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Community Exchange System Australia

Online trading system for Australian LETS groups & Community Currencies

Community Exchange System Australia

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Welcome to the Australian Community Exchange System!

The Community Exchange Network is the first and only global network of communities using alternative exchange systems.

Currently there are three CES servers hosting the different communities. This is the Australian server and there is also a Global server hosting trading communities from around the world, and Timebanking Australia.

Is there a group near me?

There are currently over 50 Australian exchange groups registered with the Australian CES, and 750 groups trading on the global CES server.

Some of the most active trading groups include:

Far North Queensland
Adelaide LETS, SA
Hunter LETS, NSW

List of Australian exchanges

How do I join?

Register with an Australian exchange group on this server.

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What is the CES?

The Community Exchange System (CES) is a community-based exchange system that provides the means for its users to exchange their goods and services, both locally and remotely.

It could also be described as a global complementary trading network that operates without money as it is commonly understood.

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Global CES Network

The Community Exchange System (CES) network currently consists of over 900 more or less active communities in 83 countries and the software has so far been translated into 22 languages. Go to the global CES website to see the exchanges additional to those on this server.

Community Exchange System is these deployments into one decentralised network, and to build a free, open source phone application suitable for recording and mobilising community activities.