BrisLETS Community Exchange
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 22 Sep 2018
English conversation

If you are new to English I can help you :) 

10 per 30 minutes
2. 22 Sep 2018
Danish lessons

I can teach you Danish 

10 per 30 minutes
3. 21 Sep 2018

Diatomite, ABSORBA-CIDE, 350Gr bags. Physical insecticide suitable for the control of insect pests on plants and animals.

4. 20 Sep 2018
GYMPIE - Beltane Fire Festival 3rd & 4th November 2018 Stall Fees & Entry Fees 50/50

The Early bird rate for stalls ends on October 5, so if you are interested in getting a stall for the festival, then please ask for a stall application form. Any questions or queries, please contact me on either or 0415 800 888 GYMP0007 Wayne

Come one, Come all to gather by the fire and celebrate as our ancestors did many moons ago. For it is Beltane! – A time of great celebration and joy, a time to harvest what we have sown and make sacred vows. We shall honour the deities, we shall perform sacred rituals, we shall feast and we shall dance by the flame. All welcome to join us for this sacred Sabbat.

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Tickets to the Festival start at $40.00 50/50 Favours & $$s.

During the Festival we will have a Feast, Ritual and Wickerman (Burning Man) on Saturday, Handfasting, Broom Jumping, Maypole Dancing and lots of Music on Sunday

Stall applications for our village fair, Bards for our music, presenters for our workshop spaces and volunteers are all now available. Any questions please either email me at or call Wayne on 0415 800 888

77 Exhibition Road, Gympie

Curra, Nth of Gympie, Qld
5. 18 Sep 2018
Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

This gentle yet powerful technique uses Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils and other bodywork techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection. The experience is often like an inner vision quest, or a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity. Based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for “cleansing of the spirit”, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is performed in silence and reverence. The receiver is anointed with 13 different emotional blends of essential oil. The deeply relaxing effects of these essential oils and bodywork carry you into a blissful state of “presence”. At the same time, the beautiful aroma of these essential oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go in order to reach a state of clarity and understanding Allow up to two hours for your session.

135 per session
Fortitude Valley
6. 18 Sep 2018
Raindrop Technique

Imagine the sensation of sinking into a deep and blissful state of rest, as someone does the ancient Tibetan version of reflexology on your feet. As you slowly (even reluctantly) come back to your body and roll over, you experience the gentle splashes as therapeutic grade essential oils are applied up your spine and to your tired muscles. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans, combined with massage. You can’t get more pampered than this! Allow up to an hour and a half for your session.

130 per session
Fortitude Valley
7. 18 Sep 2018
Aroma Bliss Technique

The Aroma Bliss technique uses the fantastic therapeutic grade essential oils and combines them with a special massage technique. This oil application technique brings the benefits of the individual oils, as well as the power of the human touch to the client. Human touch transmits energy from therapist to client, aiding in the proper and healthful flow of energy. Plus, the specific massage techniques relax the muscles, so tension is eased, and the mind becomes at peace. Add the heavenly smells of aromatherapy and you will experience calm and relaxation. It also brings an energetic, healthful energy to the muscles and organ systems. Allow up to an hour for your session.

90 per session
Fortitude Valley
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