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# Code Exchange Name Place Province/State Type Description
1 BBCE Bluebell Community Exchange Canberra ACT Mutual Credit Bluebell Community Exchange, also known as Bluebell LETS, is a locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprise located in Canberra. This unique organisation provides a community information service and records transactions of members exchanging goods and services using a locally created currency known as Blueys. Bluebell LETS aims to foster a sense of community, promote sustainability, and support local economic activity by facilitating exchanges that do not rely on conventional money. Members of Bluebell LETS use Blueys as a medium of exchange, which helps to strengthen community ties and build a resilient local economy.
2 AUCE Australian Central Exchange (AU) Australia Australia Timebank This is an Administration account exchange. Do not ask to join. Try your nearest exchange.
3 GROW LETS Grow Free Australia Australia Australia Mutual Credit LETS Grow Free functions as a support network to assist our Australia-wide members to recover financially, physically and emotionally from hardships experienced during the pandemic years. LETS Grow Free provides a platform where members can make their needs known and our communities can respond by providing 1.Goods and services without dollars needed 2.Wellbeing programs and products 3.Low cost organic foods 4. Self-sufficiency libraries and advice 5.Product and public liability insurance 6.Plus more ........ Join our Australia-wide exchange if you do NOT live in an area where we have an existing local Grow Free community. Our localised community exchanges include: LETS Grow Free Bundaberg, LETS Grow Free Hunter Valley, LETS Grow Free Bega Valley, LETS Grow Free Mildura. Learn more here
4 WWRX NVC Community Exchange Map Australia Timebank Celebrating this place for Australian NVC Community Volunteers to record and exchange their time and energy to enrich NVC Community life in Australia.
5 BVCE Bega Valley LETS (NSW) Bega New South Wales Mutual Credit Bega Valley LETSystem is a trading network supported by its own internal currency. It is self-regulating and allows its users to manage and issue their own 'money supply' within the boundaries of the network.
6 BSCE Byron & Surrounds - Northern Rivers Community Exchange (NSW) Northern Rivers (NSW) New South Wales Mutual Credit Byron & Surrounds Northern Rivers Community Exchange is a LETS organisation that services the beautiful coastal districts of the Northern Rivers (NSW).
7 DOCE Dorrigo Community Exchange (NSW) Dorrigo New South Wales Mutual Credit Although based in Dorrigo, our exchange encourages people from the whole Mid-North Coast area of NSW to register & trade.
8 HUNT Hunter LETS (NSW) Newcastle & Hunter Valley New South Wales Mutual Credit 250 Members not all active. Picnic & Trade Day every three months, mini trades in between. Coffee mornings monthly in Newcastle & Maitland.
9 SYCE Sydney LETS (NSW) Sydney New South Wales Mutual Credit Sydney LETS (Local Energy Trading System) is an alternative trading network of people who trade goods and services using a community currency
10 BOCE Bowraville Community Exchange Bowraville NSW Mutual Credit For people who wish to trade goods and services in their local community, creating and strengthening relationships, and building a hedge against inflation by trading goods and services, avoiding the use of the national currency.
11 GFBV LETS Grow Free Bega Valley Bega NSW Mutual Credit Our LETS exchange is part of a not-for-profit organisation named LETS Grow Free Australia. We differ to the existing Bega LETS group in that we are more than a trading platform and actually function as a support group/network to assist our members in recovering from the pandemic years and to prepare for future challenging events including possible pandemics, natural disasters and financial crashes. Our markets and our offering categories have a focus on well-being and self-sufficiency.
12 GFHV LETS Grow Free Hunter Valley Hunter Valley NSW Mutual Credit Grow Free Hunter Valley is a sub-group of LETS Grow Free Australia and is a sister group to Grow Free Mildura, Grow Free Bundaberg and Grow Free Bega Valley. Together we share resources, costs and expertise. We are stronger together and can provide our members with much more than a trading platform. Apart from trade we focus on wellbeing and self-sufficiency and provide our members with an abundance of opportunities in these areas. Grow Free Hunter Valley seeks to support local businesses that experienced debt and hardship due to forced lockdowns and encourages these businesses to join our trading platform Learn more here
13 GFBU LETS Grow Free Bundaberg Captain Creek QLD Mutual Credit Grow Free Bundy is part of a group of communities that together form LETS Grow Free Australia. Grow Free Bundy has sister groups in Grow Free Hunter Valley, Grow Free Mildura and Grow Free Bega Valley. Together we function as much more than a trading platform. We provide a comprehensive support network for our members to recover from the financial, social/emotional and physical hardships of the pandemic years. We also prepare for future challenging events including possible more pandemics, natural disasters and financial crashes. We are stronger together :)
14 BLCE BrisLETS Community Exchange (QLD) Brisbane Queensland Mutual Credit brislets.com
15 BUND Bundaberg LETS Bundaberg Queensland Mutual Credit An alternative way to participate in the local economy by trading skills, services and products without using cash. Our currency is sovereigns. We welcome you to register with us to build community, support & friendship without any discrimination. Our aim is to become self sustaining , to be able to participate as a compliment economy to the one we are living in now. You’ll see how we can function with 1 foot in each , while building community, wealth, & a family built on trust, support & friendship. We Welcome Bundaberg & all surrounding areas
16 TBCE FNQ Community Exchange (QLD) Malanda Queensland Mutual Credit FNQ Community Exchange has been trading (fomerly as Tableland LETS) since 1991 in Far North Queensland, Australia.
17 MALO Maleny Local Energy Trading System (QLD) Maleny Queensland Mutual Credit Maleny LETS covers the areas of Conondale, Witta, Reesville, Landsborough Blackall Range and parts of the Sunshine Coast
18 SEQL South East Qld Local Energy Trading System South East Queensland Queensland Mutual Credit South East Qld LETS covering areas in SEQ. FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/SEQLETS Maryborough,Gympie, Sth Burnett, Toowoomba & the Darling Downs People in Mackay, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast & Rockhampton are also welcome here.
19 SLET Stanthorpe LETS (QLD) Stanthorpe Queensland Mutual Credit Centered on Stanthorpe we use Granites as our basis for trade. Stanthorpe LETS services the Granite Belt and Southern Downs areas stretching from Warwick down to Wallangarra on the Qld/NSW border
20 ALSA Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System (SA) Adelaide South Australia Mutual Credit Adelaide LETS is a non profit community exchange system that allows its members to trade goods & services without the need for direct bartering or money.
21 FLET Fleurieu LETS (SA) Wilunga South Australia Mutual Credit LETS South trading as Fleurieu LETS
22 CENT Community Exchange Network Tasmania (TAS) Tasmania Tasmania Mutual Credit lwt.org.au/cents-2/
23 BDCE Ballarat & Districts Community Exchange Ballarat Victoria Mutual Credit  
24 BRCE Barwon River Community Exchange (VIC) Winchelsea Victoria Mutual Credit We welcome people in the Barwon River region to join us in our aim to build and strengthen community by exchanging goods and services directly, without the need for money. As prices continue to rise, money is becoming a problem for many. Let's help each other through these times. BarwonRiverCE@proton.me
25 CVCE Central Vic, Leanganook Community Exchange Castlemaine Victoria Mutual Credit Localisation supports diversity, community and connection. You are invited to join our group if you reside in Mount Alexander Shire. (Central Victoria)"
26 DVNS DVNSLETS (VIC) Diamond Valley Victoria Mutual Credit Diamond Valley Northern Suburbs LETS has been an exchange trade group for several decades with a good number of members services ranging from garden help to handyman. Trades are conducted without cash negotiations or are based on a fraction of the fee usually incurred. The passion of this group is what keeps things going and a very dedicated committee.
27 KINS Kinship Forge Community Exchange Mount Alexander Shire & surrounds Victoria Mutual Credit  
28 GFMD LETS Grow Free Mildura Mildura Victoria Mutual Credit Grow Free Mildura is a sub-group of LETS Grow Free Australia and is a sister group to Grow Free Hunter Valley, Grow Free Bega Valley and Grow Free Bundaberg. Grow Free Mildura seeks to support local businesses that experienced debt and hardship due to forced lockdowns and encourages these businesses to join the trading platform Learn more here
29 MRCE Macedon Ranges Community Exchange (VIC) Lancefield Victoria Mutual Credit Macedon Ranges Community Exchange offers an alternative way to participate in the local economy by trading skills, services and products without using cash. Participating in the Community Exchange strengthens your local community and can improve your
30 WWLL Melbourne Eastern Region LETS (VIC) Melbourne Victoria Mutual Credit Established in 1991, Melbourne Eastern Regions LETS mostly covers the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Members can exchange skills, goods and services for tokens, not money. It is a time based system where 1 hour of service is equivalent to 25 tokens. MERLETS allows members to share skills, save money and build connections with people in your local community. www.merlets.org.au/
31 LBME Local Exchange Transfer System Broome (WA) Broome Western Australia Mutual Credit