consultations.  My standard fee is $45 per hour, and I can accept up to $25 in CENTs.

Please contact me via text: 04 0303 7242.  Emailing me will be unreliable, as I do not have regular internet access.

C25 + $20
For more information write to