Central Coast LETS
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 20 Nov 2017
Christmas Tree

185 cm Fibre optic Christmas tree in good working order

Umina Beach
2. 16 Nov 2017
Meditations and gatherings

Hi there. I run meditations and wellbeing workshops on the Central Coast.

I am happy for 2 LETS members to join each meditation gathering for $30 shells. You can view all the upcoming gatherings on my Embrace Healing Events facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Embrace.Healing

3. 15 Nov 2017

There are times in our life where we seem to have reached an impasse and we are not sure of which direction to take.

Heartsong ‘Pathfinder readings’ (utilising Sacred Path oracle cards, based on many different Native American tribal teachings) can help you to gain a unique insight into what is influencing your life right now, to identify areas that are creating blockage and imbalance and steps you can take to bring more balance to your current situation to move your life forward. During these readings I rely on my understanding of the teachings of the cards, my own life and shamanic experiences with input from my guides. In all my spiritual work I draw upon my years of experience as a healer/teacher/spiritual counsellor with the aim of empowering people to open up to their own spiritual journey in life.

I offer Pathfinder Readings via phone or skype and will also be offering them at future LETS open days.

30 min reading - 50 shells


The Entrance
4. 9 Nov 2017

Basic photo shoot for products, pets or a family portrait. Processed hi resolution files provided by drop box. http://peterstreet.com.au/Portfolio.html

Shl40 + aud40 /hour.
Niagara Park
5. 5 Nov 2017
Nut cracker

We've received this nut cracker as a gift. It can crack anything but macadamia nuts. Unfortunately we only grow macadamia nuts so it's no use for us.

FYI, it's worth about $14 on ebay but we only ask 10 shells.

Condition: NEW (but packaging is slightly damaged).

6. 5 Nov 2017
CHRISTMAS TRADE DAY, 2. December @ Wyong Neighbourhood Centre

OUR XMAS Trade Day (it was always our biggest trade day) will be held this time in Wyong

When: Saturday, 2. December 2017

Time: 9.00 - 13.00 

Where: Wyong Neighbourhood Centre Inc

Old Primary School cnr Alison Road & Rankens Court, Wyong

Trade tables are going fast. Tables are 10 shells. So do not miss out - book your table with Sharyn Burgess 0414 341010.

Bring your home made xmas goodies, new and good quality pre-loved items - this is a fanastic opportunity to purchase your xmas gifts without using a single dollar.

Happy Trading!

Shells only
7. 5 Nov 2017
Sydney LETS Market Day 25. November

Hi LETSERS, Sydney Lets has a Potluck Feast and Market day on 

@5. November 2017,

12.30 - 15.30

At Frontyward Projects, 228 Illawarra Rd, MARRICKVILLE.

As Sydney LETSERS just came to support us on our Forest of Tranqulity trade day in October - lets head down to Sydney to support Sydney LETS.

Happy Trading, susanne ( LETS Trade Day organiser)

Shells only
8. 24 Oct 2017
Legal research / advice / document proofing

No detail provided

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9. 24 Oct 2017
Proof reading / editing

No detail provided

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10. 24 Oct 2017
Kids soccer coaching

My partner Anthony is an experienced soccor player and over the years have coached kids in and around Sydney. He combines technical drills, tactical sessions and football specific exercises. He'd be happy to coach some LETS kids if there are enough kids interested.

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11. 24 Oct 2017
Event assistance

No detail provided

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12. 24 Oct 2017
Pet sitting

We are animal lovers and are happy to look after your cat or dog in our little cottage in terrigal. We have a fenced in back yard/garden.

Short term sitting. Owner to provide food and litter tray etc.

30 shells a day
13. 24 Oct 2017
Meditations, workshops and retreats

No detail provided

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14. 24 Oct 2017
Event management and creation

No detail provided

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15. 24 Oct 2017
Transpersonal Coaching & Counselling

First session only: 100 shells.

Transpersonal Counselling can assist you in understanding what elements you need to develop within yourself to make any decisions, transformations, breakthroughs and changes.

It is for anyone suffering from any kind of struggles, whether emotional or pshycial. From severe depression and anxiety to working out their new career path or losing weight.

This is client-centred counselling which works to reveal inner guidance while reserving judgement or analysis. It works with the whole person and recognises the person in the context of their psychological, social and cultural life. It looks at finding purpose and meaning in life.

With the therapists support we can access our own deeper levels of wisdom, creativity, and potential. By focusing on self-healing, self-development and self-realisation we can uncover our true essence and embrace life with more awareness.
This creative approach to counselling draws on ancient and modern systems.

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16. 24 Oct 2017
Art therapy

No detail provided

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17. 24 Oct 2017
Energy healing / psychic surgery

Energy healing / psychic surgery

Energy healing works by transmitting the universal life force energy through the use of the hands. This energy is then directed through the clients energy systems and chakras and grounding them back into the earth – reconnecting them with only positive and healing energy, which is available to everyone. Clients often experience more relaxation, clarity and positivity in their lives.

Energy healing is helps depresssion, anxiety, fears, sadness and struggles and is particularly effective as a supportive therapy during illness, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and any physical injuries.

18. 24 Oct 2017
Social media support / advice

Social media support / advice

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For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au