BrisLETS Community Exchange (QLD)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 17 Jul 2019
Organic limes

Organic limes .

1 unit for 2 limes.

2. 12 Jul 2019

Larger Photo:

Multiple kinds of tree cuttings, cut to size.

About 18 months dry.

Pickup by appointment only from Daisy Hill.

150 units for the lot. Timber has no chemicals and is ant free.

150 units
Daisy Hill
3. 5 Jul 2019
Are you enjoying life? Want to learn how to be happier? I can help

Most of us do what we do in order to be happy, but how often are we actually happy?

Part of the problem is that we've picked up unrealistic beliefs and expectations along the way. Luckily, this means that by exploring them, we can let go of those that don't support us, and we'll become happier.

While nobody can be happy all the time, by gradually letting go of old unhelpful habits, we can find ourselves far happier and more content.

This will reduce stress, improve our health, as well as our relationships. After all, it's so much more fun being around somebody who's happy!

This work can be done in person, but it's usually done online, to save travel time. I use Skype, or Whatsapp or similar, whatever works best for you.

I used to be very anxious, but after much focus and practice of these ideas, I'm so much happier than I used to be. It might not happen overnight, but it does happen. The funny thing is that the happier I get, the better my life becomes!

If you have any questions, let me know. This is simple work, but very powerful.

Caboolture South
4. 2 Jul 2019
Transport & Tours On Southern Moreton Bay Islands

Car transport and tours around Russell, Macleay, Karragarra, Lamb Islands for locals or visitors.
Car transport for islanders going to mainland destination, eg, airport, city, etc.
Fuel, tolls and ferry charges ex Russell Island are payable by the buyer in dollars.
For transport from island to mainland destinations, car ferry charge is not payable, only passenger ferry charge.
Fuel is payable at 15 cents per kilometre. I am a professional public vehicle driver and tour guide of over 20 years experience.

U25 / hour
Russell Island
5. 2 Jul 2019
Odd Jobs

I can do a variety of odd jobs including cleaning, gardening, clothes washing, ironing, car cleaning, etc. Will consider anything and let you know if I can't do it. This service is limited to Russell Island only.

U25 / hour
Russell Island
6. 2 Jul 2019
Relaxation Massage

I can provide a light relaxing, intuitive massage using elements of traditional Balinese massage either at your place or at mine. This service is limited to Russell Island.

U25 / hour
Russell Island
7. 26 Jun 2019
The Little Prince German translation

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's children's classic, The Little Prince, available in German translation. The book is in excellent condition and unmarked (photo attached).

Suitable for high school, university or adult learners of German.

Please contact by calling 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly. I do respond to voice messages.

8. 26 Jun 2019
Children's Dolls House

Handcrafted by a German woodworker, this 4 bedroom dolls house is to be gifted to someone who needs to play more, think less and enjoy the innocence of simple pleasures.

The dolls house comes with minature furniture (see photo). Pick-up from north Brisbane.

Please contact by calling 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly. I do respond to voice messages.

9. 26 Jun 2019
Brand new hot water bottle

2 litre hot water bottle in original packaging with soft faux fur cover is just the thing for staying warm during a cool winter!

Please contact by calling 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly. I do respond to voice messages.

10. 26 Jun 2019
Chess Clock

Do you enjoy the thrill of competitive Speed Chess? Or perhaps you are a hobby player who delights in exercising your grey matter! If you've ever played chess with someone who agonizes over each move until Kingdom Come you you may find this time keeper a handy tool.

Cheerful cherry red chess clock in excellent condition (see photo). Available with original instructions and gift box. Wind-up mechanism so no batteries required.

If you are unsure what a chess clock is or how to use one feel free to get in touch I'm happy to explain.

Please contact by calling 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly. I do respond to voice messages.

11. 26 Jun 2019
Digital Camera from Canon

Silver Canon Ixus 240HS 16.1 mega pixel digital camera. Small, lightweight, slimline. Comes with battery charger, 4GB SD card, soft cloth carry pouch and original receipt.

The camera can take videos. You will need an adapter to plug the charger into an Australian power point.

Purchased for €139 in Germany in 2013 and in excellent condition as the camera function on my smart phone works well in place of carrying the camera around.

Here is a review:

Scroll down the page to view the specs.

Please contact by calling 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly. I do respond to voice messages.

12. 25 Jun 2019
Motorcycle tank bag

Brand new motorcycle tank bag that sits is held to the tank with magnetic clamps.

Coopers Plains
13. 23 Jun 2019

Offerng hair cuts and colours. Half points half cash. Ladies only .

Half cash half points
14. 21 Jun 2019
Healing Massage

Energy Therapy Center Massage is Clairvoyant Healing Massage using Channelling and Accupressure to bring about immediate pain relief and deep level healing for acute and chronic long term health conditions.

Russell Island
15. 20 Jun 2019
Earth Healing, Trees, Garden, Street, Water etc

Yes Trees can provide us with healing.  I am one who heals them.  They get sick when the area they are in is sick or dark.  They can be an indicator of dark energy in this way. Trees, plants and the earth all suffer when an area is dark or unbalanced. I heal or balance the energy of any dark space in your yard or your street.  A dark space can be where you cannot plant anything as the plants suffer and die.  It could also be an area you are afraid of walking through or being near etc. When it comes to water it can be that it is stagnant or smells bad. I can correct this as well. 

100 per hour
Samford Valley
16. 20 Jun 2019
Crochet and Knitting - Classes

I have been able to crochet and knit from a very young age, pre teens. I am happy to teach others how to crochet and knit.  We can make blankets, rugs, clothes etc. Your place or anywhere in a public place, weather permitting of course.  TIt is always a case of the more the merrier, so please let your friends know and bring them together for a class at your place during this cool weather.

35 per hour
Samford Valley
17. 19 Jun 2019
Handmade Hearts

Can be hung on the wall if required. Rate depends on size (XS,S,M,L) From U30 -55. Limited number of one off designs available. Pics are example only.

18. 19 Jun 2019
Handmade Porcelain Tooth Fairy Or Ring Dishes

Pics is example only. Each one is a unique one-off design and some have 22ct gold. Small (approx 40mm wide) - U25 Medium (approx 65mm w) - U40

19. 19 Jun 2019
Handmade Porcelain Bowls

One-off bowls for breakfasts, buddah bowl, soup, pasta etc. Suitable for dishwasher use and microwave if no gold on them. Pics are examples only

20. 18 Jun 2019
Space, Internet & Dog Cuddles

We can offer a pleasant environment for use during the day in an apartment close to Howard Smith Wharves with fast internet and with a small dog who wants cuddles and a lap to sit on. If this sounds good to you, please contact Melanie on

Fortitude Valley
21. 18 Jun 2019
Clairvoyant - Prediction - 1 Hour

All questions can be answered in this session. Past, present, future. Can include health scans, medium and all mundane questions on all topics including jobs, house moves, relationships, some energy healing when asked for and healing health scans for loved ones.

Russell Island
22. 18 Jun 2019
Clairvoyant - Healing

Energy Therapy successfully clears the unwanted energetic, emotional, physical and lifestyle issues by accessing and interpreting blocks and imbalances at their source and by instructing the person throughout the session, allows awareness of the healing process.

Russell Island
23. 18 Jun 2019
Website admin - wordpress - cpanel


-  I can adminster your website, this includes Wordpress installations as well as your cpanel interface.
-  I can offer an ongoing service for a set monthly fee. (neg depending on workload)


- Ba Information Technology 1994   -   While i'm not in the industry, I try to keep up with it.
Majors:  Software engineering, Information management, Systems analysis

-  Keeping your website up-to-date and running

35u/hour (Neg. Fixed monthly fee)
24. 18 Jun 2019

Do you need help writing persuasively to promote your business? I can help you craft words to turn potential customers into real customers. As I am do not reside in Brisbane (I operate out of Taiwan) I can work with you through Skype or Messenger.

5 units/hour
25. 17 Jun 2019
Battery 12v 10 amp

This battery is from a electric lawn mower battery pack. See the image for specs and other details.

Recently tested at Battery Works and is holding charge just fine. Only reason for selling is that they recommend not using an older battery with a new one (so I had to buy two and not use this one).

Pick up in Coopers Plains or at a Market Trading Day.

Coopers Plains
26. 10 Jun 2019
Ute and Driver for hire for Units

happy to come and help move whatever can fit in the back of me ute

Dutton Park
27. 5 Jun 2019
Specialty Jam Making

I use ingredients not readily obtained eg pie melons

28. 5 Jun 2019
Garment Repairs Within Reason

Mending, hemming, buttons etc

29. 5 Jun 2019
Helping Hand

Within local area

30. 1 Jun 2019

Hands on healing. Home visits

Contact me
31. 1 Jun 2019

Home visits of Reflexology. Relaxing herbal footbath first.

Contribution for petrol

Contact me
32. 29 May 2019
Potty training

I can help you to know when your baby 0 - 18 months needs to use the potty.

I trained both mine to be potty trained by the age of 16 monts

All mammals by instinct do not want to soil their body.

Think of all the 'disposable' nappies saved

Contact me
33. 28 May 2019
Look after your dog at our place temporarily.

We will look after your dog for 100% units (please provide food and bedding for your dog) if you are going away, which will be at our place in Coopers Plains. It is fully fenced and your dog has to get along with other dogs as we have two small dogs, one elderley at 15 yrs old.

50 units per day
Coopers Plains
34. 17 May 2019
Q & A about videos, films etc.

If oyu have questions regarding recording videos or converting your old films to DVD etc., try me. I have been teaching animation, film making, art (in various formats) for 20 odd years at the Queensland College of Art while it was at  Seven Hills.If I don't know the answer, I know who to ask to find out.

40 per hour (negotiable, of course).
35. 16 May 2019
Concerned about Death or Dying? I can help

It seems many are leaving us at the moment. Losing somebody dear is one of the hardest experiences in life. Friends offer their condolences, but often don't know quite what to say. Some even stay away, due to their own discomfort.

I might be able to help you make some sense of what's going on. Whether for a recent loss, one soon to come, or simply facing your own mortality, there are many ways to ease the confusion and pain.

I'm not attached to any particular faith, so I'm not going to move you in that direction, or even towards another. Just present possibilities that you might not have considered before.

I've presented a course on Death and Dying at the u3a, the University of the Third Age. No, that doesn't mean I know all the answers, but I do have some pretty good questions to share.

I've also trained and worked in hospice, where people are encouraged to explore deeply during their last period of life.

After initially being petrified of death as a child, I've spent decades studying the issue. Not only various religious and spiritual belief systems, but also insights from science, and processes such as Near Death Experiences, Past Life Regression, Shared Death Experiences, and many other sources of wisdom.

I don't claim to know the ultimate truth. Those who know that don't come back. Not for a while, anyway.

But I know that for myself, I've moved from ultimate terror to a sense of peace. I'm in no hurry to move on myself, but I do feel comfortable that when the end comes, I'll be relatively peaceful.

That's what I hope to share with you: a sense of peace, and an understanding that perhaps there's more to death and dying than we've been taught, especially in the West.

Here, death is the last taboo. Do we have the courage to face it directly, to explore it, and make some kind of sense of it, before our time comes?

If you're not sure about this offer, feel free to contact me for a chat, to see if you resonate with what I have to share.

Caboolture South
36. 10 May 2019
Remedial Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Swedish Massage

NeuroSkeletal Therapy


Dietry Advice

90 units per hour
37. 30 Apr 2019
Friendly, Supportive, Experienced Travel Companion available

Do you want to travel, but don't like the idea of going away by yourself? If so, I might be able to help.

I can join you on your adventure, in return for having my travel paid for. A big ask? Maybe!

I'm well travelled myself, have lived on 5 continents, and speak the basics of 6 languages. I can recommend places to visit, and ways to get there, depending on your likes and wants.

I've also learned how to travel well on a budget, so I can help you save money on your trip as well. It's amazing what options are out there!

I can also help you stay healthy and fit and safe while travelling, which has always been a high priority for me.

I'm a very good listener, part time life coach, actor and film maker, and love good conversation. I can be amusing at times, and have written comedy scripts, as well as performed on stage in musical comedy.

I won't be everybody's cup of tea, but if you're curious about the idea, let's have a chat, and see how we get on.

NB: this offer is strictly platonic.

p.s. If you know of a friend who might appreciate some good company while travelling, please pass this offer onto them. Thanks.

Caboolture South
38. 29 Apr 2019
Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane Fire Festival - Gympie Nov 1 - 3, 2019, Stall Holders F50

All Entry Tickets 100% LETS Units

100% LETS units
Curra, Qld
39. 22 Apr 2019

Plays, Screenplay, Novels, Articles, Editing.

Gold Coast
40. 10 Apr 2019
The All You Can Eat Love Diet: heal the emotional drivers behind overeating

If you've ever struggled with comfort eating, this ebook will help you deal with it once and forall.

When you no longer reach for food to feel better, you'll lose weight without even trying.

For more info, visit:

Without addressing this topic, no amount of dieting or exercise will help.

As a life coach, I'm available to help one on one on this topic, but it's far more cost effecive for you to start with this book.

Caboolture South
41. 10 Apr 2019
Fit at Fifty? You, you can be, without spending hours in a gym

I can teach you how to get fit and healthy in under half an hour a day.

You won't need to eat boring food, nor spend hours a day in a gym.

I'm 53, and race up tall buildings for fun, so it IS possible.

Contact me now and we can figure out a path for you.

BTW, I'm a trained life coach, with a Cert IV in Fitness as well.

Caboolture South
42. 8 Apr 2019
Computer, Internet And Phone Consultant Can Help You Save Money And Time

I can help you save money, both on desktop PCs, laptops, phones, and plans. I've worked with computers all my life, and modern smart phones are really small pocket computers. Not sure which way to go? Annoyed your device isn't working, or is slow, or doesn't do what you want? I can help. I can even work remotely on your device, if travel is an issue.

Caboolture South
43. 8 Apr 2019
Need A Simple, Easy To Use, Smart Wordpress Website?

If so, I can help. I've been designing Wordpress websites for nearly 20 years, both for clients, friends, and myself. Wordpress runs on nearly a third of the mos popular websites in the world, and it's easy to learn and use, even for novices. After I've set up your website, you can take over as much or as little of future changes as you like. It's relatively easy to learn, which is why it's by far the most popular system online. Contact me now if you'd like to find out more.

Caboolture South
44. 8 Apr 2019
Life Too Stressful? I Can Teach You To Stressproof Your Life.

I'm a Life Coach, specialising in teaching you how to transform your life so that not only does existing stress fade away, you also learn how to avoid attracting it in the first place. I've spent my whole life studying this and related areas, and am very content and relaxed in my life. In other words, I walk my talk.. Contact me now to learn more.

Caboolture South
45. 1 Apr 2019
Body and Spirit Whisperer Distance Support

Intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic support in your Wellbeing Journey, Health and Wellbeing coaching. Coaching in readiness for Job Interviews, 90 minute sessions. By skype, phone, viber, whatsapp as I am currently west of Cairns. 30 years of experience.

46. 1 Apr 2019
Ketogenic coaching

Are you trying to follow the ketogenic approach to diet and healthy weight-loss and are lacking motivation or have too many questions?

I am available to assist with the following:

  • re-organising your pantry for keto-friendly meals
    • in person (40 units p/h) or
    • by phone (30 units p/h);

  • going shopping for keto-friendly ingredients
    • I accompany you to a supermarket in Brisbane north side (40 units p/h)
    • advice by phone (30 units per hour)

  • Life coaching around the ketogenic diet by phone or email (30 units per hour) could help with
    • ordering keto-friendly food at a restaurant,
    • taking keto-friendly supplements,
    • discussing solutions for when your familiy is not keto;
    • online resources to inspire and share with friends and family.

See my other listing if you're interested in attending a live cooking demonstration.

Please note:

I am not a nutritionist and am only sharing my success with the ketogenic approach to weight loss. I have been keto for over 3 years and am still loving it.

Please see my other ad for ketogenic coaching.

More info about the ketogenic diet

Excerpt from Dr. Axe website

"The ketogenic diet (or keto diet) has been practiced for more than nine decades (since the 1920s) and is based upon a solid understanding of physiology and nutrition science.

The keto diet works for such a high percentage of people because it targets several key, underlying causes of weight gain — including hormonal imbalances, especially insulin resistance coupled with high blood sugar levels, and the cycle of restricting and “binging” on empty calories due to hunger that so many dieters struggle with. In fact, these are some of the direct benefits of the keto diet."


So how does it work in practice?

With the keto diet you do not have to be counting calories, limiting portion sizes, resorting to extreme exercise or using lots of willpower. It works because it changes the very “fuel source” that the body uses to stay energized: namely, from burning glucose (or sugar) to dietary fat. Once your body is making ketones it is said to be in a state of “ketosis”. Once your body consistently uses ketones to generate energy it is said to be fat-adapted resulting in consistent, fairly quick weight loss until it reaches a healthy and stable weight.

To do the keto diet you:

  • Reduce intake of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, all sugars, cookies, cerials, and most grains).
  • Increase your consumption of healthy fats, which help create a sense of feeling full.
  • Without glucose coursing through your body, it’s now able to produce and burn ketones and use it as a cleaner burning fuel.

30 to 40 p/h
47. 1 Apr 2019
Ketogenic Cooking demonstrations

Have you heard about the ketogenic diet and want to know what all the fuss is about for weight loss and several health improvements such as high energy, mental clarity?

Want to attend a live event where you can learn healthy food hacks such as low-carb pizza, low-carb shepard's pie, healthy and quick ice-cream or mayonaise, and learn to make deserts without any sugar or flour?

Attend a live cooking demonstration

First event is taking place in Strathpine on 6th of April at 2pm. Please contact me urgently if you'd like to attend as there is only room for one more person. You can take home food samples of whatever we cook.

Each workshop is limited to 5 people and I plan to hold many others in the future. Please reach out if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.

Please note

I am not a nutritionist and am only sharing my success with the ketogenic approach to weight loss. I have been keto for over 3 years and am still loving it.

Please see my other ad for ketogenic coaching.

More info about the ketogenic diet

Excerpt from Dr. Axe website

"The ketogenic diet (or keto diet) has been practiced for more than nine decades (since the 1920s) and is based upon a solid understanding of physiology and nutrition science.

The keto diet works for such a high percentage of people because it targets several key, underlying causes of weight gain — including hormonal imbalances, especially insulin resistance coupled with high blood sugar levels, and the cycle of restricting and “binging” on empty calories due to hunger that so many dieters struggle with. In fact, these are some of the direct benefits of the keto diet."


So how does it work in practice?

With the keto diet you do not have to be counting calories, limiting portion sizes, resorting to extreme exercise or using lots of willpower. It works because it changes the very “fuel source” that the body uses to stay energized: namely, from burning glucose (or sugar) to dietary fat. Once your body is making ketones it is said to be in a state of “ketosis”. Once your body consistently uses ketones to generate energy it is said to be fat-adapted resulting in consistent, fairly quick weight loss until it reaches a healthy and stable weight.

To do the keto diet you:

  • Reduce intake of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, all sugars, cookies, cerials, and most grains).
  • Increase your consumption of healthy fats, which help create a sense of feeling full.
  • Without glucose coursing through your body, it’s now able to produce and burn ketones and use it as a cleaner burning fuel.

48. 1 Apr 2019
Original Acrylic Paintings

I have published the paintings for sale on Instagram and Facebook where you can see photos and a description of why I painted them. There is a story behind each one and I hope that in purchasing one for yourself or someone else you are able to receive or convey the message behind them.

Please see them on:

Some of the paintings will also be on display at the Redcliffe Art Gallery later this year.

Please get in touch to request a price for the painting you're interested in as they vary from painting to painting. They range between 70 Units and 180 units. They also come with a hand-crafted label (which can be used as a book mark) containing the message behind the painting.

40 to 180
49. 23 Mar 2019
Mailchimp Newsletter Editor

Offering my expertise at creating mailchimp campaigns for newsletters and other such emails.

Here is a sample of my work -

35u / Hour (Neg. for NFP)
50. 18 Mar 2019
Cocktail pianist

Cocktail music for your soiree? I'LL PLAY YOUR PIANO!

Want a stylish element at your next do? I offer live solo piano music.

I love to play elegant, familiar music as a backdrop to your special occasion. Specifically, I choose music from what I consider is the Golden Age of Style, which produced such composers as George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Leroy Anderson, Henry Mancini, Hoagy Carmichael.

I've played for congregational singing, at fundraising concerts like my Let's Swoon in June events, and at lounge concerts at my home and at friends' homes.

I'm classically trained (AMEB and Trinity College).

Call me now. Josephine BLCE1073 0417 722 937

65 per hour
51. 18 Mar 2019
Extra pair of hands when necessary

extra pair of hands when necessary

52. 18 Mar 2019
Advice re secretarial role

Advise on all aspects of the duties and requirements involved in performing the role of Secreary to an organisation. Preparing agendas, taking and writing minutes etc. Over 40 years experience in a wide range of different organisations including, Government, Trade Union and Employer groups.

Secretaries new to the position
West End
53. 17 Mar 2019
Conversational English

TESOL conversational English

Contact me
Kelvin Grove
54. 17 Mar 2019
Extra pair of hands when needed

Extra pair of hands when needed

Contact me
Kelvin Grove
55. 17 Mar 2019

Double room 3 km from the city. Overnight stays.

Contact me
Kelvin Grove
56. 17 Mar 2019
Swimming lessons

Learn to swim

Contact me
Kelvin Grove
57. 11 Mar 2019
Bath salts

bath salts 3 cups for 10 Units

Contact me
58. 7 Mar 2019
PC/Laptop - resurection - Windows Problems

Do you have an old Laptop or Desktop just waiting to be revived?

Most likely, you ended up replacing it with a new machine as it was running slow or ran out of space.

There is hope, replace Windows with Linux and get your machine back.

Bring it along to a Community Market Day and I can show you how, I can get your machine running better than it ever was.

Don't know what Linux is? Come along and I will give you a free demo.

If you are bringing your old machine, just let me know, so I can prepare.

100u to setup and a quick tutorial
59. 7 Mar 2019
Gazibo 3m X 3m

On Offer to the BrisLETS admin

20u / day
60. 5 Mar 2019
Various plants in my garden

Come and have a look at my garden, if I have plants that will grow by cutting then please make an offer. I live in Yerongq.

Make an offer
61. 5 Mar 2019
Truck driver/home help

No detail provided

Contact me
62. 2 Mar 2019
Heal Yourself Expos - Hire Stall Space

The Heal Yourself Expo has one more expo in 2019,

Sunshine Coast (July 27 & 28)

The You Can Heal Yourself Foundation, runs expos across SE Qld, more info here Pre-Booking essential.

The Heal Yourself Foundation was formed to help people on their self-healing journey. As part of our mission, we have been creating a self-healing community where people can ask questions to practitioners and therapists who then, in turn, can help them on their journey.

I invite everyone that is interesting in learning more about self-healing and those that are interested in helping those that need it to join our group.

Join our Heal Yourself Community

100% LETS units
Curra, Nth of Gympie, Qld
63. 1 Mar 2019
Lessons in hula hoop/meeting facilitator

No detail provided

Contact me
64. 27 Feb 2019
River stones for garden

Sized 2cm to 8cm. Pick up yourself, no delivery available.

65. 23 Feb 2019
Dog Walking

I can offer dog walking around Highgate Hill, West End and South Brisbane. Other areas could be considered but it might involve an additional unit fee because I don't have a car.

U15 / hour
Highgate Hill
66. 18 Feb 2019
Food Connect Shed Venue Space

Meeting spaces

Chair hire

Larger event venue hire

Data Projector hire

From 20 units to 300 units
67. 15 Feb 2019
Diet and detox advice

Advice on detoxing and diet. Usually phone consultations. Secrets of weight loss and longetvity.

Willing to do group talks. U16.00 per half hour

U16.00 per half hour
Daisy Hill
68. 14 Feb 2019

Driver with van. Units for time and dollars for petrol. Prefer work on the south side.

Contact me
Coopers Plains
69. 10 Feb 2019
Raw honey

raw honey from organically raised bees in Logan Village

1u / 100 gm net (including jar, as in the supermarkets), I used recycled glass jars, which are heavier than plastic

less one unit if you bring back, or bring a recycled jar

5kg+ 8u/kg

10kg+ 7u/kg

15kg+ 6u/kg

not including container

I don't have a car and rarely get to the city or trade days.

I also give free honey bee and native bee group workshops at my place each month, except in winter, for those wanting to have their own bees. Advertised in Jimboomba times at least once a month and on the Permaculture Brisbane Facebook group.

Logan Village
70. 9 Feb 2019
BrisLETS & CES - Learn the basics

Are you at a loss using our websites and understanding how to trade with Units?

Ever wondered about these questions?

  • What is the difference between and
  • Can you can use your smartphone to do a transaction
  • When should you do mixed offerings ($s & Units)? How much should the $s be?
  • How do you decide to gift instead of trade?

To find out, book some free tuition, in person, from your CES Website Administrator, Simon Cole. Details below.

And did you know …?

  • ...that you can see what new volunteer opportunities there are on the website? And get a full job description?
  • ...that you can earn Units through volunteering?
  • ...and find out exactly how volunteering is rewarded?
  • ...that all the volunteers who are working to keep BrisLETS going (the admins, members of committees and teams) are all listed on the Committee page of the website, under About?

Bring your own questions and get them answered!

Where abouts?

Location is flexible (home visits are possible, too) and will be updated when two or more people respond. Time is negotiable. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Every month you will see there’s a How to use BrisLETS and CES training session on somewhere in the city-wide area.

Please book now.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP by commenting on the event in the calendar on our homepage - here is the link to the event calendar page:

CES BrisLETS Traders learning to use the websites
Ferny Hills DC
71. 9 Feb 2019
ESL English conversation classes

Practise English in real-life guided conversations, with me - a trained, native English speaker.


From $10 per hour. At Sunnybank (Kafe Cafe).

Sunnybank Hills
72. 9 Feb 2019

Private Pilates sessions.  Reformer, cadillac, mat and wunda chair

60 per hour
73. 5 Feb 2019
Somatic Counseling And Psychotherapy

Working with the source of trauma and accumulated stress through a guided meditative practice. (all ages)

Wynnum West
74. 5 Feb 2019
Somatic Touch Therapy

Working with somatic touch I assist the client to Build regulation and release the impact from trauma, on the body and psyche .

Wynnum West
75. 5 Feb 2019
Child Drama Therapy

Using a combination of play, dramatherapy and somatic tracking I work with children and young people from 18mths to 12 years old, moving them through developmental trauma

Wynnum West
76. 2 Feb 2019
Cello lessons

Who doesn't love the sound of a cello? I'm offering lessons for children over 8 to adults.

  • 1/2 hr - 20 units
  • 45 mins - 30 units

These are beginners' lessons, but I can also work with students up to an intermediate level - extra help with techniques or theory. Lessons will be where I'm staying in Rochedale for the time being. I could come to you but that would mean some $ to help my transport costs.

*You will need to hire an instrument through an agency or music store (which often use agencies), which will be a dollar cost but not to me. I'll help you with this process. 

77. 1 Feb 2019
Language and Academic tuition

French, History, English and ESL tuition from Year 6 children to adults.

  • French: beginners to intermediate - I can teach you French, help you with your French schoolwork or help you prepare for a trip.
  • History: schoolwork help (esp. Years 11 + 12) and help for those who want to learn more about or learn to enjoy it if you don't yet. There is so much that's fascinating in the human past, and so much that's instructive for wise living, as well as just interest. Maybe I can help you discover a love for it - I feel like the way it's taught makes a big difference to whether people like it or not.
  • English: schoolwork help, including general English usage help up to university level, and help for adults who want to improve writing, reading, grammar, or spelling.
  • ESL: for learners of English as an additional language

Qualifications: Grad. Dip. Education (secondary), B.A. (History), and other tertiary studies to help with English usage at university level (writing essays, etc.). Experience: 1 year high school teaching, combined (French and History), 8 years tutoring (all of these areas). Location: my place or yours (travel might incur a higher cost, poss. in dollars)

40U per hour
78. 1 Feb 2019
Organising services and consulting

Do you have trouble finding things at home? Is there a space which is just always cluttered and disorganised, even after you've tidied it? Don't despair, help is here!

I will come to your home, assess the space and the issues, and help you organise the space(s) you're concerned about. As we do that, I'll help you create a system to ensure it stays that way. By 'system', I just mean a place for everything (that makes sense and is therefore easy to remember and stick to) and everything in its place. Sometimes, it's just getting through the overwhelming task of figuring it all out first, then it actually appears relatively easy to see a way forward and keep it that way. My tasks are: (a) to help you through that first step (b) to create a system as we go that works with you (and your family, if applicable), and (c) to show you how to maintain it. I promise you, we can do these things! It's a mini superpower of mine. I'll do the stuff you can't bend your mind around (seeing through the clutter/disorganisation, figuring out the detailed bits..) and help you with the rest.

Units cost depends on the size and complexity of the job. But it'll be somewhat large amounts - which are definitely worth it, when you consider the value it has to you. I'll view your space(s) first, and give you a unit estimate/cost based on that assessment. Dollar costs will only be for items you might want to purchase (I will recommend these if it applies), but I prefer not to encourage buying extra things to organise unless it'll make a really big difference. And that will be up to you.

Varied - from 60U approx. (for small job)
79. 28 Jan 2019
Natural Borax Mineral Salt

~ 8 kg of pure borax available, purchased from Blants in October 2017.

Borax or sodium borate is an alkaline mineral salt with multiple uses around the home, including: homemade laundry detergent and all purpose cleaner (I can e mail simple recipes which I use), as a plant nutrient, rodent deterrent, mould inhibitor, as an ingredient in children's slime, rust removal and odour neutralizer to name a few.

Please phone/ sms 0422 440 868 as I am unable to check e mail regularly.

80. 15 Jan 2019

Word, excel, powerpoint

Slacks Creek
81. 14 Jan 2019
Energy costs and bills

Shop around for your electricity bill before your big summer electricity bill arrives. Get advice to change electricity usage habits to reduce your costs and your impact on the environment. Practical tips tailored to your house and your needs rather than off some websites for general people. Suit your house your individual needs.

Get help to change your electricity retailer to reduce the cost of your electricity bill shop around for your electricity retailer to bring down the cost of your electricity bill.

Get help deciding whether solar panels are a worthwhile investment for your house. Help you decide whether further investments are feasible such as roof insulation or wall insulation or ceiling fans.

Call me on 0481 545 321 to discuss.

82. 13 Jan 2019

Ironing in your home using your iron

15 U per hour (negotiable)
83. 19 Dec 2018

Get your copy of Imagining Peace signed by the author!

25 lets units or combination of cash and units
St Lucia
84. 16 Dec 2018
Free accounting software

Free accounting software for non-profit, small business and personal finances. Ideal for treasurers of non-profit enterprises.

I offer help with setting up free easy to use GnuCash financial accounting software. I have had a career of implementing business systems and, since retirement, serving as treasurer for a number of non-profit organisations.

Many popular entry-level accounting systems are moving to a "cloud based" model which usually includes a monthly fee and takes control of your vital data. GnuCash software and data is entirely self contained on your personal computer.

35 units per hour up to 10 hours then 50/50 units/dollars
Ferny Grove
85. 10 Dec 2018
Myotherapy for musculoskeletal pain

Evidence based assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. Includes therapeutic exercise, massage, dry needling. 45Units and $50. Hicaps rebates available.

West End
86. 9 Dec 2018
Empty feed bags

I have about 70 used 20kg woven poly bags/sacks that contained grain. They're yours for free. Please pick up from Arana Hills or I can deliver within 10km.

Ideally this would be an ongoing arrangement.

For bagging manure, compost, logs etc
Arana Hills
87. 7 Dec 2018
Massage gift vouchers

Any amount available, all in units. Can email pdf vouchers. Perfect for last minute gifts. Just message me and I can get vouchers to you on the same day.

88. 6 Dec 2018
Right-Click Websites and Social Media Services

I am a website designer and developer, social media strategist living in Cleveland, Brisbane SE.

I am offering 50% units and 50% dollars for all my services. My rate is $50 an hour. Most websites take me 10-15 hours but I have a cap of $500 for standard websites, including domain and hosting. Web stores range from $750-1000 depending on the number of products and complexity of the website.


I create quality WordPress websites with a wide range of themes and plugins available. Website design and development usually takes 10 hours and a basic website is around $500. Web stores cost more, with $750  - $1000 cost depending on how many products. I use the WooCommerce which makes it easy to add and edit product listings. There are also add-ons for WooCommerce such as Abandoned Cart and Customised Text, Personalisation options. These are great for websites where a message or product detail is required.


Note: Initial consultation (30 minutes - 1hr) regarding Website Packages is free. I present a FREE workshop on the first 10 steps to developing a website. This can be in person, over the phone, Facebook Messenger or via video conference.



There are thousands of free and paid plugins. Some of my favourites include:

WordFence - security for WordPress with IP blocking, notification when someone logs in or tries to log in. Also includes alerts when plugins need updating.



I have a wide range of FREE to use themes or there are many paid themes which can be searchable by category eg. beauty, plumbing, wedding photographers, etc. Most themes are around $30. This cost is separate to



I offer one-on-one mentoring and workshops in WordPress, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also offer Product Photography tips and tricks plus optimising for Social Media


Either as part of a website package or separately I offer the services to set up social media profiles and update with your content or custom created content (graphic design, text) if you choose.



Many of my clients that have web stores or require content for their website use my photography services. Price ranges from $5-20 per photo which is professionally edited and optimised. I also do portrait photos for $50 an hour.


I charge $50 an hour for video conferencing outside of a Website Design and Development package. I have the option to save the conference, which may include switching to show what’s on my computer so you have step-by-step guide to how to do things eg. website options and adding/editing content 

89. 20 Nov 2018
Basic health advice

I can give basic health advice with natural remedies

24 units an hour
Clear Mountain
90. 18 Nov 2018
Phone and/ or Tablet stands

I can make any size for any tablet or phone, I just love mine.

Currently have sizes for a samsung galaxy tab, ipad and mini ipad.

Photo coming

5 units and ($2 or a pack of hot glue sticks) each
91. 17 Nov 2018
I offer a Listening service to help to ease your mind

It often helps to have a friend to talk to about what's keeping you awake at night; someone who is separate from the issues you are faced with; someone who will listen like a friend and allow you to be heard without fear of judgement. The gift of emapthy, compassion and listening to bring inner peace is my natural gift to the world and it is my heart-felt pleasure to offer this to You in a safe, confidential space. Please note, this is not a professional counselling or psychotherapy service. In some cases, I may recommend a person seek professional advice or support when the need is evident. I am currently available to meet in person locally (Brisbane Western suburbs as of Nov 2018) or connect via telephone, by appointment. Everyone needs someone to share their thoughts and feelings, at one time or another. It's okay to give yourself permission to reach out to someone you can trust, and open your heart to welcome the kindness you will receive, in return.

92. 16 Nov 2018

Helpdesk support

93. 16 Nov 2018
Pet services

I'm a qualified Veterinarian to help keep your pet healthy!

94. 16 Nov 2018
Computer Services

Support and Services: computers, phones, websites, emarketing, the lot!

95. 16 Nov 2018
Marketing Consulting

 I'm an Engineer with Specialisations in NeuroMarketing. Support for your amrketing and Advertising.

96. 13 Nov 2018
Relaxation Massage

Swedish , relaxation therapeutic massage. Non sexual. 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

97. 13 Nov 2018
Remedial Massage

For those who want help with injuries or long term ailments. More of a sports, and physiotherapy type approach. Includes trigger pointing, and myofascial release.

98. 13 Nov 2018
Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stone massage heated to your liking. Super luxurious and relaxing.

99. 9 Nov 2018


Contact me
Samford Valley
100. 9 Nov 2018

Reiki sessions with crystals and various essences. Help you to feel better and breath easier as well as perhaps release some of those old emotions you no longer need in your life.

Contact me
Samford Valley
101. 9 Nov 2018
House and pet sitting

care for house and pets while the owner is away

150 Units per week
Samford Valley
102. 8 Nov 2018
Gardening and land care

Advice and light work in land management

25 per hour
St Lucia
103. 7 Nov 2018
Deliever You or Your goods

I would like to offer the LETS community a delievery service I hope this will be helpful to the community. 

I live central Brisbane and can only help where location can be accomadated and time available. 

15units for first half hour +10units per half hour+ petrol money
104. 6 Nov 2018
Pellowah Energy Healing (hands Off Technique)

Pellowah healing is a simple, powerful and effective way to bring positive change into your life. Pellowah is great for working on emotional blockages in your life and is a “non-contact / hands off” healing modality. The growth and change brought about by Pellowah helps a person to build on their old frameworks without the trauma. Pellowah is an Angelic word for ‘radical shift in consciousness’. This form of healing connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being. Pellowah expands the consciousness, helping them to become more objective. After receiving Pellowah healing you will have more clarity to make better choices, look at everything with a new perspective; your attitude towards life and situations will change, thus creating a positive shift. A Pellowah healing is 60 minutes in duration, available in person or we can conduct a distance healing for you.

105. 6 Nov 2018
Clearing Energy Field (aura) And Aligning The Chakras

By clearing the energy field around us we become lighter, brighter and have a greater sense of clarity and well-being. Aligning the chakras helps you to maintain balance and direction in life.

106. 23 Oct 2018
Organic Produce And Gardening

I often have excess eggs and home grown veg. Also, I have horticultural, environmental mgt and permacultute qualifications and experience. Can offer advice and labour

Coopers Plains
107. 23 Oct 2018
Child Minding

I have kids with me already. Happy to have another one or 2 for a bit

Coopers Plains
108. 23 Oct 2018
Proof Reading

Have worked as a research assistant for just under a decade. Writing skills and editing, proof reading is sonething I can do without fuss.

Coopers Plains
109. 19 Oct 2018
Earrings Beading Workshop

I'm running a beading workshop at the upcoming Trading Day on Sunday 21/10/18 and post Trading Day will be running the workshop periodically upon demands in Camira if there are at least 3-4 people interested..

You'll learn in this workshop how to bead weave intriciate earring design, using right angle weave beading technique.
We will use quality materials (Miyuki, Swarovski Crystals etc).
You will walk out wiht beautiful earrings that have lovely sparkle & shine + typed instructions.

2 hour workshop 30 units + $10 for the Materials Kit available to purchase at teh workshop =OR= Bring your own materials (will supply you with materials list).

I'll bring a few kits with me with 6 different colour combinations depicted in the picture below to the Trading Day. If you want to ensure your chosen colour is available, please contact me and let me know the kit # you are interested in

For more info or booking, contact Sigal on 0439 539 916 /

30 units & $10 Materials
110. 14 Oct 2018
Kombucha Scoby

Kombucha Scoby grown in black tea and sugar. Enough scoby to get you started with a 2L batch. Can also provide instructions.

Camp Hill
111. 12 Oct 2018
Remedial, Relaxation & KaHuna Massage

112. 6 Oct 2018
Recycling information

i have more knowledge of lots of things that can be recycled and where than most... as iused to rehome things for a living

113. 4 Oct 2018
Permaculture Design Consult

Would you like a full design brief for a permaculture make-over of your property or perhaps just a bit of discussion about some ideas for your place?  Let's chat :)

30 units per hour
114. 29 Sep 2018
Silver colloid

I have a small bottle of silver colloid - make me an offer :)

5 ono
Arana Hills
115. 22 Sep 2018
English conversation

If you are new to English I can help you :) 

10 per 30 minutes
116. 22 Sep 2018
Danish lessons

I can teach you Danish 

10 per 30 minutes
117. 21 Sep 2018

Diatomite, ABSORBA-CIDE, 350Gr bags. Physical insecticide suitable for the control of insect pests on plants and animals.

118. 17 Sep 2018
My book on how I overcame a chronic pain condition and more


I wrote it 

119. 15 Sep 2018
Small Business Confidante

Operating as a small business or sole trader can be a lonely road. I am available as a confidential sounding board with whom you can share your business concerns. I am now retired from a career in electronics and IT, the last 15 years as a sole trader helping other small businesses with their business systems and processes.

35 per hour
Ferny Grove
120. 11 Sep 2018

Extra pair of hands when needed

Contact me
Holland Park
121. 11 Sep 2018

Could take passengers to local shops, library, clubs etc. or pick up small amounts of groceries and deliver in the Mitchelton area.

122. 11 Sep 2018
Craft Needs

I have all sorts of bits and pieces that could be upcycled, recycled or reused in craft.

123. 11 Sep 2018

I could teach you to knit and sew. Also long history in the IT industry so could help you with WP, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, social media etc.

124. 29 Aug 2018
MILES QLD - Holiday Accommodation - Onsite Cabins, Cottages, Caravan & Camping Sites

We supply 265 acres of bush camping sites with power and modern amenities. We also have onsite cabins and cottages

We charge F100/ night for cabins and cottages.

We charge F10/ adult per night for caravan/ camping sites (power included)

we have filtered rain water to fill bottles

F10 p/night & F100 p/night
Miles, Qld
125. 27 Aug 2018
Basic Clothes Mending

I can re-hem pants, put patches on and sew back buttons.

126. 17 Aug 2018
Piano lessons

I have a B.Mus, A.Mus.A. and a Dip. Ed. and taught piano for several years. I can teach beginners or anyone up to the standard of A.Mus. A. 

127. 23 Jul 2018
Fabric shopping bags

recycled fabric shopping bags (sizes vary slightly) & 2 hessian bags.

will post - cash for postage.

128. 15 Jul 2018
Spanish <> English translations

Available for translation of documents from Spanish to English and viceversa.

20 per hour
Gordon Park
129. 24 Jun 2018
Degree qualified psychologist

Every day is a new day. Sometimes we need to begin again and seek the resources to find our inner strength and a path with heart.

Upper Mt Gravatt
130. 18 Jun 2018
A sub-tropical holiday - Brisbane

Ideal for people in Brisbane for conferences or a short visit.

We are in leafy suburban Brisbane (Ferny Grove) within easy walking distance of the Ferny Grove Station.

Comfortable accommodation (1-2 persons, 1-2 nights) with own bathroom/loo and tv lounge.

We are mainly downstairs but the kitchen upstairs is shared.

Pool (summer!) and food forest garden with lots of parrots and wildlife.

35 units/night one person; 40 units/night couple (double bed).

35/night one person, 40/night couple
Ferny Grove
131. 17 Jun 2018
Editing or proof reading

Academic and general editing.

65 per hour
St Lucia
132. 13 Jun 2018
Raw Organic Honey


I have some more honey available.

I will be attending the Community Market days, so bring your containers.

Contact me to make sure that i'm attending. Otherwise pick-up/delivery is available

Organic honey.

BYO Container.

1.1u per 100gms
133. 24 May 2018
Box trailer for hire

The small 3 x 5 ft  trailer is located in Sandgate. Available for 5 unit + $5 for up to 3 days. Trailer has round 7 pin plug.

5 + 5
134. 21 May 2018
Water saving gadget for tap

These screw onto the end of a tap so it uses less water.

Shailer Park
135. 16 May 2018
Golf clubs,bag and buggy

For 50 units I can hire out my set of fancy golf clubs, all quality brands, plus my buggy with golf balls and tees. In addition you can use my golf glove (small size) and golf shoes (mens size 10). Pick them up from Kenmore the night before you use them. To all hirers I give away a golf instruction book if you want it. If you are contmplating buying a set of golf clubs borrow mine and find out what top quality clubs feel like to use.

136. 15 May 2018
Light Therapy

Bioptron light therapy for that quick fix you want. Get rid of the pain in 10 minutes. Reduce wrinkles, acne wound healing. Check out for more info. I am in Cornubia..

U40/ 10 min
137. 26 Apr 2018
Cohousing and Sharing Consultancy

Nowadays more people are looking at ways to live more socially and efficiently, both financially and environmentally.

I provide a consutlation service that can provide a real-life introduction to cooperative house-sharing and intentional and sustainable community living practices. Based on real-life, in-house experience and considerable research, learning and field trips, my knowledge can save you considerable time and trouble.

Whether are you a beginner or well-versed in this area, I can provide guidance and direction tailored to your particular interest. You may be interested in joining a community, or starting a house-sharing arrangement. Or you may already be in a household or community that could be more functional and cooperative. Is there waste due to lack of caring and attention to detail? Are members harbouring resentments that hold the group’s happiness and economy back?

Consultations begin with a free half-hour over the phone to ascertain your needs and a suitable way forward, if any. Thereafter, the hourly rate is Us40. Initially, I will invite you to a guided tour of my working model of house-sharing, either in person or over the Internet. Depending on your requirements, I provide information and documents for running a fair, shared living and working environment that I call TemptyTrust. Each A4 document provided is Us10 each. There are up to about 24 pages that may be useful to you.

40 / hour
Coopers Plains
138. 20 Apr 2018
Organic limes when in season

Fresh organic limes.lime leaves.1unit per 2 limes.when in season.

139. 13 Apr 2018
English Language Tutoring

All skills and levels for non native speakers

  • Written English - business, IELTS, assignments, research, CVs, personal, editing
  • Reading - for exams, research, pleasure
  • Listening - for tests or conversation
  • Academic or general skills - thesis preparation, research conventions, grammar, vocabulary.

Do you need help to improve your English language skill set? I'm here to help you. Poor English can cost you your job, degree or that all important exam. I will help you reach the level of ability you're aiming at in all 4 skills or in improving resumes, essays and your preparation for English exams, including IELTS. I offer a FREE initial, online or in-person 15 minute consultation so that we can get on track right away and tailor a learning program to your needs.* Rates are Us50/hour, for distance work or in person at a location by mutual agreement. I find my students usually need a few hours the first month, and then maybe 1 or 2 hours the next month and so on, until you are learning independently as much as possible, which saves you Units.
I have been teaching English for 30 years all over the world, mostly at universities, and have studied several languages. I also have experience in psychology, management, politics and sustainability.

*Please send the following information:

- skill(s) you want to focus on

- current level (IELTS score, elementary, preintermediate, intermediate, advanced)

- target level

- your 1st language

- your email address

- your location

You can choose to be coached online by distance or in person. Limitied materials are provided; you should purchase materials on recommendation. These rates may vary depending on the individual and motivation for learning.

Simon Cole

Master Science (TESOL), Aston University, U.K.
Graduate Diploma of Ed (TESOL), U.N.E., N.S.W..
Royal Society of Arts Certificate (TESOL), Melbourne, Victoria
Bachelor Behavioural Science, La Trobe University, Victoria
Please note - travel may attract a $ surcharge.

45 per hour
Coopers Plains
140. 9 Apr 2018
Computer training

Need help using computers and the Internet? I'm an above-average computer literate user who can take you from basics such as browsing the Internet, using email and keeping track of your passwords, to running a Linux OS such as Mint and a wide range of online platforms from Facebook to Slack.

I'm a teacher of 30 years and patient.

I usually am available at BrisLETS Trading and Services Days (3rd Sunday of every month).

Contact me to arrange time and place to meet. No extra charge if you come to me in Coopers Plains

35 Units per hour
Coopers Plains
141. 3 Apr 2018
Colloidal Silver

200ml Colloidal Silver - Pureau pure water 100 percent free of all chlorine, salt, bacteria, fluoride and other impurities ionized with colloidal silver particlesusing a colloidal silver generator well.

200ml 15 Units. 800 ml for 50 Units

Delivery postage extra dollars or pick up from Coopers Plains

Coopers Plains
142. 26 Mar 2018
JP (Qualified)

JP (Qualified).

Need a Stat Dec or Affidavit witnessed or copies of documents certified - phone me to arrange a time to visit me at Woolloongaba.

West End
143. 10 Mar 2018

I have an excellent grasp of English style, grammar and spelling. I can proofread all sorts of documents to make sure they make sense and are grammatically correct. Documents can be hardcopy or digital (MS Word).

U40 / h
Arana Hills
144. 9 Mar 2018
Copy Writing website promotional social media

Copy writing

available website, facebook pages, social media posts, business brochures. 

25 per hours or quote per job
145. 7 Mar 2018
Accommodation / Temporary / 1-4 nights / gorgeous house in Camira!

Stay in a room in a gorgeous house from 1 to 4 nights in Camira (near Goodna, QLD). (occationally might consider longer stays. Contact me to equire).

Furnished Room with a large single bed (includes a desk, partial wardrobe space, lamps etc).
The house is freshly renovated, private house in a quiet street.
Electricity, water & WiFi included in price (30 units + $15 per night )

For a couple, I might consider giving my large bedroom with a Queen Size bed. Feel free to make me an offer.

Note: Vegetarian House Hold.

You'll have access to:
Shared Batroom (Huge bathtub!)
Infra Red Sauna (extra $10 per use)
Celling fans.
Shared fully equipped Kitchen (Bring your own ingrediants, Vegetarian only)
Off street parking
Shared Large garden
Shared Living Room

30min from Brisbane CBD
1 hour to the Gold Coast
10 minutes from University of Southern Queensland, Springfield Campus

No smoking in the house, outside in Garden OK
No Pets
You'll need to clean after yourself

Contact Sigal on 0439 539 916

30 units + $15 per night
146. 3 Mar 2018
Golf clubs

Set of graphite shafted irons. Graphite shafted one, three and five metal woods. A stainless steel shafted 60 degree lob wedge and putter. Twelve new golf balls. Bag of golf tees. Can deliver them if not too far away from Kenmore. All for 200 units.

100 units
147. 27 Feb 2018
I can make a website for you.. even if you don't need a website today, maybe you would like to have a look and leave me a comment or a like ?

Some Examples of my work?

I made this,, I tried to keep it relatively clean and minimalist. If you want something more graphically orientated we can do that.

I made a website for the Wide Bay and Burnett Exchange, built using Units and Collaboration.

This one for Noosa Community Exchange

Have a chat with me if you have some ideas


35 p/hr
148. 21 Feb 2018
NITE Global Accommodation Exchange

Do you offer Travel, Tours & Accommodation for Exchange credits? Be it flash & fancy or basic, short-term or long-term; Overnight, a week or a month. Add to the NITE Exchange your B&B, Retreat, Homestay, Farmstay, Granny Flat, Camping, Couch-surfing, Tent, Bus, RV, Caravan or Campervan space on your property and earn Nites.

Add your Offer remotely through your account on your Personal Home Page. Be sure to include all your contact details: ph number(s with country codes, rates p/night or p/week & a full description with a photo (if possible). 

'How to' & Info here on Facebook:

Register Here - Add your accommodation offers:

Ferny Hills DC
149. 12 Feb 2018
Decluttering & Organising Help

I can help you to declutter, organise & beautify your home or designated spaces in your home. I am a visual artist & a psychologist - & I will assess your space, design a system & help you implement it in a practical way. Decluttering enables you to have more physical, emotional & mental space & clarity in your everyday life.

60 per hour
Red Hill
150. 8 Feb 2018
Garden Mulcher

A great mulcher to chew your tree branches, its great for palm fronds as well. Pick up only.

20u / weekend
151. 28 Jan 2018
CEDAR POCKET - Homestay Accommodation

Queen size bed in room with meals provided. Bedroom is in the upstairs of our house we have two rooms downstairs where my two kids are, aged 13 and 12 and the master bedroom is upstairs on the adjacent part of the house. We have 6 beautiful acres with a small forest, a pool and numerous gorgeous places to relax and take in the lovely views

F70 p/night
Cedar Pocket, Gympie, Qld
152. 19 Jan 2018
Relaxation Massage

In need of some gentle healing?

I have many years in all types of Bodywork and will tailor the massage to suit you!

153. 17 Jan 2018
Bicycle Repair and parts

I can assist with bike repair. Also have some bike parts.

If new parts needed will require dollars

154. 16 Jan 2018
Jewellery Weaving Workshop / Swarovski Pendant

In bead weaving you will use a fine needle to create intricate Jewellery designs.

In this 2½ hour workshop you will learn how to use right angle bead weaving technique to create this beautiful pendant.

We used top quality beads for this project. It will be evident in the beautiful sparkle your pendant will radiate.
(Note: It's a 2 layer pendant)

Materials used:
4mm Swarovski Crystals
4mm Czech Fire Polised Beads
11/0 Miyuki (Japanese) Seed Beads
5/0 Miyuki (Japanese) Seed Beads
John James Beading Needle #10
Fireline 6LB Thread.

Cost $18 to cover Materials & 30 Units. If more than 1 books together you can get it for $18 + 25 units each.
Subject to minimum 3-4 people booking.

25-30 Units & $18 for materials
155. 9 Jan 2018
Writing and copywriting

Your prospects wonder, 'WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?'

Writing effective copy for your marketing materials -- web content, newsletter, brochures, flyers, reports etc -- is harder than you think.

Your goods or services may be fabulous, but your potential clients or customers don't want to hear about that; instead, they really want to know how you can help them ACHIEVE THEIR DREAM OR SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM.

I've been trained to help you create persuasive messages that answer these questions.

I focus on the BENEFITS of your product or service, using everyday language that's easy to understand.

Then I finish by giving them their marching orders: a strong, clear call to ACT NOW.

Want help? Contact me now. Josephine BLCE1073 0417 722 937

156. 12 Dec 2017
New Handmade bath salts

Cup of Fragranced bath salts -

157. 16 Nov 2017
Work in exchange for holiday in Kempsey NSW?

There is always much work in running an events operation if your a worker ie Gardens HousePainting cleaning etc etc Why not consider working a Holiday for you & a loved one? Check out Netherby House Kempsey? & talk with Pat 0478832272

25 P.H.
158. 16 Nov 2017
Weddings special Celebrations

Why not get Married Mid North Coast NSW Perfect tempreture all year round! B&B for Mum & Dad Picturesque gardens overlooking the Magnificent Macleay River. Please enquire & let us know of your requirements? Just Google Netherby House Kempsey then call Pat 0478 832 272

80 P.H.
159. 16 Nov 2017
Overnight or a few days

I have two B&B's with ensuits right on the Macleay River 0nly$75 plus 75 units or $150 plus 150 units for two I offer hair cuts for either male or female, manicures & or Pedicures! why not spruce up on your way through?

Happy to provide meals if required.

All responsibility for children would be yours as there are no fences to the river

160. 31 Oct 2017
Flatpack Furniture assembler

Do you need somebody to help you assemble flat pack furniture?
I even have a trailer if you need it transported (rate neg.)

I'm only available on Mondays

161. 25 Oct 2017
Home baked organic sourdough bread

I make delicious sourdough bread from my happy sourdough culture. I need a few days notice for an order to be made.

162. 16 Oct 2017
French/English translation

I am a native French speaker and can do non official translations (letters, websites, touristic information, etc.) from French to English or English to French. 

Camp Hill
163. 14 Oct 2017
Water Kefir ready to drink or "grains" to make drink

Water kefir is an excellent and delicious probiotic. These aren't grains at all. They are just a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) grown in sweetened filtered water (sugar, molasses, lemon slices, and dried figs or dates). The bateria and yeast consume the sugar and the finished product hardly contains much sugar at all - depending on how long you let it ferment for.

The offerings are:

  1. enough scoby and instructions to make 2 litres of water kefir = U10
  2. water kefir ready to drink in your own bottle = U2 per 500ml
  3. water kefir ready to drink in a glass bottle provided = U5 per 500ml

Please let me know which of the above you would like and the amounts.

I need a few days notice to have order ready.

This is available to be picked up from Strathpine.

2 to 10 units
164. 13 Oct 2017
Sponge Bob Nickelodeon sandwich maker

Sponge Bob Nickelodeon sandwich maker.

will leave sponge Bob's face imprinted on the bread.

used in excellent condition.

has been checked by an electrician on the 9/8/2017

165. 16 Sep 2017
Pet care in your home

I can look after your dogs, cats, birds while you are away. Talk to me if you have a more unusual pet. Rates are 10-40U ea/day depending on the type and number of pet/s.

Contact me
166. 15 Sep 2017
FITZGIBBON - Potted Plants

I'll pot up plants for you

100% Units
Fitzgibbon, Brisbane Qld
167. 4 Sep 2017
Van parking.... produce

I offer van parking/ home grown produce and eggs for onite stays.

Self contained travellers. Bring your van and stay here.

I have power, shower and toilet to offer as well

168. 27 Jul 2017
Promote your offers to traders around Australia

Do you offer something that could be made available to members in other trading group?
For example:
  • small goods that can be posted
  • advice, support or lessons that can be offered online or over the phone
  • holiday accomodation
If so, please list it on out new group “Anywhere in Australia”.

All you need to do is click “Add Offering” and make sure to select the group “Anywhere in Australia”. Then complete you offer as usual.

169. 20 Jul 2017
Man with a Trailer for hire

I can help you with moving goods and rubbish.

I have a 4 * 6 trailer and car.

I'm hiring our my labour at 35units per hour and asking for 20c/km for petrol.

Ask me for a quote when you make an enquiry.

(I'm only available on Mondays)

35 units / Hour 20c/km
170. 14 Jul 2017
I Can Make Spreadsheets and Forms

I can put them onlne, I can support you in learning how to use them

171. 5 May 2017
Worm farming

I can advise on worm farming and supply worms to start you off

To be agreed
172. 5 May 2017
Compost making advice


I have been making compost successfully for quite a while. If u need some help with yours pls call.

To be agreed
173. 23 Apr 2017
Computer Help/repairs

James is a computer programmer with years of experience helping people with computer problems.

$25 + U35 / hour
Camp Hill
174. 1 Apr 2017
Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading I do Psychic Readings that combine Palmistry, messages from spirit guides, Past Life, Mediumship & Oracle Cards. I have studied at the College of Psychic Studies in London & have read professionally for 10 years.

Red Hill
175. 30 Mar 2017

I have been a professional counsellor/psychotherapist for about 10 years. I have a BA Psychology from UQ & a Social Work Diploma.

Red Hill
176. 30 Mar 2017
Course in Palmistry

I teach a 6 week beginner's course in Palmistry - each lesson is 1.5-2 hours - 50U per lesson. I studied Palmistry in London at the College of Psychic Studies & I've been a professional Palmist for 8 years & a teacher for 3 years.

50U per lesson
Red Hill
177. 24 Mar 2017
Counselling & Pranic Healing

I have a Psychology degree & I offer counselling that can also include Pranic Healing, & Meditation. I have been counselling/healing professionally for 12 years.

Red Hill
178. 24 Mar 2017
Psychic Reading

I do Psychic Readings that combine Palmistry, messages from spirit guides, Past Life, Mediumship & Oracle Cards. I have studied at the College of Psychic Studies in London & have read professionally for 10 years.

Red Hill
179. 24 Mar 2017

I teach 6 week courses in 1) Psychic & Spiritual Development 2)Palmistry (U50 for each of the six lessons). I studied at the College of Psychic Studies in London & have been teaching courses for 8 years.

Red Hill
180. 24 Mar 2017
Sustainable garden/house tour

All welcome, mornings better, any day usually, pre-book.

Groups are free, individuals are 30u.

Come see my more sustainable house (shed) and garden at Logan Village (towards Jimboomba/Tamborine from Brisbane), which is an ongoing Permaculture design implementation. A full tour would take about 3 hours.

I have look after about 500 square meters of my brother's 3+ acre property.

Main Sustainable Features:

- 500lt Above Ground Cellar which enabled me to reduce my fridge/freezer from 240lt to 50lt

- Masonry Heater, the most efficient heating system known, two buckets of naturally fallen branches heats my space all night

- Biogas Plant for summer cooking, add chook poo and human urine and get methane gas and liquid fertiliser

- Passive Solar heating/cooling, shed is aligned EW, so one long side is facing north for winter mornings and one long side is facing south for summer days, each are trellised with a deciduous vine to give appropriate shade

- Water Conservation, solar pumped dam water is drip irrigated under mulch to veggie and herb garden; rainwater capture; no town water; no black water (compost toilet); grey water to banana circle; winter and summer outdoor gravity fed showers

- Hybrid self-watering raised veggie bed, incorporating: swale, hugelkultur, wicking

- Young food forest: thickly mulched with mixed exotics and natives, natives are mostly nitrogen fixers

- Chickens, honey bees and native bees

- Wicking beds

- Converted bicycle to e-bike DIY

Minor features:

- Homemade organic: cleaner, dish and laundry detergent, hand-wash, pest spray

- Local honey and honey comb; free monthly honey and native bee workshops (see other offerings)

- Recycling: egg shells, kitchen scraps, weeds (become liquid fertiliser), fire ash, grey water, newspaper, cardboard

- Rocket stove for winter cooking outside with fallen branches; wicking beds, stainless steel pegs; general areas thickly mulched to avoid mowing etc.; in-pen chicken operated compost production; in-bed worm towers

Bring morning tea to share.

Logan Village
181. 23 Mar 2017
Secular Buddhism

I live on acrage at Logan Village, but we could also use the internet.

I teach the Buddha's Teaching for this very life, without cultural and religious additions.

I teach calm and insight meditation practice according to the early Buddhist texts (ascribed to the Buddha only), based on the teaching of Mindfulness of Breathing.

The given category is 'Esoteric', but I think this would not really apply to Secular Buddhism. In the spirit of integration, rational thought is considered to be as essential as healthy emotion (kindness, compassion, appreciation, equanimity).

Free to groups, individuals charged 30u.

Logan Village
182. 23 Mar 2017
Honey Bee Raising

On acrage at Logan Village I have 4-6 honey bee hives (reduced from 13), including one Flow Hive and one hybrid.

Free monthly group workshops at my place, or charged one-on-one at my place, 30u.

If you have a Facebook account you can register here:

Logan Village
183. 23 Mar 2017
Native Bee Raising

On acrage at Logan Village I have 2 native bee hives.

Free monthly group workshops at my place, or charged one-on-one at my place, 30u.

If you have a Facebook account you can see more information for the workshop and register here:

Logan Village
184. 3 Mar 2017

Alchemy Hair Art - A fully qualified hairdresser and home/mobile salon owner.

Paraben and sulphpate free products

See FB page for some images

Hairtrim 40 Units

*Add Blow-dry 10 units

Restyle and blow-dry fr 50 Units

Braiding from 20 Units

Colour Tint Regrowth 50 Units

Full Colour from 70 units

Highlights Half Head 90 Units

Curaplex treatment fr * 30 units

* Colours/ Curaplex incur a cash percentage of approx $15 to $50.

*Quotes available

Carina Heights
185. 12 Feb 2017
Usui Reiki Treatments

Reiki assists healing on all levels of being and is a gentle hands on healing tehnique that aligns the chakras and meridians of the the body. A great way to destress and finetune your self.

I am Master Teacher of 16 years of the Usui method of Reiki as well as other modalities. Calll me on 0404 157 410 for queries.

*Distance healing 20 units for 20 minutes.

Carina Heights
186. 25 Jan 2017
KaHuna Bodywork

Enjoy a relaxing holistic body treatments for mind, body and soul with this ancient Hawaiian technique.

Organic products only. 60 mins - $20 cash + 65 units


Contact me
Carina Heights
187. 9 Jan 2017
Fire bugs plants

fire bugs plants.beautiful decorative purple plants.

188. 8 Dec 2016
French conversation

French conversation by native speaker.

50 units a private lesson for 1 or 2 people

Kenmore Hills

Kenmore Hills
189. 15 Nov 2016
BrisLETS on Facebook

Join this group (if you haven't already done it) for a chatty forum about Brisbane community exchange topics

Contact me
Ferny Hills DC
190. 15 Nov 2016

When you log in with your account number and password look for the Help(?) button near the top righthand side. There you will find a User Guide.

Be patient
Ferny Hills DC
191. 28 Oct 2016
Wemoon Washable And Reusable Pads For Women

Wemoon washable cloth pads are an eco friendly alternative to disposable pads for periods and light incontinence. Australian owned and made. Organic range available. For more information please visit

Lights - panty liner @ 15 units

Slims - medium flow @ 20 units

Maxi - heavy flow @ 22 units

Night pad - fitted lingerie overnight pad @ 40 units

Order in Lets units and pay $ for postage within Australia or pick up order from our home in Brisbane.

See description for unit rates
192. 24 Sep 2016

Highly skilled stylist and colour technician. Over 19 years experience. using all cruelty free/vegan colours and products. specialising in blondes-belyage/foils, unmanagable hair-curly/fine, hair and scalp health. Woman’s styling only.

Half cash half points
193. 22 Sep 2016
Garden Advice

Predominantly for edible gardens, raised garden beds & wicking beds.(Sandgate Area)

194. 20 Sep 2016
Sewing alterations

No detail provided

Contact me
South Brisbane
195. 13 Sep 2016

We have plants that you can take cuttings from to grow.

2 units per cutting
196. 12 Jul 2016
Daylight Moon - Folk band for hire

Daylight Moon is a low-key, high quality, friendly folk act. Our repertoire includes a lot of originals, and interpretations ranging from Tom Lehrer's comic Poisioning Pigeons in the Park to Shel Silverstein's Ballad of Lucy Jordan.

You can listen to some samples at or see what we are up to at:

Please note, if you are looking for background music we are probably not your ideal choice.

CDs also available.

Rates will vary depending on how long you want, how long we need to hang around either side of performing, who's providing sound gear, travel time, etc. We may ask for $ for petrol, if there is much travel involved.

Highgate Hill
197. 12 Jul 2016
Folk music CDs - Daylight Moon

My Duo, Daylight Moon, has two lovely CDs for sale. Well-known Queesland poet, Ross Clark, is the instrumentalist and song writer; I'm the lead singer. We sing a mix of his originals and our own interpretations of other people's songs. Not only is the music lovely if you enjoy folk with jazz, pop, country and blues flavours, but the CDs are beautifully designed and include some of Ross's poetry.

You can listen to some samples at or see what we are up to at: 

Extra units for postage please: 4 units for 1 CD; 5 units for 2 CDs within Australia. Overseas posting price to be determined. 

We can also offer live performances by arrangement. Please get in touch.

Highgate Hill
198. 12 Jul 2016

If you'd like to improve your singing, I can show you exercises and warmups to strengthen your voice, improve your breathing and give you more control of your voice. I am not professionally trained, and I will tell you if your needs are beyond my expertise. I sing in a couple of duos, and can do more vocally each year. I have run singing workshops both solo and with other singers in Brisbane and at music festivals for many years.

You can hear my singing at I am also happy to sell CDs for units.

U75 for an hour session
Highgate Hill
199. 12 Jul 2016

Photography - child/animal/birth/homes etc. I will take the time to capture engaging natural photos or formal portraits of your children/grandchildren/pets in the setting of your choice. I can photograph items to post online for sale - including your home!

I am a birthing doula and can meet with you for birthing and parenting tips. I have taken memorable (discrete) videos and images of births and newborns - allowing birthing partners to focus on the mother and not photographing the event. Call to discuss your needs and view sample images.

200. 12 Jul 2016

Let me help you convey your message succinctly ~ in an important letter or manuscript. Lots of experience - from successfully requesting refunds from small and big companies for faulty products or workmanship - to editing a whole book. Call to discuss your needs.

201. 12 Jul 2016

I can help simplify relocating for you ~ packing/unpacking possessions, creating a 'start up box' for you, and logistical advice for children and pets for a seamless move. I also offer decluttering support ahead of your move.

202. 12 Jul 2016

I can help you declutter your home to create an efficient space and mental clarity ~ from just one cupboard to a whole room ~ at your pace, following your directions regarding selling/rehoming/disposing of all those items you no longer use or love. Nothing disposed of without your explicit authority. Testimonials available.

203. 10 Jul 2016
Scrap booking material

Scrap booking and card making supplies for trade

204. 8 Jul 2016

Small fiddley jobs only. eg replace door locks, tap washers, , Non-slip treatment to step treads .concrete floors. slippery floor tiles. shower trays and bathtubs. - Ring to discuss job.

30 units/dollars an hour or part thereof
205. 1 Jul 2016
Gardening advice

Amateur advice on permaculture and food growingin general.

20 p/hour
Coopers Plains
206. 27 Jun 2016
Help with writing

Help with writing resume's, filling in forms, writing poems, writing letters etc.

40 u per hour
207. 27 Jun 2016
Hire of equipment

For hire: 12 ft & 8 ft stepladders, 12 ft foldable ladder, Lawnmower, 6 X 4 trailer with cover (needed when moving garden ribbish etc.,)

20 units upwards.
208. 27 Jun 2016

Help with breathing problems

30 per hour
209. 11 Jun 2016
Need help with trading?

Browse the Offerings and Wants lists to look for opportunities to trade. You can also ask a more experienced trader or your Local Area Contact (under Information > Co-ordinators) for ideas if you are having trouble thinking of ways to earn or ways to spend.

Ferny Hills DC
210. 26 May 2016
Golf tuition

Learn to play golf from a regular player. We can work on your swing in a park in Kenmore or we can go around a golf course at a quiet time when we are not slowing down golfers behind us. Golf is not expensive if you know how to go about it. For example you can play at St Lucia on a monday for $18.50. Cheap green fees are obtainable at A second hand bag plus a full set of used but good quality clubs can be bought for less than $150.

######### give golf a go############

30 units an hour
211. 23 May 2016
Repairs of clothing, fitting garments

If you have some clothes you want repaired, or a garment that doesn't fit you too well and you'd like it fitted to your body, or a hem that needs taking up, I may be able to help.

Price in units to be negotiated, based on time to do the job.

I have made a lot of one-off items (even dinghy sails!) and make a lot of things with materials such as cloth and shadecloth.

Machine or hand-sewing.

Ferny Grove
212. 22 May 2016
Hire Crockery for Tea Party

For Hire:

* 2 dozen cups and saucers and plates. These are fairly plain with gold trim or subdued floral pattern.

* 3 china coffee pots

* assorted china serving dishes

* White or lace table cloths.

Flat rate for the day. (U30 for delivery and pick up if close by.)

Shailer Park
213. 8 May 2016

I can cook french dishes as well as dips for you. Ingredients in dollars.

214. 8 May 2016

Bed and breakfast in Yeronga close to UQ and Brisbane City.

U50 + $10
215. 8 May 2016
Bamboo poles for sale

long bamboo poles for sale

Can be cut to suit

Contact me
216. 8 May 2016
Plants and seedlings, Aquatic plants

Plants and seedlings, Aquatic plants

217. 8 May 2016
Solar, wind, energy efficient design

Solar, wind, energy efficient design

218. 2 May 2016
Water Kefir

water kefir - 1.1 ltr bottles at 10 units

Water kefir is a fermented drink full of healthful probiotics, good for digestion and gut health. This is not pasturised so keep in refrigerator especially after opening. It tastes similar to cider but contains less alcohol (only slight alcohol content caused by the fermentation). It is a light and refreshing drink.

I try to bring some to trading days but best if you pre order and we can set a pickup date as I don't usually have excess bottles of water kefir on hand.

U10 + bottle deposit $2 for swing cap bottles or U8 depends on size
219. 30 Apr 2016
Help assembling items

Assistance assembling equipment, installing programs, moving furniture around etc.

Happy to have people ask about things not suggested here.

Prefer the Logan Area but if I am around other areas for work etc I am happy to assist.

220. 30 Apr 2016
Tools for use in Logan area

I have a variety of garden and general tools that aren't being used all the time so am happy to lend them but not to be removed to another site or kept as I regularly use them too as needed.

Please contact
221. 30 Apr 2016
Available buddy

I can help members access their BrisLETS account etc.

222. 9 Apr 2016
Holiday care of your property

I can occupy your dwelling while you are away on holiday for as long as a month .I looked after one nearby brislets member's house, car and pool for three months recently. Preferably it will be near a public transport route in the western suburbs of Brisbane in or near Kenmore. I can also care for your pets and pay the bills which arrive in the letterbox.

Contact me
223. 5 Apr 2016
Cleaning solar panels

I can go up onto your roof and clean your solar panels. You will need to own a ladder with which I can get onto your roof. Panels should be cleaned annually at least with a special tool which will not scratch them. It is not a wise thing to do to bend over a panel and clean it with a cloth. You need to stand up and use an abrasive cleaning tool such as mine as mould can grow on solar panels amazingly enough. Panels get very hot very early in the day.

30 units an hour
224. 5 Apr 2016
Sanding and painting work

I own four types of power sanders and other manual sanding tools. One power tool is a Bosch orbital sander which is the latest model enabling very fine sanding. Another power sander is for paint that has been baked on. This is called a buffer sander and can be used on outside walls. It is quite powerful. I can do most types of sanding work altough some very heavy jobs are beyond my expertise. You will need to have your own ladder. Call John Drew on 0405 499 018 at any time . 30 units an hour. I also do painting but you will have to pay cash for the paint which I can buy cheaply for you. Please be aware of the health danger entailed in doing your own sanding work due to the prevalence of lead paint in old dwellings. Always use a mask, safety glasses, a hat and gloves. I own special protective equipment and use a suction device on my main sander.

30 units an hour
225. 2 Apr 2016
Women's Eco Hairdresser, Haircuts & Upstyling

The Holistic Hairdresser, eco, natural, low tox

HAIRCUTS & UPSTYLING Curl/Pin/Straighten

'Wash & Wear' Style Haircuts, Special Occasion Styling

No Colours on Units - cash only. De Lorenzo low tox vegan colours

Annerley Location Home Set Up

** Available during School Hours 9.30 - 1.30pm

** Closed during School Holidays

* Please Phone between 11am - 2.30pm to Book Appointment 0412 617594

* Haircuts as follows: Part Cash + Part Units, regular 4-6 weeks prices

please arrive with clean hair, no hair wash available`

  • Clipper Shave 25 ($15 Cash + 10 Units)
  • Extra Short 30 (ear length) ($20 Cash + 10 Units)
  • Short 40 Units (chin) ($20 Cash + 20Units)
  • Short-Med 50 Units (above shoulders) ($30 Cash + 20 Units)
  • Medium 55 Units (on shoulders) ($30 Cash +25 Units)
  • Med-long 60 Units (shoulder-bra) ($30 Cash + 30 Units)
  • Long/thick/restyle 80 Units (past bra, thicker hair, major changes in length & restyles) ($40 Cash + 40 Units)

226. 28 Mar 2016
Gardening tools

I own a variety of gardening and sanding tools which i will hire out. No set rate but all for units. I can also deliver them to you. Some items of interest are extendable arm anvil clipper, electrical mains powered hedge clipper, long arm branch clipper using string pull method, mattock, motor mower(powerful four stoke with mulching attachment).

By negotiation
227. 25 Mar 2016
Solo Instrumental Guitar performance


with beats & dj -ing

for demos etc

150 units basic charge. negotiable for longer gig

+ petrol if outside metropolitan Brisbane

Mt Gravatt
228. 14 Mar 2016
Accommodation Cairns : House in Daintree National Park

Hi !

Have a look:

I've got my house for holiday let now, minimum stay 2 nights, and pay the dollar amount 1 week ahead

4 bed 2 bath which sleeps up to 8 people

In Beautiful Forest Creek , that's just past the daintree Ferry to the left on the way to Cape Tripulation

It overlooks the rainforest all the way to the ocean, you see Low Isles lighthouse flashing at night

If you need to cancel last minute, you can get a raincheck on it, but can't refund the money, hope that's ok

Its fully self contained, got pots, pans, crockery, fridge, TV ( only for DVD's which i supply), BBQ, linen, towels even shampoo

If you like to see more fotos please contact me

2 nights minimum


$300 plus B300 for 4 nights

$95 + B95
Kewarra Beach
229. 7 Mar 2016
Literacy & Numeracy Coaching And English As A Second Language Teaching

I was an ESL teacher with TAFE, I have also taught literacy & numeracy to adults but will work with children if they are willing to learn.

230. 21 Feb 2016
Reiki Treatment

Full Treatment Can also do attunements

Not hands on

Do not need to lie down if you don't wish

Ellen Grove
231. 31 Jan 2016
Tennis tuition

I offer tennis tuition. Starting with basic strokes I will patiently teach your how to play all the tennis strokes and how to move around the court. Tennis is a great sport to play but you must learn the strokes first.

30 units an hour
232. 24 Jan 2016
Editing and proofreading

Running my own editing and proofreading business, The Editing Edge, since 2013, I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of authors to help shape their manuscripts ready for publication. From fiction and non-fiction authors to academics, from websites to Microsoft Word using track changes and even audio transcription proofing, if it involves words, I can edit or proof it.

Contact me
Coopers Plains
233. 23 Jan 2016
Landscape fill

Supply of landscaping fill (small rocks/broken concrete, road base of various grades, etc) by the cubic metre with trailer, for use in driveway building, ground raising, etc. Present commercial rates are around $200 per metre, but could supply at cost price+fuel (probably around $50 per load, with more for gravels, sand, soil, etc) and remainder in units. Also minor rock removal with small jackhammer is now available.

150u per load
Highgate Hill
234. 23 Jan 2016
Viet language

Vietnamese language and culture

Highgate Hill
235. 23 Jan 2016

Maths to year 11

Highgate Hill
236. 23 Jan 2016
Rubbish removal

Transport of goods and rubbish removal with trailer.

Highgate Hill
237. 21 Jan 2016
Garden cleanups

I love vigorous garden cleanups. Use my muscles to your advantage. I have a chap with a trailer who will cart green waste away inexpensively too. John Drew on 0405 499 018 at any time.

30 units an hour
238. 12 Jan 2016
Mould removal

I have the tools and experience with which to remove mould either indoors or outdoors. Mould removal from roof tiles is a task for a professional tradesperson with relevant insurance. Please be aware that mould is dangerous in areas where people walk.

20 units an hour
239. 12 Jan 2016

All types of painting. Happy to climb up ladders and work from planks placed between painters ladders. Can advise on type of paint you need. Can also be on the lookout for cheap paint. Difficult jobs requiring sanding are no problem as I own a variety of sanding equipment one of which is a powerful buffer sander suitable for outside wooden walls.

30 per hour
240. 12 Jan 2016
Tennis tuition

Practising coach and competitive senior tennis player John Drew offers tennis tuition for 30 units an hour. Call me at any time on 0405 499 018. Tuition at Sylvan Road, Toowong courts. I can also advise on shoes, racquets and fitness training . Tennis is a great sport to play. Keep fit in a safe way.You do not have to have your own racquet to start. Use one of mine.

#########give tennis a go###########

30 units per hour
241. 2 Jan 2016

Reflexology can be done on feet or hands. This is good to reduce stress and improve general health.

In your home for a relaxing hour.

$40 cash/$40 units.

242. 25 Dec 2015

Short term (from 2 days to 2-3 weeks) - room in a Queenslander in Woolloongabba (4km south of the CBD). More information on airbnb under Unique Woolloongabba. One couple live here. LGBTIQ+ friendly. Close to transport.

100 for 2 nights up to 200 p.w.
243. 25 Dec 2015
Electric Lawn Mower Usage

Best for small yards. Woolloongabba area. Extension cord available.

244. 26 Oct 2015
Knitting or crochet

knitting or crochet - either you supply yarn or pay in cash for yarn - units for labour

245. 26 Oct 2015
Cover your old office chairs

will cover computer/office style chairs. You provide chair and fabric and I will supply the expertise and labour.

246. 26 Oct 2015
Type assignments, essays, etc.

Experienced, accurate and fast typist, over 40 years experience, will type and print or email to you your assignments, essays, letters, etc.,

20 per hour
247. 26 Oct 2015
Teach Knitting, Crochet

I have been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years.

248. 17 Jun 2015
Australian bush flower remedies

Flower remedies are vibrational medicine that are taken orally for 2 weeks. They are very effective with assisting us through difficult emotions and transitions. There are over 70 different remedies and can be used for all types of situations. Great for children or babies as they are completely safe and can be taken by anyone.

please ring me to discuss your situation. I can do distant consults as I am based in Samford or come into Brisbane once a week, and could drop off remedy.

Consults are generally 1/2 hour, plus remedy

249. 20 Jan 2015
Photo Restoration

I can scan photos and create a restored digital image. You can email the photos or scans. I will email them back to you when they're finished. This is a very labour intensive process so the units charged will be per hour.

20 per hour