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Table of contents

Complementary Currency and Exchange

Why Does Money Need to Be Reinvented?

Two Parasitic Elements of the Conventional Money System

How is Political Money Dysfunctional and Exploitative?

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Privatization Taken to Extremes Means

The Basic Approach


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Money is Credit

Credo = Belief > Credit

What is the Credit Commons?

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Fundamental Principle of Modern Money

Privatization of the Credit Commons

The Central Government-Central Bank Nexus

Money Power Equals War Power

Reclaiming The Credit Commons

The Exchange Process is Being Reinvented

Promising Directions

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Provincial Government Currencies

What Are the Disruptive Technologies in Money and Banking?

It Is the Unique Combination of Elements That is Revolutionary

The Next “Free Abundance” is Credit

The Future of Money is No Money

A New Economic Order?


Author: Thomas Greco